In space (or the space between your legs) no-one can hear your anus scream

I never know what I will receive when John Thomas Toys (JTT for short) ask to send me more items. They produce a wide variety of designs and items, including depth-play toys, dildos, butt plugs and stretchers.

The quality of the designs and silicone is excellent. Because of this, I always look forward to seeing what they will send me each time.

"The small Alien Egg is top-heavy and bulbous. The design of its ridges and grooves helps to hold water-based lube in place. I played with the small one vaginally, and sub 'r' played with it afterwards anally."


I agreed to review JTT's four latest designs. Luckily, I knew I would not need to wait long for the boxes to arrive.

This is the review for the Alien Egg design.

Leviathan is perfect for deep play with lots of textures

I really enjoy reviewing good quality sex toys. So when John Thomas Toys asked if I would like to review some more of their designs, I jumped at the chance.

JTT produce some stunning and some eye-watering designs. I never know what they will send, so it always feels like Xmas when the boxes arrive.

"The sensations of the tentacle sliding inside my pussy with the gradually expanding shaft and the suckers was fantastic."


I cannot say no to good quality items, so I cannot say no to JTT. They produce good quality dildos, stretchers and depth play toys.

After saying yes, I just needed to wait for the delivery driver to turn up at my door. After a short wait of a few days, the driver stood at my door with four large boxes. This review is for the Leviathan dildo.

A stunning and creepy silicone dildo that will grab your attention

John Thomas Toys (JTT for short) asked if I would like to review their latest designs. JTT manufacture some fantastic designs. Their products are good quality and even have a lifetime guarantee.

With a wide variety of designs available, there is something for everyone. They also offer a great range of sizes and colours.

"With some additional pressure and wriggling, I finally managed to slip the thumb past my entrance. The extra stretch this provided felt amazing. I enjoyed the feel of the stretch, and the thumb joint and fingers created some amazing sensations as I moved them within my pussy."


Reviewing products is not all fun. There is a fair amount of work involved. Having said that, there is still some fun involved. Stunt Cock, myself and sub 'r' all enjoy reviewing items.

When JTT asked if we would like to review their latest designs, we all said, "Yes, please". This is the review for Graveyard Ghoul.

Stanmore Trainer gives a gently expanding stretch as you take more and more

John Thomas Toys (JTT for short) manufactures quality dildos, depth play toys and stretchers. They have a choice of designs, sizes, firmness and colours for everyone.

I cannot say no When they ask if they can send me more items. I never know what they will send until the box or boxes arrive.

"As someone who rarely plays anally, I enjoyed the gently expanding shaft and thin tip. The long shaft meant I could insert as much as I wanted until I reached the stretch I sought."


It is almost like Christmas every time I receive a box from JTT. Both sub 'r' and I always get excited to see what's inside each box.

This review is for the Stanmore Trainer depth trainer an anal probe that looks amazing and certainly fills a spot.

Uncle Bob certainly knows how to please

John Thomas Toys (JTT for short) asked if they could send me another batch of their latest products. How could I say no?

JTT produces some stunning designs, and the sizes are out of this world. I like the variety they have on offer. The quality is excellent, and they use platinum-grade silicone for all their items.

"The feel of him stretching and rubbing against my wet walls the faster I plunged him in and out was mindblowing. I could take his full length as I played with the small size. With the tip hitting my cervix, I enjoyed the feel of his balls on my clit. It did not take long before I was enjoying a toe-curling orgasm."


I also like that they use minimal packaging (less waste). They are also kind enough to provide strong storage bags and a vac-u-lock compatible suction cup holder with relevant items. Put all this together with each item's detailed weight and measurements. Let us not forget the lifetime guarantee. It shows that they care about their customers.

John Thomas Toys sent me several boxes simultaneously. This review is for the Uncle Bob dildo.

Cute, yet unapologetically intense, this dildo is fab

John Thomas Toys (JTT) manufactures some fantastic products whether you want a dildo, stretcher or depth toy.

JTT also offers a nice range of sizes and designs. If you want larger silicone toys, then they are one of the first websites I recommend checking.

"The shaft widens nicely, giving a lovely stretch as I took it deeper. The feel of the twisting tales adds a fantastic amount of stimulation. Even pushing it in and out, holding it straight, it felt like it was twisting inside my pussy"


I like the range of the designs on offer, with a great choice of realistic and fantasy. They do have something for every taste.

When JTT asked if they could send me some of their new items. I did not know what I was being sent until they arrived, which was a nice surprise. This review is for the Four Dragons Dildo.

Mr. Frobisher certainly knows how to put a smile on your face

It is always a pleasure to get asked to review new products, especially dildos from one of my favourite manufacturers, John Thomas Toys.

I love their blend of silicone, so I can never seem to say no when they ask me if I want something sent my way.

"I played vaginally with the medium size, the length meant that I would not be able to take it all, but I enjoy the feel of having my cervix stimulated. The large tip was a little of a challenge to push inside. But I enjoyed the stretch as it was pushed past my pussy lips."


In this latest batch of silicone delights, I received Mr Frobisher, a larger-than-life casting of a real cock.

Having spent a couple of weeks getting to know him rather intimately, it is time to tell you about this silicone creation, so grab a drink, get comfortable and read on.

A beast of a dildo that is so much fun

Although reviewing is hard work, it is also a heck of a lot of fun. I enjoy reviewing good-quality sex toys. So when John Thomas Toys asked if I would review more of their dildos, of course, I said yes.

John Thomas Toys (who I will refer to as JTT from here) produces some amazing items, so I was really looking forward to seeing what they would send.

"Pushing more of the tongue inside my pussy provides a lovely stretch. The curled sides create some delightful sensations against my pussy walls. Pushing the tongue in deep, I enjoyed the feel of the tip brushing my cervix."


I was told the dildo would be a brand new design, not even on their website when they sent them to me. I had no idea what the item would be or even look like.

Even without knowing what I would receive, I looked forward to the box arriving. JTT manufacture some amazing items. Their team of designers have some fantastic imaginations. This, together with the high quality of their products, meant I was very excited about the delivery.

Giving a whole new meaning to grabbing life by the balls

I was approached by John Thomas Toys (Who I will refer to as JTT from here on in). I was told they had several new designs in the pipeline, and they asked if I would be interested in reviewing them. Of course, I jumped at the chance.

I really like the quality and variety of silicone dildos that JTT produce, so I was looking forward to seeing what they would send me.

"I enjoyed the feel of the plates as they slid inside my wet pussy, rubbing pleasantly against my walls. The first finger was a little more of a challenge. I pushed a little harder whilst twisting the shaft and found I could get the first finger inside. The knuckles give some amazing sensations as they stretch my walls and rub against them devilishly."


I usually like to know what a manufacturer wants me to review. Still, for those companies whom I have experience with, I am happy to receive what they want to send me. With JTT, I know whatever I receive will be of excellent quality.

So, with that in mind, I just needed to wait to see what they would send me. I was thrilled when I opened the box to find the Omen dildo.

Get ready for one hell of a ride

John Thomas Toys asked if I would like to review some more dildos for them. As I still have a little room in my new play box. I decided to add a few more items. So I told John Thomas Toys (I will refer to them as JTT from now on) that I would happily play with more of their silicone dildos.

JTT produce some awe-inspiring dildos, stretchers and butt plugs. Their designers have some amazing imaginations to create so many amazing designs.

"The flared tip provides a nice little challenge to insertion. I needed a bit of extra water-based lube to ensure I was nice and wet. Playing with myself first helped. I squeezed the tip inside and enjoyed the feel of the flared tip rubbing my vaginal walls; this had my toes curling."


JTT provides a lifetime warranty with all their dildos. Showing how confident they are in their products. I, for one, do not believe this is misplaced trust.

I had no idea what JTT would send me, but I happily agreed.

Release your inner beast with Pony

John Thomas Toys seems to like our feedback and review style, as they have sent another batch of products for us to try.

This batch consisted of five silicone creations, and we were lucky enough to try them before they went live on their site.

"I love the feeling of pressure building up, and then as you dilate to take it, the sensation of the head popping in always makes me gasp. I feel it again as the knot goes in and the plug settles into place."


This review is of Pony, a butt plug with a difference. If you are into fantasy play or looking for a plug with a difference, it may interest you.

So let me tell you all about Pony.

Ee ba gum, Yorkshire Lad Is Popular With The Girls & Boys

John Thomas Toys designers have some genuinely great imaginations. The vast range of designs they produce is impressive. They make excellent quality silicone dildos that I love playing with.

I have been the lucky recipient of some excellent silicone dildos, stretchers and depth play toys from John Thomas Toys in the past (I will refer to them as JTT from here on out).

"As expected, the prominent bulge was a little of a challenge. Once I managed to push it inside, the feeling was intoxicating. That challenging bump pressed deliciously against my pussy walls. As soon as I began moving it in and out of my pussy, the entire sensation bloomed into so much more."


JTT asked if I would like to receive their very latest design. Without even knowing what it looked like, I agreed. I really love the variety of designs and sizes JTT produce. So, I was excited to see what this latest creation would be.

Luckily, I know I never have to wait long to find out what beauty they have sent me this time. So let me tell you all about Yorkshire Lad.

Fancy a bit of double penetration?

When I was approached by John Thomas Toys (JTT) to review their latest three items, of course, I said, "Why not!"

Silly me, I forgot about the amount of time that would mean for me to be in front of the camera again Dohhh!!!!!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the glans stretching and rubbing against my walls as I moved it in and out inside me. The length enabled me to take as much as I wanted, enjoying the feel of it hitting my cervix each time."


Even though I have no clue what type of dildos I would be sent, it's still exciting waiting for them to turn up. One thing I can be sure of, though, is that the quality will be excellent.

So, I just sit back and wait for Santa (aka post person) to deliver three boxes of goodies; I never have to wait long ;-)

This review is for Two's Company, another excellent silicone dildo from JTT.

A fun bum toy that looks like a popular emoji

John Thomas Toys told me they had some new designs being made and asked if I would like some to review (play with).

I had just finished my reviews for the last dildos they sent, so I was happy to accept some new ones. I didn't know what was arriving before they arrived as, at that time, these new designs weren't even on their website. McWhippy is selling fast, and I can see why. So, if you want one after you hear what I say about it, you'll need to be quick.

"The sensations are incredible when just moving straight in and out, but add a twist, and you are talking about the difference between a roller coaster and a rocket launcher."


I always wonder what they will send me. I usually only find out when I open the box during my unboxing videos. This makes it more exciting, almost like when Xmas comes around.

While yes, it is exciting to receive new items to review. It does involve more work than just laying back and playing with myself, honest (but that is definitely the best part of the process though).

A dream come true to texture loving size queens

JTT asked if I would like to review six of their latest designs. I had no idea what they would be like, but I still jumped at the chance, of course.

Everything they have sent me previously has been of excellent quality with some great designs. With this in mind, I could not say no.

"As I push the shaft inside (with a bit of added water-based lube), I feel every bump and ridge stimulating my vaginal walls. The soft firmness rating gives just enough squish to make it more comfortable for me to use whilst maintaining the ridges enough so you can still feel them."


With six designs, I knew I would have a lot of work to do on their arrival. I would also need lots of water-based lube, so I needed to top up my supply.

With a fresh lube supply, I only needed to wait for the toys to arrive. This review is for the Original Dragons Cock, and what a cock it is.

El Presidente, not known for his length but he's certainly filling

So, here we go with another new release from John Thomas Toys. This time, my pussy was put to the test by El Presidente with its rather unusual base shape.

I had no idea what the dildo would look when I agreed to review it until after it arrived, as it wasn't even listed on the JTT website at the time. This meant it was a little like opening boxes of presents without the pretty wrapping or bows.

"Although shorter than most of my other dildos, he makes up for it in his girth. To say he is a stretch is an understatement, but that is what makes it so special; he will give your holes a real workout."


As six designs arrived simultaneously, I was spoilt for choice, so I decided to play a kind of lucky dip, so the first box opened was the first to be played with. As the boxes are very discreet, I had no idea what was inside until I opened each one.

So without further ado, let me tell you about my experience with El Presidente.

Taking anal play to new depths of pleasure

When JTT contacted me to ask if I would like to review a few more of their toys, of course, I said yes.

I was lucky to receive not only all four sizes of a single design but several designs simultaneously. With quite a few boxes of toys to review, I knew I would be in for a busy but enjoyable few weeks.

"The small tip makes for an easy insertion, and the soft firmness rating makes it fit my body well. I had to feed it slowly inside as it is very flexible. The flexibility ensures that it feels comfortable as it moves within your body. The fun part is the deeper you take it, the wider it gets."


Because of the quantity being sent to me, I knew I would need sub 'r' to help and review at least one of them.

I knew I would not have long to wait for the boxes to arrive. I was unaware of what these would look like until I opened the boxes.

A butt pleaser like no other

I love being sent items to review. Yes, that is a lot of fun (I have the best job in the world), but work is involved too.

While I await some other items to review, John Thomas Toys has sent me a few more of their newest creations to play with.

"Once fully inserted, the base stops it from going in too far. It also provides a good handhold for moving the Bum Pleaser. The full stretch feels genuinely incredible, although I would not be able to take the larger sizes. That is what is excellent with JTT as they offer four sizes, so those who want the larger size can find one."


This one is the Bum Pleaser. So if you are interested in a stretcher or plug (on the larger size), please keep reading, and I will let you know my thoughts on it.

JTT will satisfy you with their larger than life options, although some may cringe a little at the extra large size (I know I do).

While Alastair didn't "make the cut", his dick certainly does

John Thomas Toys asked if they could send me some new items to review. One of these was a complete set of four of their new dildo - Alastair's Penis.

I had no idea what they would look like until I received them and opened the box. So I was extremely excited to see the contents.

"I love clamping down on toys as I orgasm. This dildo has an excellent level of squish that really is a pussy pleaser when I bring myself over the edge into a toe-curling orgasm."


I'm lucky that JTT always sends me all four sizes. So I get excited knowing that I do not only get a new dildo to play with, but I can choose the best size for me. This is important, as you will see, as JTT dildos are definitely larger than life.

I just needed to wait for them to arrive before enjoying my time with the dildos and reviewing them; I love my job.

Let Arnie Give You A Huge Helping Hand

John Thomas contacted me again to see if I would like to review their latest silicone dildo/stretcher. I cannot say no when they ask.

They usually send fun or incredible designs made with great-quality silicone that I definitely enjoy playing with, and this one was to be no exception.

"Even though I chose the small one, it did not feel very small when I reached the thumb joint. The increased width gave me more of a challenge. With plenty of lube and gentle but constant pressure, I slowly pushed past the wider section, and all I can say is WOW!"


Plus, I get sent all four sizes to play with. I get to choose the best one for me, and sub 'r' can play with another size too. I love to see all four sizes lined up side by side to see the difference.

A funny fact is that no matter the size, both sub 'r' and I always think the smallest looks cute lol.

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