A dildo with sublime texture and changes in girth that feels amazing

Woohoo! I have found another fantastic purveyor of silicone pleasure stick (dildos) that produces some fabulous creations.

I have been fortunate to have been able to recently run a competition to win one of their fantastic creations, the Silicone Anteros Dildo.

"Slowly thrusting with the Rhea feels divine, but it is when you really give yourself a hard pounding that you really enjoy the combination of girth changes and texture."


Now when Ylva & Dite sent me that dildo to giveaway in a competition, they also sent me another sublime dildo to review and this one in the Rhea.

So read on to find out about this fabulous company and their creations. In particular, how my pussy got on with the Rhea silicone dildo.

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