Sizzling hot wax, restraints and kink, what is there not to like about wax play?

I do enjoy BDSM fun and games. So when Passion Craft Store (PCS) asked me if I would be interested in reviewing some of their handmade wax play candles, I jumped at the chance.

Wax play can be deliciously good fun with the right equipment. After reviewing several other Passion Craft Stores kit, I had high hopes for these candles.

"Areas like the shoulders and other fleshy areas are good to start with before you get more intimate. Once warmed up, we enjoy genital wax play, and on shaven regions, the sensations can feel intense and highly enjoyable."


With some very nice colour options available, I asked for purple as it is one of my favourite colours, and I know it is, in fact, the favourite of my submissive, the lovely sub'r'.

So, in this review, I will talk about them and some safety considerations for anyone considering experimenting with some wax play.

Playing with fire has never been so much fun

Kink is my middle name (or it should be), and I have a very kinky attitude and love of BDSM play and activities. Often these could be considered out of the 'norm'.

So, when the fantastic people over at Latex, Leather and Lace got in touch asking what my thoughts on wax play were, you could say that my interest was piqued. Soon enough a set of Bondage Man wax play candles were on their way to me.

"The sigh that sub'r' let out immediately told me that she was enjoying the sensations of the wax landing and cooling on her skin."


I have heard a lot of good things about these candles and was delighted to have the chance to try them out for myself. Wax play is something that I have been longing to try for a long time now.

I decided that a trip to the Attic swingers club in Derby with sub'r' would be the perfect opportunity to put these candles to the test. So read on to find out what it is like to get a coating of hot wax on your tender bits.

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