Stay safe in these worrying times

We are all living at a time in history where we, as a species, face a real and imminent threat. The Covid-19 pandemic is all around the globe now, and governments everywhere are implementing various levels of social distancing and even quarantining.

The government is scrambling to find a solution to the pandemic, but it seems so far they have done too little, too late.

We are now into a voluntary social distancing phase in the fight against coronavirus. But, all too many people are treating it with lip service. Panic buying (for loo rolls of all things) is in full swing, and we seem to be on the brink of an apocalypse. We all need to take a chill pill, analyse what is happening around us and implement reasonable and straightforward adjustments to our lives to minimise or slow the advance of the virus.

Both sub'r' and I are in the vulnerable group of adults when it comes to this virus, and that means we have to take extra care as if either of us gets it there is a good chance this blog won't be getting any future updates.

To that end, this is what we are changing and how we are coping with this problem.

Hands-free orgasms are why I make my electrodes

I have been blown away by the positive feedback I have been receiving about my e-stim electrodes, in particular, the cock loop insulators and bi-polar cock rings.

For anyone who is new to my blog and my e-stim products, I started designing my electrodes and insulators about a year ago. Over time I have refined the designs, and I offer them for free on my site.

I do produce them for people who do not have access to a 3D printer, and recently I have been working with a company in London to create some of my designs in very hard-wearing Nylon instead of the usual PLA.

The last two weeks have been taxing to say the least

Well, it feels like I have been running flat out for the last two weeks, probably because I have been doing precisely that.

They always say that problems come in threes and this has been the case these last few weeks.

From the outset I decided on the following criteria:The first thing that has been a significant drain on my time and resources is my new office.

Now, that isn't exactly bad news as I love it, but setting it up has been bloody hard work and expensive too. But, I am more than happy with the results so far, it isn't quite finished, but I am using it already.

It's good to see a study confirming that e-stim can have positive benefits for treating sexual dysfunction in women

I have been "having sex with electrons" for about four years, and it has changed my sex life for the better. I discovered it by accident but love how nuanced the sensations can be, and how many ways there are of playing.

I have long assumed, yes I know that can be dangerous, but bear with me on this one. I have thought that e-stim can have potential health benefits, as well as being a fantastic way of getting off hands-free.

I know that some doctors recommend electrical kegel trainers to tighten up and control pelvic floor muscles. Small electrical impulses cause these muscles to tighten and relax over time, training them and strengthening them. This is just one example of electricity being used for positive health benefits, but it is for a specific condition.

I have settled on my choice of office space and now need to move in

Well, I have finally settled on my new office/studio. I will be based in Derby in the midlands, and after looking over several options I have decided on a ground floor office (suitable for my disabilities), and I can't wait to move in.

This one is a little cheaper than the last one I checked out, and it is ever so slightly smaller. That means I have had to change my plans slightly to enable me to get the most out of the space.

This office space is heated (woohoo) and it also has air conditioning (WOOHOO!) which is a massive bonus as is the fact it is on the ground floor and pretty close to the main entrance of the building.

Guest Post

I am delighted to be able to introduce Signs from

Dom Signs,
SignsI am a tech geek, a Dom and an old guy who blogs at I also own and run a place you can submit your best writing on a wide variety of adult topics I am currently in an LDR with Lillith of
Check out my site You can also follow my twitter account - @newsigns2

Follow these points to make sure you buy the right machine

A sex machine can add a lot of fun to how you choose to get your sexual gratification. At their core, they’re just machines that can have a dildo attached and then thrust back and forth at your desired speed. Still, not all sex machines are created; equally, it’s of extreme importance to find one that’s perfect for you & your needs without any unnecessary extras. They should be seen as investments into your sexual health that can be enjoyed both alone or with a partner at the controls.

So before you take the plunge and get a sex machine of your own, keep these tips in mind...

This year is going to be a hoot

I have been doing what I do (generally stuffing things inside myself and then telling the internet how good it felt) for five years now. I have had a blast, and my site has grown and grown continually and bears no resemblance to what I first created all those years ago.

There are now three of us regularly reviewing sex toys, and I appreciate the help as things are getting hellish busy these days. My partner, Stunt Cock reviews penis orientated sex toys and BDSM kit and our submissive the lovely sub'r' (who is fantastic) helps with pretty much everything we throw at her.

A new year presents new opportunities and the challenge of focussing and growing even more in a measured manner so that our standards don't drop. We love a good challenge.

Why are butt plugs so much fun?

Love them or hate them butt plugs are a thing, and they are here to stay. Who knows how long the human race has enjoyed the delight of filling and teasing their anus's with plugs of some sort?

I can imagine Cleopatra enjoying a sumptuous milk bath before emerging and telling a servant to fetch the royal sphincter cork.

No doubt king Leonidis would have died with a smile on his face at the battle of Thermopylae if he had been plugged.

Today, I learned that my blog has made it onto another top list

With my disabilities, I have good days, and I have bad days.

Today is an excellent day. Not only am I mobile, but I received a delightful e-mail this morning letting me know that my blog made another top list.

This time I am sitting (at the time of writing this) at number 25 on the TOP 50: Best Sex Toy Review Blogs (2020) Toplist - Woohoo!

Kathy responded to an advert in a local paper that lead to an amazing day in hospital

It was just like any other day. Kathy had got up early, then rushed around to get the kids ready for school. A trip to the supermarket followed the school run before getting home to do the housework.

Finally, she had some time to herself, and so she curled up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate and the local newspaper. She scanned the articles as she sipped at her drink, flicking through the pages absentmindedly.

An advert caught her eye and got her attention. It was an advert that was going to change her sex life forever, but she didn't know that just yet.

It read:

  • Help wanted to assist doctors in training by being a life-study model in an anatomy lesson. £100 for an hour of your time, biscuits and tea supplied.

Fancy Vacuum Pumping While Sounding Your Penis?

I love seeing hard cocks. I also love seeing cocks twitching as delightfull electrical impulses fire through them sending delicious sensations to the owner's brain to interpret as pleasure.

Sounding is also something I love doing, and the thought of combining sounding, e-stim and vacuum enlargement certainly fills me with excitement together with a warm growing dampness between my legs.

A post on smartstim about vacuum sounding got my interest, and I decided after reading some of the comments that I should document building such an electrode to help others make one.

I am going to fulfil a lifelong desire, to own my own dungeon/studio

I am planning something big, something huge. It will take me a while to realise it, but I am finally planning my next business step in lots of detail.

I want to build on the success of my review blog and my love of kink and BDSM. As a disabled writer, I am often frustrated with some of the commercial dungeons available for rent. Places that allow people to live out their fantasies are often unavailable to disabled folk.

I also need a writing space and studio where I can continue my product reviews and articles. Doing that at home is very restrictive, and I intend to change that.

I am going to channel my efforts into creating a dungeon space that is accessible to all. A place where anyone, no matter the level of their physical abilities, can visit and enjoy. It will also be a place where I can hone my writing and reviewing skills, even passing some of those skills on to people interested in them.

She very quickly discovers that she loves to be watched

They had been planning this for weeks. Her first foray into the world of online exhibitionism or as she loved to tell herself porn.

Over the previous weeks, they had shared fantasies about things they could do in front of a camera with a live audience. It never failed to get her very wet.

This was the day, though. She checked and rechecked all of the things she had been told to get together. Her bag was bulging with the kinky contents. Laptop, webcam, dildos, lingerie and lube together with a video camera. She could feel warm dampness soaking into the gusset of her panties. She waited by the door for her Master to arrive; this only served to arouse her even further.

When he finally rang the doorbell, she nearly yanked the handle off the door in her haste to get started. She walked to his car, carrying her bag of sex toys and equipment. The only thing her Master said to her during the journey to the hotel was "Are you ready?".

Check out the fantastic sex blogs that made this years list

It's that time of the year again when @MollyDailyKiss has published her Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 list. After months of hard work she has sifted through the internet following up leads and listing the top 100 blogs in her opinion.

You can check out her original Top 100 Sex Blog List 2019 post but I am reposting the list here with permission. Thank you Molly for your hard work on this project.

So without further ado, here is this years list (with DOFOLLOW links as they are all well worth sharing some link juice with):

If you want to impress, then give the gift give a hands free orgasm to someone for Christmas

This year don't give the gift of socks, woolly hats or terrible jumpers. Gift the gift of an orgasm. A fantastic way to do that is to introduce someone to the beautiful world of hands-free e-stim orgasms.

Now a mainstream activity, electrosex is a fantastic way for any gender to masturbate discreetly and hands-free. It uses tiny electrical currents that are passed through the nerves in our genitals to stimulate the senses directly. Your brain interprets the sensations as pleasure and then boom, say hello to a kinky electron driven orgasm.

Whether you are an ardent e-stim enthusiast or someone completely new to this activity, there is always something new to explore. If you are new then maybe the whole concept of e-stim is confusing you, and you are not sure what equipment you need. This article should come in handy; I will be referencing other guides on things like safety and electrode positions where required.

This article is going to concentrate on two UK companies E-Stim Systems and Electrastim as I have a lot of experience with their equipment. But I will also reference some other companies such as MyStim as they also produce some fantastic gear, but I haven't got much personal experience of their kit (yet).

While generally not painful, e-stim can surprise you if you panic

Catchy title, eh? What the heck is the E-stim Inverse Proportionality Pain Rule? Well, it's a term that I just came up with to cover an often overlooked effect when playing with electrosex equipment.

It is quite simple. The sensations that you feel are inversely proportional to the surface area of the electrodes in contact with your body. So the smaller the contact surface, the more intense the stimulation. Or in other words, you will get a painful zap if you remove an electrode while the power is switched on.

Think of it like this; proportional pain is what we are all used to. Imagine dipping your toe into bathwater that is far too hot. It hurts, and so you immediately lift your toe out of the water to remove the source of the pain. That is proportional pain, if you continued dipping your other toes and then your foot into the water, the pain would increase.

Condomerie is a wealth of condom information and carry a vast range of condoms and other products

While at Erofame, my Stunt Cock and sub'r' came across an absolutely fantastic company and stand from Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

It was fascinating to learn more about this amazing store that has been in business since 1st May 1987.

Condomerie was born out of necessity during the early days of the HIV and Aids epidemic in the '80s.

Their mission was to bring condoms to everyone, young and old, and they opened their iconic store in the centre of Amsterdam and have never looked back.

We should all strive to break down the stigma associated with sex

"I think it can be difficult for young lesbian or young gay, bisexual, transgender to come out and be open with who they are because there's such a huge stigma attached to that preference of their sexuality."

Nafessa Williams - Google Search

One of my favourite sex toy manufacturers, Hot Octopuss, has recently started a campaign to raise awareness about the stigma surrounding sex, masturbation. They quite rightly want to raise awareness about sexual oppression that takes many forms, often through stigmas and stereotypes.

This struck a chord with me as I am disabled and face that stigma every day. They recently started an advertisement campaign in New York that was shut down because it showed some skin which is ridiculous.

You can save big time in these sextoy sales

Looking for a bargain, who isn't? These Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have to be seen to be believed. Get yourself ready for a very kinky Christmas by grabbing a bargain for yourself or that special friend who needs spoiling.

Disclaimer - This post contains some affiliate links, if you purchase something when you follow one of these links I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. For more information about affiliate links check out my disclosure page. This page has been put together to higlight some great bargains for my readers.

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