Sinful Sunday Week 375

Jun 17, 2018

The thin line between pleasure and pain

It's all about the picture, and this one shows the lovely sub'r' after some disciplinary action. She loves being bent over something and spanked, flogged and caned..

This weeks pic shows pleasure and pain.

Please leave a comment on this post if you enjoyed the pic as it should be the kick up the bum I need to post more for the Sinful Sunday roundup.

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  • silverdom
    Comment Link silverdom Sunday, 17 June 2018 11:06

    Oh my! What a lovely image.

  • Zebra Rose
    Comment Link Zebra Rose Sunday, 17 June 2018 14:30

    Oooh, pretty marks on a lovely bottom! I’d definitely enjoy being in sub_r’s position!

  • Cara Thereon
    Comment Link Cara Thereon Sunday, 17 June 2018 14:34

    Oh I can totally see why she enjoys it. That’s one delightful bottom

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Sunday, 17 June 2018 14:39

    @silverdom - Thank you, she is lovely.

    @Zebra Rose - It is the little marks that tell a story, an enjoyable one for all involved.

    @Cara Theron - Thanks, she has an absolutely delightful bottom just made for a little BDSM fun and games.

  • elliott
    Comment Link elliott Sunday, 17 June 2018 15:44

    Spanking would be fun, but that's not what would be on my mind seeing this before me.

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Sunday, 17 June 2018 16:00

    I am not surprised it is quite an inviting pose especially after I have warmed her up for you. ;-)

  • Marie Rebelle
    Comment Link Marie Rebelle Sunday, 17 June 2018 17:10

    Lovely marks!

    Rebel xox

  • molly
    Comment Link molly Sunday, 17 June 2018 18:57

    Lovely marks on a lovely bottom

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Sunday, 17 June 2018 19:54

    @Marie Rebelle - Thanks, she looks lovely like that and loves her marks.

    @Molly - Thanks, she really does have a very lovely bottom and loves exposing it for impact play.

  • Bee
    Comment Link Bee Sunday, 17 June 2018 20:49

    What a perfectly pink bottom

  • LittleSwitchBitch
    Comment Link LittleSwitchBitch Sunday, 17 June 2018 21:07

    Ooooh looks like you had fun there, Joanne! Your sub has a beautiful blushed butt x

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Sunday, 17 June 2018 21:17

    @Bee - Thanks, she does have a rather fetching behind.

    @LittleSwitchBitch - It was a lot of fun and she does have a very beautiful blushed butt.

  • Modesty Ablaze
    Comment Link Modesty Ablaze Sunday, 17 June 2018 21:52

    Love the red rosy cheeks !!!
    Xxx - K

  • Kayla Lords
    Comment Link Kayla Lords Monday, 18 June 2018 03:00

    Lovely marks, and I, too, love being bent over and spanked, flogged, or...whatever. :)

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Monday, 18 June 2018 10:00

    @Modesty Ablaze - Thanks xx

    @Kayla Lords - What is there not to like about being bent over an object and spanked, thanks for your nice comments.

  • Julie
    Comment Link Julie Wednesday, 20 June 2018 21:34

    This is beautiful

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Saturday, 23 June 2018 09:05

    @Julie - Thank you, sub'r' is absolutely lovely

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