Secret Play Natural Vegan Organic Aloe Vera Personal Lube Review
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Secret Play Natural Vegan Organic Aloe Vera Personal Lube Review

Who would have thought I'd find a rival for Sliquid

I often struggle to find lubes that agree with my Foof. I sometimes have adverse reactions to some ingredients commonly used in lubes which is why I have only a few favourites.

I was intrigued when the lovely people over at Latex Leather & Lace got in touch asking me if I would be interested in reviewing some new body safe and hypo-allergenic lubes that they were now stocking from Secret Play.

"I found it very easy to apply and spread out, and it feels very luxurious giving a good coating that lasted a long time. This long-lasting property means that you use less, so it makes a bottle go a long way."


I was intrigued because I had never heard of Secret Play before and I like to think of myself as educated in the lube department. I eagerly agreed while wondering what my lady bits would make of these new lubes when they arrived.

I have good news though, for anyone who has a fussy foof like me, the two Lubes that I reviewed are both fantastic. So if you are looking for a body-safe lube that won't mess with your vaginas pH levels and isn't full of nasty chemicals then read on.

This is the first one that I am writing up though, and that is the Natural Vegan Organic Aloe Vera Personal Lubricant.

Secret Play is a female run company based in Valencia in Spain, and they have three lubes, this one is their water-based Natural, they also have a Hybrid Lube (I am reviewing that one as well and it is fantastic) together with an Oceanic lube.

The Secret Play Natural lube comes in a recycled cardboard box
I love the fact that Secret Play used recycled cardboard for their boxes

I have always had problems with lubes that contain Glycerin or warming ingredients. They react badly to my body chemistry and give me what I can only describe as "fanny on fire" syndrome.

I usually recommend the Sliquid range of lubes, especially Sliquid H2O as they are fantastic, but I do believe they have some stiff competition in the form of the Secret Play Natural Lube.

I hadn't heard of this range before, and that isn't at all surprising as they are a Spanish brand who have concentrated on the home marketplace. They are now a well known and respected brand in Spain and have recently branched out into France and Portugal.

Secret Play having been making lubes since 2006 in Valencia, and they are now also breaking into the UK market with the help of Latex Leather and Lace who went out on a limb for them in the hope that their product was up to their usual high standards.

Latex Leather and Lace pride themselves in sourcing ethical and body safe products and this is just the latest in a long line of successes for them. Their hunch paid off as having tried two of the lubes from Secret Play I can tell them that they are on to a winner.

Delivery & Packaging

Like everything else that I have ever had delivered from Latex, Leather and Lace it has arrived in very discreet packaging quickly and with no fuss. They take customer privacy and discretion seriously and having seen their shop and warehouse myself after visiting them I can say that I trust them. If you get the opportunity to visit them in the Barwell store in Leicestershire, then I urge you to drop in for a very warm welcome.

The Secret Play Natural lube comes in a 100ml recycled bottle too
The Secret Play Natural lube comes in a 100ml recycled bottle too

I love the flyer that they include with products when they ship them.

The Secret Play Naturals Lube box is made out of recycled cardboard which is great for the environment, and it has a natural green colour scheme with an Aloe Vera plant on the front of the box.

The lube comes in a white recycled 100ml plastic bottle, and this carries a security seal so that you know it hasn't been tampered with. You need to unscrew the cap and remove this seal before use.

The black screw on cap has a flip up dispenser which is easy to use and allows you to dispense the right amount of lube. This prevents wastage and mess. The dispenser folds into the cap when not in use, and the bottle doesn't leak if stored on its side.

This is a clear water-based lube that has a nice consistency; it contains no Parabens, Gluten or Glycerin. This is fantastic as all of these are ingredients not to go anywhere near if they are in a lube. Glycerin is sugar, and it can give an increased chance of yeast infections. Parabens have been linked to health scares and so always steer clear of both.

Secret Play doesn't test their products on animals, so their range of lubes is an excellent vegan-friendly choice. The lubes have been certified by an independent laboratory (Swiss Bio Inspecta) as being body-safe.

The Natural lube contains Aloe Vera which is a common ingredient in cosmetic products and it is grown locally and extracted for this lube. Aloe Vera has a moisturising property and is ideal for use on delicate skin, it soothes, and its regenerating properties are well known.


This lube emulates natural lubrication very well; the consistency is just right. It isn't runny enough that it will run through your fingers as you are putting the bottle down. It is easy to spread out and covers well. With the bottle design, you can dispense just the right amount for whatever your plans are.

It is very easy to dispense just the right amount of lube
It is very easy to dispense just the right amount of lube

I found it very easy to apply and spread out, and it feels very luxurious giving a good coating that lasted a long time. This long-lasting property means that you use less, so it makes a bottle go a long way.

It is eventually absorbed into your skin, but it leaves it feeling soft and with no sign of any stickiness which is something I hate with lots of water-based lubes.

The blend of ingredients is condom safe even if you are using latex condoms. You can use it as an aid to lubrication until your own lubricants take over or just use it as it is so nice. It is safe to use with any sex toy material, so you needn't worry about it reacting with your favourites. In this respect, it is a strong contender to Sliquid H2O which is one of my all-time favourite lubes, so that is high praise indeed.

It has a mild fragrance that is hard to place but is not unpleasant; I think it may be the Aloe Vera and it also has a faint taste but again not unpleasant. I wouldn't recommend it as an oral lube though, but Secret Play does a range of those which may be worth checking out.

I have used this lube while masturbating using just my fingers and with sex toys. I find it perfect to use at the beginning of a play session until I get warmed up. It is also useful for some serious quim sticking, even performing perfectly well with some high-speed fucking machine action.

You can also use it as an anal lubricant, but you will find that you will need to top it up more often as your anus doesn't produce its own lube, and this will get absorbed over time.

It leaves my lady bits soft, and feeling refreshed, to be honest. I love the no sticky residue feeling, that alone would make me become a regular user of this brand of lube.

It is a nice thick lube that is easy to dispense from the bottle
It is a nice thick lube that is easy to dispense from the bottle

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Key Features

Key features:

  • Glycerin, Gluten and Paraben free
  • Not tested on animals making it vegan friendly
  • Water based lube
  • Great bottle design for minimal waste
  • Contains Aloe Vera

Final Thoughts

Having tried the Natural lube from Secret Play, I am very impressed. It is a good quality water-based lube that is both vegan-friendly and also gentle on your sensitive bits. I am a convert, and once this bottle is used up, I will be getting some more in. I may even be tempted to try the Secret Play Oral Pleasure lubes as they sound like a lot of fun.

I was sent this bottle of Secret Play Natural Vegan Organic Aloe Vera Personal Lubricant by Patrick at Latex, Leather and Lace and I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to review it for them.

I love this lube as it doesn't run everywhere but it spreads out easily though
I love this lube as it doesn't run everywhere but it spreads out easily though

Joanne's rating

9.6Overall9Design10Features10Functionality10Ease of use9Price

Where Can I Get One From?

Latex, Leather & Lace

Grab one of these Secret Play Natural Vegan Organic Aloe Vera Personal Lubricants for just £16.95 from Latex Leather and Lace.

Check them out and don’t forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".

Disclaimer - I was sent the Secret Play Natural Vegan Organic Aloe Vera Personal Lube to review free of charge and this has in no way affected the outcome of this review. This post contains affiliate links and if you purchase something when you follow one of these links I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. For more information check out my disclosure page.

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