This Weeks Estim Update 24th May 2024

Written by  May 24, 2024

So, what's new and happening here at Chez Joanne?

Well, this week has seen me release two new electrodes. The first has already sold out, leaving me frantically ordering more materials. I wasn't expecting it to be so popular.

We have also ordered the final equipment to begin podcasting next week. It's a daunting thought, but so was live streaming, and at least with podcasting, our dodgy internet connection won't be an issue.

So watch out for our first-ever podcast next week (caveat: as long as we can get the kit working in time).

Let me introduce the first new product that I have added to my range of bespoke designs.

Prestige Sound Clamping Monopole Glans Electrode

Since I first released my sound clamping electrode, it has grown in popularity due to solving an issue. The issue was, how do you ensure the sound stays in place and doesn't fall out?

My design was simple: I used a Glansns electrode to clamp it in place, preventing movement in or out. I made these out of a combination of conductive rubber and printed ABS parts.

This is a great solution, but the materials used are pretty rigid, meaning it is relatively easy to snap the lower ring if you pull it open (it is only designed to flex inwards).

Image showing the new Sound Clamping Eectrode with its TPU lower ringI created a lower ring from TPU, a flexible material with much give. This means that the lower ring will cater for a larger variation in penis girth.

These are much more expensive to make as I have to get them fabricated in an industrial 3D printing facility using a process called SLS (Selective Laser Sintering). This method uses a laser to fuse very fine layers of powdered material to produce the object. It is slow and expensive, but it means I can improve my design.

I make three versions of the sound clamping head: one for sounds up to 8mm in diameter, one for sounds up to 12mm in diameter, and a final one to hold an E-Stim Systems Diamond Plug in place.

I decided to produce a kit that includes all three sizes of heads together with the new TPU flexible lower ring. I supply these in a hard shell case, and it even comes with five sachets of sterile lube which is perfect for sounding fun.

Cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance when sounding; you may find this article useful to understanding why - E-Stim Urethral Electro Sounding Safety Guide.

Let me introduce the first new product that I have added to my range of bespoke designs.

So, I present my Prestige Sound Clamping Monopole Glans Electrode, which will be back in stock as soon as the next batch of hard cases arrives.

Image showing the sound clamping electrode kit
Sound Clamping Electrode Kit


Next Up - My Electro Ring Compatible Expander System 35-50mm

I adore the new E-Stim Systems Electro Rings; they are incredibly versatile and come in diameters from 25mm to 65mm.

Recently, E-Stim Systems released their Stacker, a great way to use more than two rings together and a longer Extension Block.

When the range came out, I designed a sound holder and a versatile expander system that allowed more rings to be stacked and adjusted their spacing. This was an instant success and I was asked if I could produce a larger version.

So, I did just that. I now have a more extended version that is adjustable from 35mm to 50mm, giving you even more flexibility in how you play.

Image showing the longer version of the expander
Electro Ring Compatible Expander System 35-50mm



I was lucky to have had one of the new Tripples (the medium) from E-Stim Systems to play with since last October, as I am often sent pre-production samples to give my feedback.

It is so nice to be able to talk about these fantastic electrodes. I am even selling them in my shop.

With four sizes to choose from, the usual high-quality finish, and a lifetime warranty from E-Stim Systems, there is a lot to like about these electrodes.

Having an insetable tri-phase electrode gives you incredible options regarding how you wire up. You can use all three surfaces, two, or even just one in conjunction with another electrode. Let your imagination run wild.

Image showing the longer version of the expander
The E-Stim Systems Tripples are very versatile in terms of how you wire them up.


Well that's it for this update, I hope to bring you new and exciting electrodes and reviews in the coming weeks so keep checking back for more.

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