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Welcome to my siteWelcome to my site, I hope that you enjoy my reviews and articles. I have a fascination with sex toys and in particular sex and fucking machines, e-stim and BDSM. Basically I like it the kinkier the better.

I have a lot of fun doing what I do and I hope it shows in my reviews and articles. I am joined by two friends, my Stunt Cock and sub'r' who assist me with some reviews or where I need a second opinion. I can always rely on them for a good time and honest advice.

I love hearing from my readers so please don't be shy, post a comment or get in touch. It is always nice to get feedback about my site, reviews and articles.

Joanne xxx

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April 21, 2019

Honour PVC Maid To Serve Dress & Cap

Another sexy little outfit from I am delighted to be writing up another review for Honour. They stock the sexiest outfits and kinky attire, and it is always a pleasure to review something from their collection. They asked us to review their PVC Maid To Serve Dress & Cap and of course I jumped at the chance to review another of their sexy…
April 20, 2019

Temptasia Clitoris And Nipple Enhancement System Pump

Doing the vacuuming has never been so much fun I was delighted when Blush asked me to review their Temptasia Clitoris and Nipple Enhancement System for them. Now before you ask, what the heck is one of those, in layman's terms its a nipple and clitoral suction set. I love suction play, and in the past, I enjoyed reviewing the Size Matters Max Twist Nipple…
April 20, 2019

Sinful Sunday Week 419

Week 419 and this week's pic has been Photoshopped It's all about the picture, and this one features a naughty image of one of my piercings. I had a lot of fun playing with the filters in Photoshop to come up with this effect and it is one that I like. I love the grainy look of this one and the composition is a little bit kinky. I hope that this pic whets…

DIY Bi-Polar Estim Labia Shield - The Panty Pleaser

Apr 19, 2019 DIY E-Stim Equipment
For Teasing Your Outer Labia I had so much fun making my Bumble Bee Tri-polar estim electrode, and my Curly Wurly Bi-polar Electrode. So I was delighted when the very talented e-stimson on got in touch with me to tell me that his latest design…

Kink Collection Quad 18 Inch Silicone Whip with Dildo Handle

Apr 16, 2019 BDSM Kit Reviews
A fantastic flogger with a real sting in its tail I love reviewing BDSM products and when asked if I am willing to review one I usually just adopt the position before saying "bring it on". I love impact play toys such as whips, canes, floggers and paddles. I…

Guest Post - The Lockbox : DerangedPiglet

Apr 16, 2019 Guest Posts
Guest Post I am delighted to be able to introduce the amazing DerangedPiglet. DerangedPiglet I have been following DerangedPiglet for what seems like eternity, I love his tweets and they always have me chuckling.In this article he chronicles a chastity…

Sinful Sunday Week 418

Apr 14, 2019 Sinful Sunday
Week 418 and this week's pic is some kinky BDSM play It's all about the picture, and this one features a recent play session with the lovely sub'r'. She enjoyed being restrained and then having floggers, paddles and even the cane used on her naked body. She…

Rocks Off EveryGirl Rabbit Vibrator Review

Apr 13, 2019 Vibrators
The EveryGirl rabbit vibe lives up to Rocks Off's reputation for quality Once again, I find myself smiling from ear to ear as I type up another review of a Rocks Off product. This time I have had the pleasure (in the biblical sense) of getting to know their…

Bound To Tease Bamboo Spanking Paddle

Apr 12, 2019 BDSM Kit Reviews
A fantastic bamboo paddle that delivers deep thuddy sensations Stunt Cock here again. When it comes to BDSM activities sub'r' loves her impact play the most. This is entirely understandable when you think that impact play is often a core part of most peoples…

Dr Rocco's Pleasure Emporium Zeppelina Vibrator

Apr 08, 2019 Vibrators
The Zeppelina is certainly no blimp where power is concerned Once again I find myself smiling as I write up another review of a Rocks Off vibrator. This time it is the Zeppelina from their Dr Rocco's Pleasure Emporium range of sex toys. This range looks…

Onesies Downunder Ageplay Apparal Bow

Apr 08, 2019 ABDL Product Reviews
Put a bow on top to finish off any outfit I am delighted once again to be reviewing another lovely product from the leaders in the ageplay community, Onesies Downunder. Having reviewed several of their products now, I knew that this bow was going to be…

Honour HNRX ES Bondage Rubber Ankle Cuffs & Padlocks

Apr 05, 2019 BDSM Kit Reviews
A nice set of cuffs and it's a delight to be locked into them I am delighted to be reviewing another piece of BDSM equipment from Honour. For anyone who isn't aware (where have you been) Honour is a UK company that has two physical shops in Watford and…