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Sound Clamping Monopole Glans Electrode Instructions

I hope you find these sound clamping glans loops a lot of fun

Thank you for purchasing one of my electrodes, the sale of these helps me devote the time and energy required with running this site and of course, creating more kinky electrodes.

These instructions are applicable to my Sound Clamping Monopole Glans Electrode.

Design Concept

This electrode was suggested by a good friend in the US. He wanted a way to secure and electro urethral sound in place while stimming to prevent any untoward shocks if it moved or fall out.

After lots of head scratching this is the design that emerged. It is very versatile and uses 6mm and 4mm British conductive rubber to form a glans electrode with lots of skin surface area for a smooth ride. The two sizes of conductive rubber form one electrode that envelopes the glans.

The top features a 3mm brass heat set insert through which a 3mm nylon bolt can be used to secure a sound in place. I opted for nylon so as not to risk scratchinng the surface of any sounds used with this electrode. It can be used as a base electrode in a tri-phase electrode set-up. You can plug in a second plug (ensuring it is from another channel) into the other end of the 6mm conductive rubber.

The two sizes of conductive rubber are pressed together so that the current can flow through the whole electrode while insulating it from the sound. In essence this is a monopole electrode and it is designed to clamp a sound in place. You have four positions where you can plug e-stim cables and this makes it an ideal common electrode in tri-phase configurations where the large skin contact area will be of great benefit.

Image showing the conductive rubber paths in this electrode

Handling Note

Image showing a cracked lower loop after it was stretched openThis electrode is designed so that you can use an elastic band around the two lower arms to ensure a snug fit. It is designed to be able to flex inwards only though.

Do not try to stretch the arms open as their geometry could lead to the plastic part cracking as it is not designed to flex in this direction.


Assembly: This electrode will arrive with the 6mm and 4mm conductive rubber loops fully inserted through the 3D printed pieces.

  1. Place the glans loop over your glans so that it fits snugly just under your glans. Use electrolube to ensure you get good contact between the conductive rubber and your skin.
  2. Loosen the cord locks used to secure the 4mm conductive rubber and adjust the position of the upper cap to fit the position of your meatus (pee hole).
  3. Tighten the 4mm conductive rubber and lock in pace using the cord locks.
  4. Attach one 2mm plug to the 6mm conductive rubber.
  5. Apply sterile lube to your sound and insert to to the depth you require then tighten the 3mm bolt to hold it in place (not a lot of force is needed to hold the sound in place, remember the threads are nylon so only do it finger tight).
  6. Attach the second cable to your sound.
  7. Plug your cable into your control box and ensure all power levels knobs are set to zero output.
  8. Turn on your power box, select your favourite settings and slowly turn up the power.

Tips For Use

  • Always use conductive lube with conductive rubber. Never use silicone lube or oil-based products as they are an insulator.
  • Silicone lube bonds to conductive rubber and creates an insulating coating on it rendering it unuseable so never use silicone lube.
  • Water-based lubes will suffice if you have no electrogel.
  • Cock loops should be a snug fit to allow for swelling of your penis without cutting off the blood supply.
  • You can use an eleastic band oon the arms to ensure a more snug fit.
  • Only use sterile lube with yoru sound.
  • Never stretch the lower loop outwards as it may crack.


Wash it in warm soapy water using anti-bacterial soap.

Wipe down the insulator with an anti-bacterial wipe.

Ensure everything is dry before storing away until your next stimming session.


I highly recommend using Electrogel when using conductive rubber electrdoes and my preference in the E-Stim Systems Electrogel which you can get from their UK site or US site.

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Disclaimer - These instructions contain affiliate links and if you purchase something when you follow one of these links I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. For more information check out my disclosure page.

Additional Info

  • Brief Synopsis: Instructions for using my Sound Clamping Monopole Glans Electrode Instructions
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