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    I'm regularly approached by companies wanting me to host "exciting articles that your readers will love". While it is a form of compliment that someone thinks my site is worth them looking for backlinks it is also something that I have carefully built from the ground up myself - this is my site. I am very careful as to what gets published here.

    That said, if you would like to have your business featured in a sponsored post, I do offer a sponsored post service where you can commission an article from me, and you will have at least one link to your site from within it. This link offers no specific guaranteed traffic return.

    My sponsored posts are written with the aim of educating and informing my audience while also providing an excellent advertising opportunity for your business. Reciprocal links will be natural and will fit in with the theme of the sponsored post.

    The focus and details of an article can be discussed upon arrangement being made.

    An example of one of my sponsored posts can be seen here - Rabbit Vibrators, How To Choose A Fantastic One

    Sponsored posts will carry a disclaimer to inform my readers that it is a sponsored post.

    Sponsored Post Rates

    I offer a straightforward rate for sponsored posts, and these may be revised periodically.

    • 1 Sponsored post - £50
    • 2 Sponsored posts - £85
    • 3 Sponsored Posts - £120

    Any outbound links in sponsored posts will have a rel="sponsored" tag as per Google's paid content policy. Please do not ask for "dofollow" links as that will just highlight to me that you do not value my blog or my work if you are willing to risk its standing with Google. If you know about nofollow links and you are asking for a dofollow link then I have to assume you know what you are asking from me and I will not work with you now or on any future projects.

    Guest Sponsored Posts

    I do allow guest sponsored posts on occasion as long as they are quality posts and not spammy.

    Guest sponsored posts will carry a disclaimer on them to alert my readers that it is a guest post.

    Guest sponsored posts must be unique content, not posted anywhere else, this is due to Google's duplicate content policies.

    Any outbound links in guest sponsored posts will have a rel="sponsored" tag as per Google's paid content policy.

    If I find a guest sponsored post posted elsewhere I reserve the right to remove yours from my site so that I don't fall foul of Google's duplicate content policies.

    Guest Sponsored Post Rates

    I offer a straightforward rate for guest sponsored posts, and these may be revised periodically.

    • 1 Guest sponsored post - £45
    • 2 Guest sponsored posts - £85
    • 3 Guest sponsored posts - £115

    My copywriting rates for work away from my site but within the adult industry is £20 an hour; this will include writing and research time involved in article creation.


    I accept payment through PayPal or Bank Transfer.

    If paying with PayPal I will create an invoice for your to pay for your sponsored post which will be sent through PayPal for your payment.

    If you want to do a Bank Transfer then just let me know and I can send you a manual invoice.

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