A delightful little box of pleasure waiting to be explored

It's always a pleasure to review products from Liebe Seele, and this set really opened my eyes to just how good some BDSM kits can be.

Spoiler alert, I love it! It has so many pieces of equipment that you can get creative with it. I have enjoyed using the restraints, sensory depravation kit, impact play and even a potent micro wand vibrator.

"We have reviewed some other BDSM kits in the past, but none of them stands up to the quality and play options of this one."


A kit like this is a great way to quickly build the foundation for a great BDSM kit bag, and it is an ideal gift for someone you care about.

So while the colour is a little unusual, it has really grown on me, and I love this set of deliciously fun equipment. So let me tell you all about it and why I think it is excellent value for money.

A nice little silicone ball gag that is a droolers dream come true

Hi, it's sub 'r' here with another BDSM centric review. This one is of the Dark Secret Ball Gag from Liebe Seele.

A rather comfortable ball gag that luckily fitted my small bite very well indeed.

"I like the Dark Secret Ball Gag because I can keep biting down on the ball, making sure I can keep exercising my mouth, and this means I can wear it for longer periods - bonus."


I love everything to do with BDSM, so I was over the moon when Joanne asked me if I would review it for you. I really enjoy wearing a ball gag during play sessions, and so I really enjoyed reviewing this one.

So here is what I thought of this ball gag; I hope you enjoy it.

Taking rope play to a new level of kinky fun

I was once again over the moon when Liebe Seele asked me to review this Shibari Bondage Rope Hog Tie Kit.

On seeing the contents of this Rope Hogtie Set, I knew I would have some fun trying it out with my cute little BDSM assistant, the lovely sub 'r'. It gave us the perfect opportunity to enjoy some more BDSM play.

"The rope may look silky smooth but does provide an excellent roughness when dragged over the skin without making the skin feel raw on removal."


After taking our time to really get to know it and relishing the play possibilities of using a hogtie set we are ready to give our opinion on it. So, keep reading to see what we both thought about it.

Spoiler alert, we had an amazing time reviewing this one.

Another stunning creation by Liebe Seele

I am delighted to have reviewed another superb piece of BDSM kit from Liebe Seele in Japan. Their range of BDSM products keep getting better and better.

This review is all about a set of wrist cuffs from their new Victorian Garden Lace And Velvet range. To say they are stunning would be an incredible understatement (spoiler alert, I love them).

"These ones feel as good as they look. The longest I have worn them is a full twenty-four hours, and I loved it. I found myself constantly admiring them and the intricate lace detailing."


I do enjoy being restrained, it is something that turns me on, and I have a massive collection of collars and cuffs. None of them compares to this set, though.

So let me tell you why I am gushing over them; read on and prepare to be dazzled.

Another lovingly crafted BDSM equipment set from Liebe Seele

Last year I was fortunate to have been able to review some of the fantastic offerings from Liebe Seele in Japan.

I love their range of bondage equipment, and so you can just imagine how excited I was when they got in touch again to ask if I would review some more kits for them.

"What flicks my switch the most is having the padlock fitted to the back of the collar. Knowing that it is locked in place has a huge psychological impact on me, and it gets me into a very submissive mindset, ready to serve."


I was over the moon and beside myself with excitement as the Wine Red Collar we reviewed was my all-time favourite collar, up until now.

We were sent five items to review, and this is the first of those reviews. I am starting with the new Deluxe Curved Collar from the Wine Red Collection.

Two more fantastic products from Liebe Seele that feel as good as they look

I'm still buzzing about the review I did for the Liebe Seele Wine Red Collar & Leash Set. It blew me away in terms of its quality and levels of finish.

When Liebe Seele, a Japanese manufacturer and retailer of fine BDSM products, got in touch with me, I was delighted.

"I love the look of these cuffs on sub'r'. I also love their effect on her when I fit them to her wrists and ankles. She becomes putty in my hands, and it is a lot of fun to restrain her in different positions before using wands, dildos or strap-ons for some light entertainment."


They sent me the collar and leash set together with their wrist and ankle cuffs from the same Wine Red collection. I have had some time playing with them with sub'r' and now feel qualified to give them the review they deserve.

So let me tell you all about the Liebe Seele Wine Red Wrist & Ankle Cuff Sets.

A superior BDSM collar and leash set in so many ways

It isn't often that I get an e-mail out of the blue from a BDSM manufacturer enquiring as to whether I would be interested in reviewing some of their products.

It always makes my day though when it does happen. So, when Liebe Seele from Japan got in touch, I had a massive smile on my face. Their products looked fantastic on their website, so I jumped at the chance to evaluate some.

"I have lots of different collars, but none of them holds up to the quality and craftsmanship shown in this one. I love the colour combinations of the wine red main sections and the black leather highlights. The smell of the leather is strong, and that gives me all sorts of warm comfy feelings."


Sometimes, the reality of what it is like to use a product doesn't live up to your expectations. But, "spoiler alert", that is most definitely not the case with this great collar and leash set.

So please sit back, get comfortable and let me tell you about this collar, its leash and of course Liebe Seele themselves.