Sinful Sunday Week 386

Sep 02, 2018

Week 386 is a macro theme

It's all about the picture, and this one was taken in a dungeon while reviewing a piece of equipment. I am unable to do a macro extreme close up but this closeup is one that I love it because of the contrast between the harsh iron, the wood and the soft flesh in the background. I look at it and feel all sorts of emotions so I thought it would be a fun one to share. Enjoy.

This weeks pic shows some dungeon equipment

Please leave a comment on this post if you enjoyed the pic as it should be the kick up the bum I need to post more for the Sinful Sunday roundup.

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  • silverdom
    Comment Link silverdom Sunday, 02 September 2018 17:08

    A beautiful study in colour, form, and texture. :)

  • Modesty Ablaze
    Comment Link Modesty Ablaze Sunday, 02 September 2018 18:42

    Love it . . . wonderful contrast between all the elements here !
    Lovely image!!!
    Xxx - K

  • Marie Rebelle
    Comment Link Marie Rebelle Sunday, 02 September 2018 18:46

    An interesting composition :)

    Rebel xox

  • Cara Thereon
    Comment Link Cara Thereon Sunday, 02 September 2018 19:48

    I quite love it too. The brightness brings out the wood and your skin.

  • molly
    Comment Link molly Sunday, 02 September 2018 21:13

    I am so curious as to what it is though?


  • NPE
    Comment Link NPE Sunday, 02 September 2018 21:24

    I see two chests promising great treasures for those who can reveal them!

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Sunday, 02 September 2018 21:57

    @Silverdom - Thanks I love the colours and the tarnishing on the metalwork.
    @Modesty Ablaze - Thank you, the colours really work well together.
    @Marie Rebelle - Thanks it was fun putting it together.
    @Cara Thereon - Thanks xxx, I love the contrast between the skin and the wood and metal.
    @molly - It is something called the Goo Plate, it's a head restraint -
    @NPE - Lovely treasure indeed for those who can find them, Arrrrrrgh (said in a crap pirate accednt).

  • Floss
    Comment Link Floss Monday, 03 September 2018 08:08

    Such a cool image, and definitely an intriguing one too :)

  • Aurora Glory
    Comment Link Aurora Glory Monday, 03 September 2018 12:27

    I totally agree about the beautiful contrast. It makes for a powerful image!
    Aurora x

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Monday, 03 September 2018 13:20

    @Floss - Thanks, I love it.
    @Aurora Glory - Thanks Aurora x

  • LittleSwitchBitch
    Comment Link LittleSwitchBitch Tuesday, 04 September 2018 09:00

    That looks like an awesome bit of kit x

  • Bee
    Comment Link Bee Tuesday, 04 September 2018 20:14

    I know what this is and I really love all their furniture!

    I completely agree with you, all the contrasts in this image are just outstanding.

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Tuesday, 04 September 2018 20:16

    @LittleSwitchBitch - Thanks xxx. Oh, it certainly is, it is fantastic -
    @Bee - Thanks Bee, they make stunning BDSM equipment and furniture, I am very lucky to have been able to review a piece from their Schlossmeister collection.

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