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Assuming hankey is required, the following results were found.

  • Hankeys Toys XS Dragon Silicone Dildo Review

    A texture lovers fantasy dildo wet dream I love Hankey's Toys silicone dildos, they are famous for being incredibly detailed and also larger than life. Fantastic for size queens or anyone wanting to stretch and train for huge dildos. Recently they...
  • Mr Hankeys Toys BFG Xtra-Small Fantasy Silicone Dildo Review

    The BFG fantasy silicone dildo from Mr Hankey teases and pleases I love dildos that have lots of textures, and so does sub'r'. We both relish the delightful sensations that they generate as you thrust them in and out of any waiting orifice. We were...
  • Review Of The Seahorse Dildo From Mr Hankeys Toys

    that is going to stimulate and challenge my vagina (or my anus) when I play. So you can imagine my delight when Mr Hankey sent me this incredible looking fantasy dildo to review. This is the toy to get if you like your texture and prefer to actually...
  • Poo Dildos Are A Real Thing

    looking for pieces fo sweetcorn. Priced at £63.99, the Oxballs Log Dildo 6 Inches it is a scat lovers dream of a dildo. Mr Hankeys Toys - MR. HANKEY - ONE SIZE The Mr Hankey Dildo is a sweetcorn lovers dream This is the first dildo created by Mr Hankey,...
  • Anaconda Silicone Dildo From Mr Hankeys Toys

    The Phallic Shaped Vac-u-Lock Dildo That Will Make Your Eyes Water After I had reviewed the Centaur Dildo from Mr Hankey's Toys I was pretty confident that I would enjoy this dildo and more importantly that it would fit inside my Foof. This is another...
  • Mr Hankeys Alien Dildo Review

    Time for some alien impregnation fun and games Picture my delight when I was asked by to review a Mr Hankey's dildo for them. I adore Mr Hankey's dildos and have reviewed four of them so far, and this one will be the fifth....
  • Centaur Silicone Dildo Review From Mr Hankeys Toys

    this one is the small size it's still not for the feint hearted. It's made in the USA by proud silicone oficionado Mr Hankey's Toys and the Centaur dildo certainly has good company on his site. I can quite honestly say that all of the dildos on the site...
  • I'm Going To Be Reviewing Some More Mr Hankeys Toys Dildos

    I can't wait to play with the XS Dragon, XS BFG and Beowulf dildos I am squealing with anticipation as Mr Hankey is sending me three new dildos to review. I absolutely adore his creations, and my pussy has already had the pleasure of these fantastic...
  • CutlerX Silicone Dildo Review from Mr Hankeys Toys

    This is the dildo that almost broke my pussy Just when I thought I'd met my match when I reviewed the Anaconda from as it was shall we say a very nice and tight fit, I have yet again been given another challenge and that is in the...
  • Beowulf Silicone Dildo Review From Hankeys Toys

    The Beowulf is a silicone dildo of beastly proportions I have long been a fan of Hankeys Toys, their silicone delights are a sight to behold. With a reputation for larger than life dildos, they are a size queens dream. I was therefore delighted when...
  • My Toy Box - The Kinky Sex Toys I Have Used

    Dildo John Thomas® Toys BEASTLI Platinum Silicone Dildo Sinnovator Typhon Silicone Dragon Fantasy Dildo From Uberkinky Hankeys Toys XS Dragon Silicone Dildo Mr Hankeys Toys BFG Xtra-Small Fantasy Silicone Dildo Rhea Silicone Dildo From Ylva And Dite So...
  • Here are three of my Mr Hankeys Dildos

    Mr Hankeys Dildos are definitely for the lovers of larger sex toys I am delighted that you can now buy Mr Hankeys dildos in the UK from, they have a fantastic range available and so I thought I should make a short clip of some o fthe...

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