Grind your worries away on the Scorpion Sex Grinder

Mr Hankeys Toys produces fantastic, detailed, quality silicone dildos and grinders. Which is why I am more than happy to review for them when they ask.

Their outstanding products are well-made and look absolutely stunning. The finish is superb, and the attention to detail is amazing.

" rubbed myself across the ridges and head of the scorpion. The tail is ideally situated to rub my anus as I move. A slight alteration to my posture saw me able to take the tail vaginally, and that felt incredible"


The amount of colour options once you have chosen the design you like is astounding. The fact that they offer a choice of twenty-four colours, four firmness ratings and two sizes enables you to personalise your choice.

This review is for the black Scorpion Saddle Sex Grinder that I was sent to review.

Kinky Cobra is a fantasy dildo with amazing textures

Mr Hankeys Toys produces some fantastic dildos. They offer a vast range of both fantasy and realistic dildo designs. You can even buy a set of lifelike balls to slip over a dildo if you enjoy the feel of balls slapping against you during play.

With such a wide variety of dildos, when they asked if they could send me some dildos to review, I could not say no.

"The combination of all those scales, the shape and the ridges was terrific, and I was very quickly squirming on my bed with every movement of the dildo./"


I have previously reviewed some of their dildos and was happy to receive more, as the quality and attention to detail were great.

This is the review for the Kinky Cobra dildo, a nice fantasy dildo that feels as good as it looks.

I welcome the rise of the machines

When Mr Hankeys Toys asked if I would like to review some of their range, I was very excited to see what they would send.

I last reviewed something from Mr Hankeys Toys quite a while ago. I certainly jumped at the chance of getting my hands (and other body parts ;-) ) on some more.

"I loved the feel of the Sex Machine sliding in and out of my pussy. With a fucking machine, I could use a much faster speed than by hand. This speed had me squirming on the bed so quickly. It seemed like I was climaxing within no tim"


Mr Hankeys Toys produces some amazing designs from high-quality silicone. They offer a wide selection of designs, with various colours and size options.

If you like unique designs of quality silicone dildos it is worth checking Mr Hankeys Toys Website. This review is for their Sex Machine dildo.

A fantasy dildo with some fantastic textures

I have reviewed dildos for in the past but have not sampled any of their newer toys, so I was over the moon when they asked if I would like to review some of their latest additions.

For those who have not heard of mrhankeystoys before, they offer a good range of high-quality silicone dildos. A nice selection of both realistic and fantasy dildos to choose from.

"When I sped up my thrusting of the dildo, I enjoyed the feel of all those beautiful scales and ridges as they rubbed against my wet walls. The different scales provide a delightful variety of sensations. The scales that stand out more provide a lovely rubbing sensation across my pussy walls. Meanwhile, the smoother and flatter scales glide beautifully through my moisture."


The dildos on offer are all unique in design and offer up to four sizes in most of their range. You can personalise your choice with a good selection of colours and firmness ratings. You can even choose whether you want a vac-u-lock compatible hole or not.

Looking through the options on their website, I was very excited to see what they would send me. Both sub 'r' and I were thrilled with the selection. This is the review for the Dildos and Dragons dildo.

In space (or the space between your legs) no-one can hear your anus scream

I never know what I will receive when John Thomas Toys (JTT for short) ask to send me more items. They produce a wide variety of designs and items, including depth-play toys, dildos, butt plugs and stretchers.

The quality of the designs and silicone is excellent. Because of this, I always look forward to seeing what they will send me each time.

"The small Alien Egg is top-heavy and bulbous. The design of its ridges and grooves helps to hold water-based lube in place. I played with the small one vaginally, and sub 'r' played with it afterwards anally."


I agreed to review JTT's four latest designs. Luckily, I knew I would not need to wait long for the boxes to arrive.

This is the review for the Alien Egg design.

Leviathan is perfect for deep play with lots of textures

I really enjoy reviewing good quality sex toys. So when John Thomas Toys asked if I would like to review some more of their designs, I jumped at the chance.

JTT produce some stunning and some eye-watering designs. I never know what they will send, so it always feels like Xmas when the boxes arrive.

"The sensations of the tentacle sliding inside my pussy with the gradually expanding shaft and the suckers was fantastic."


I cannot say no to good quality items, so I cannot say no to JTT. They produce good quality dildos, stretchers and depth play toys.

After saying yes, I just needed to wait for the delivery driver to turn up at my door. After a short wait of a few days, the driver stood at my door with four large boxes. This review is for the Leviathan dildo.

A stunning and creepy silicone dildo that will grab your attention

John Thomas Toys (JTT for short) asked if I would like to review their latest designs. JTT manufacture some fantastic designs. Their products are good quality and even have a lifetime guarantee.

With a wide variety of designs available, there is something for everyone. They also offer a great range of sizes and colours.

"With some additional pressure and wriggling, I finally managed to slip the thumb past my entrance. The extra stretch this provided felt amazing. I enjoyed the feel of the stretch, and the thumb joint and fingers created some amazing sensations as I moved them within my pussy."


Reviewing products is not all fun. There is a fair amount of work involved. Having said that, there is still some fun involved. Stunt Cock, myself and sub 'r' all enjoy reviewing items.

When JTT asked if we would like to review their latest designs, we all said, "Yes, please". This is the review for Graveyard Ghoul.

Cute, yet unapologetically intense, this dildo is fab

John Thomas Toys (JTT) manufactures some fantastic products whether you want a dildo, stretcher or depth toy.

JTT also offers a nice range of sizes and designs. If you want larger silicone toys, then they are one of the first websites I recommend checking.

"The shaft widens nicely, giving a lovely stretch as I took it deeper. The feel of the twisting tales adds a fantastic amount of stimulation. Even pushing it in and out, holding it straight, it felt like it was twisting inside my pussy"


I like the range of the designs on offer, with a great choice of realistic and fantasy. They do have something for every taste.

When JTT asked if they could send me some of their new items. I did not know what I was being sent until they arrived, which was a nice surprise. This review is for the Four Dragons Dildo.

A beast of a dildo that is so much fun

Although reviewing is hard work, it is also a heck of a lot of fun. I enjoy reviewing good-quality sex toys. So when John Thomas Toys asked if I would review more of their dildos, of course, I said yes.

John Thomas Toys (who I will refer to as JTT from here) produces some amazing items, so I was really looking forward to seeing what they would send.

"Pushing more of the tongue inside my pussy provides a lovely stretch. The curled sides create some delightful sensations against my pussy walls. Pushing the tongue in deep, I enjoyed the feel of the tip brushing my cervix."


I was told the dildo would be a brand new design, not even on their website when they sent them to me. I had no idea what the item would be or even look like.

Even without knowing what I would receive, I looked forward to the box arriving. JTT manufacture some amazing items. Their team of designers have some fantastic imaginations. This, together with the high quality of their products, meant I was very excited about the delivery.

Giving a whole new meaning to grabbing life by the balls

I was approached by John Thomas Toys (Who I will refer to as JTT from here on in). I was told they had several new designs in the pipeline, and they asked if I would be interested in reviewing them. Of course, I jumped at the chance.

I really like the quality and variety of silicone dildos that JTT produce, so I was looking forward to seeing what they would send me.

"I enjoyed the feel of the plates as they slid inside my wet pussy, rubbing pleasantly against my walls. The first finger was a little more of a challenge. I pushed a little harder whilst twisting the shaft and found I could get the first finger inside. The knuckles give some amazing sensations as they stretch my walls and rub against them devilishly."


I usually like to know what a manufacturer wants me to review. Still, for those companies whom I have experience with, I am happy to receive what they want to send me. With JTT, I know whatever I receive will be of excellent quality.

So, with that in mind, I just needed to wait to see what they would send me. I was thrilled when I opened the box to find the Omen dildo.

Release your inner beast with Pony

John Thomas Toys seems to like our feedback and review style, as they have sent another batch of products for us to try.

This batch consisted of five silicone creations, and we were lucky enough to try them before they went live on their site.

"I love the feeling of pressure building up, and then as you dilate to take it, the sensation of the head popping in always makes me gasp. I feel it again as the knot goes in and the plug settles into place."


This review is of Pony, a butt plug with a difference. If you are into fantasy play or looking for a plug with a difference, it may interest you.

So let me tell you all about Pony.

If you love a challenge then the Fist will put a smile on your face

I love it when John Thomas Toys (JTT) ask if they can send more of their stunning silicone products to review. I can never say no, even if I am rushed off my feet, as the chance to enjoy another of their great designs is always compelling.

Pulling up my 'big girl panties', I prepared for lots of hard (extremely pleasurable) work. I never have to wait long for the delivery as they are always prompt.

"The feeling of stretch and fullness is fantastic. Instead of moving the Fist in and out of my pussy I enjoy simply twisting it. The sensations of expanding, feeling stretched and full, and the feeling of the Fist turning inside feels terrific. Having it run over my sensitive walls at each spin gives me fantastic sensations."


When they send their toys to me, I generally do not know what treat sits inside the box. So it's always a pleasant surprise when I open the box and get my first look at the contents.

This review is for their Fist butt plug.

A dream come true to texture loving size queens

JTT asked if I would like to review six of their latest designs. I had no idea what they would be like, but I still jumped at the chance, of course.

Everything they have sent me previously has been of excellent quality with some great designs. With this in mind, I could not say no.

"As I push the shaft inside (with a bit of added water-based lube), I feel every bump and ridge stimulating my vaginal walls. The soft firmness rating gives just enough squish to make it more comfortable for me to use whilst maintaining the ridges enough so you can still feel them."


With six designs, I knew I would have a lot of work to do on their arrival. I would also need lots of water-based lube, so I needed to top up my supply.

With a fresh lube supply, I only needed to wait for the toys to arrive. This review is for the Original Dragons Cock, and what a cock it is.

Fantasy dildos are so much fun and the Original Tentacle dildo is fabulous

While I am kept busy with my own shop, I do still enjoy making time to review sex toys. John Thomas Toys is one of my favourite designers, so I love it when they ask if they can send me something new to comment on.

So when JTT said they would like to send me something again, I got all excited and couldn't wait to get my hands on the new items.

"The combination of suckers, ridges and the mottled finish all added excellent stimulation, and I could feel them all."


After receiving my "yes please" answer, I was told I would be sent a set of their Original Tentacles to review and enjoy. So, of course, I immediately went onto their website to see what I would get to play with soon.

After seeing the webpage and pictures, I was even more excited than normal for the dildos to arrive. I was glad to know that I wouldn't have long to wait for them to arrive.

I do love fantasy dildos and Wölfing is a lot of fun

I was delighted when Fran from Tentickle Toys got in touch to ask if I would like to review one of her body-safe silicone creations.

Of course, I jumped at the chance. I love fantasy dildos, and after checking out her designs, I was certainly impressed.

"The fingers are exquisitely detailed, providing a lot of sensations when you use them. The changes in girth feel pretty damn fantastic too."


I opted for the Wölfing, a werewolf-themed claw-shaped dildo. I could hardly contain my excitement as I waited for it to arrive. Fran told me she would send something in bright colours as I love dildos like that.

I didn't have to wait long, and to say it took my breath away would be an understatement. So, let me tell you all about Tentickle Toys and Wölfing in particular.

The web slinger certainly knows how to stretch things nicely

I received a message from John Thomas Toys to ask if I would like to review their latest silicone stretcher.

As I can never say no to JTT, of course, I said yes. Although I did have second thoughts after I was told the name. I do not like creepy crawlies, so you may understand why I did hesitate when I found out its name - Spidey's Web.

"These bumps feel fantastic and can also be used to measure how far you manage to take the length of Spidey's Web. As I moved the stretcher around, the feel of them had me squirming and curling my toes quickly."


Luckily I was assured no spiders were included, which put my mind at ease.

With that reassurance, I was happy for them to send the silicone stretcher set to me to review, and I just needed to wait for them to arrive.

Another fantastic dildo perfect for my twisted mind

John Thomas Toys got in touch with me to see if I fancied reviewing their latest offering of silicone dildos. As usual, I just couldn't say no.

So a few days later, I received a large, heavy box with no indication on the outside of the box as to its contents. I knew without even opening it that it was from John Thomas Toys. This was simply due to the shape, size and weight.

"I could feel each sucker rubbing the walls of my pussy, creating mesmerising feelings. The suckers grow in size as you move down the shaft, and I found myself wanting more and more."


On opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the latest twisted design. I was looking forward to having fun reviewing them.

I have really had a lot of time to get to know this beast of a dildo due to several problems delaying this review. But I am happy to say those are sorted now (thank you for being so understanding, JTT). So here are my thoughts on the Twisted Tentacle Dildo.

Tentacle dildos are so much fun, this one takes things to extremes

It's been a while since John Thomas Toys last contacted me about sending me anything to review. So I was excited when they asked if they could send me a new design they have come up with.

All I was told in advance was that the name was Kraken's Tentacle. The title gave me a rough idea of what it may look like, though, but it was still a surprise when I took them out of the box. Stunt Cock laughed when I told him its name, he said I have a lot in common with the Kraken. When I asked him what he meant, he just laughed and said we have both swallowed a lot of "seamen". He got a good jab to his ribs for that one.

"By angling the tentacle just right, I could enjoy the feel of running the suckers over my clit on every movement of the tentacle. By adding a slight twist, I found it gave some fantastic sensations."


The box when it arrived was hefty, and upon opening it, I could see why. John Thomas Toys always send me all four sizes to review; this time was no different.

A Kraken is a giant octopus type creature and the size of its tentacles needed to match its legendary reputation. These tentacles definitely do not disappoint in that regards.

The Humphrey dildo is a stunner that feels as good as it looks

Organotoy is a German artisanal company created in 2011 with the plan to make high-quality sex toys. They offer some unique silicone toys that are handmade to order, and they look incredible.

I first saw the fantastic products made by Organotoy on Twitter. After commenting on the image, they contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their products.

"The large bumps feel amazing against my pussy walls. I like to give it a slight twist to really ramp up the sensations when thrusting with it."


I really wanted a chance to see one of their products in person, so I jumped at the opportunity to check one of their dildos out.

That led to the dilemma as to who would get to try it first, so sub 'r' and I had a little discussion on who would try out this delectable treat. Unfortunately for sub 'r', I won this one (yeah, for me :p ).

We were all really looking forward to seeing this dildo upfront and personal. Even with Brexit and Covid 19, the shipping did not take as long as we thought it might.

This dildo takes fantasy dildo play to another level (of stretch)

I am once again delighted to have received some more John Thomas Toys dildos.

You can't have too many good toys, and I know that the quality of John Thomas Toys dildos are worth making room for.

"I can honestly say that this is my first time with an anatomically correct dog dong. I did feel a little intimidated with these dildos as the small is a lot larger than I expected."


When the postie arrived with two large boxes, I knew precisely who they were from. I just had no idea what the contents were.

I am always excited to open the boxes so that I can see what I've been sent. They have so much choice on their website, and I know it will be something new each time.

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