Sinful Sunday Week 379
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Sinful Sunday Week 379

Week 379 is simply nippletastic

It's all about the picture, and this one shows me about to tuck into two chocolate boobies that I received as a gift and trust me, they were both delightfully naughty and also very tasty.

This weeks pic shows some chocolate boobies.

Please leave a comment on this post if you enjoyed the pic as it should be the kick up the bum I need to post more for the Sinful Sunday roundup.

Sinful Sunday

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  • elliott
    elliott Monday, 16 July 2018 02:28

    Such a naughty girl, now I'm hungry for that.

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  • LittleSwitchBitch
    LittleSwitchBitch Monday, 16 July 2018 15:43

    Very tasty looking image, Joanne x

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  • Floss
    Floss Monday, 16 July 2018 17:08

    What a great picture! not sure I want to lick some boobs now or eat some chocolate, lol. Maybe licking chocolate off boobs is the answer :P

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  • molly
    molly Monday, 16 July 2018 17:44

    Mmm chocolate and boobs, a winning combination


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  • Joanne Summers
    Joanne Summers Monday, 16 July 2018 18:50

    @ Elliott - I was very naughty and ate the lot LOL.

    @LittleSwitchBitch - Thanks, it tastes better than it looks.

    @Floss - That is most definitely the answer, they tasted amazing, I love Belgian chocolate.

    @Molly - Thanks Molly, they were truly scrumptious and a great combination.

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  • Helen Scott
    Helen Scott Tuesday, 17 July 2018 20:25

    What a fun image!

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  • Joanne Summers
    Joanne Summers Wednesday, 18 July 2018 18:57

    Thanks Helen it was a nice surprise and tasted great, the pic was a lot of fun to take too.

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  • Bee
    Bee Thursday, 19 July 2018 21:19

    I do love a tasty nipple or two.

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  • Joanne Summers
    Joanne Summers Saturday, 21 July 2018 18:28

    Thanks, these two were very, very tasty. Naughty Joanne for not sharing LOL.

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