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Written by  May 05, 2022

This vibe has been a long time coming, I on the other hand didn't take long at all

A couple of years ago, Tabitha Rayne (the Ruby Glow Blush designer) approached me and several others for our opinions on a new vibrator that she was designing. She asked if she could send me a model of her concept for my input. I was thrilled at the idea and was more than happy to sign an NDA before I got to see what the product idea was.

After trying a pre-sale unit and finally the actual retail model, I can confirm that Tabitha had a fantastic idea. She has now created the great finished product. She brought it to the marketplace in collaboration with Rocks-off and it is now available for the public to buy.

"The lighter vibrations feel amazing against my G-spot. For me, the topping on the cake is the feel of the deep rumbly vibrations against my clit."


When I was told she was sending me the finished product, I was so excited.

It has been amazing to see this product go from the initial concept to the final product. Both Tabitha and Rocks-off have done a fantastic job. So let me tell you all about the Ruby Glow Blush.

Delivery & Packaging

I did not have to wait long for the box to arrive after hearing that it had been dispatched. The Ruby Glow Blush came in a plain cardboard box, with nothing to say what the contents were.

Inside the box is a very stylish productbox that clearly shows the contents. Made of a recyclable card, which is excellent for the environment. The box has all the relevant information you would expect if you go into a retail shop, and it looks fantastic.

Image showing the packaging of the Ruby Glow Blush
The packaging of the Ruby Glow Blush is very inviting and looks great.

Materials & Design

The Ruby Glow Blush takes the initial design of the Ruby Glow (read my review of the Ruby Glow here) and turns it into a "superhero" of function and form. You can sit on it and enjoy deep, powerful vibrations like its predecessor, but here is the clever bit. It is now a vibrator that you can use internally, too, so you get two toys for the price of one.

The design of the Ruby Glow Blush is ingenious. Using it on its base, it rubs against your clit, vulva, and perineum. The silicone feet on the underside of the base stop it from slipping on a smooth surface and also helps reduce the noise of the vibrations.

Image showing the internal packaging of the Ruby Glow Blush
The vibrator and its instructions are incredibly easy to understand,set up and use.

"Straddle your Ruby Glow Blush for an external vulva and perineum massage or transform it into a G-spot penetrating wand in one easy motion. Dual independent motors deliver deep rumbling vibrations that will have you trembling whichever combination you choose."

Tabitha Rayne

The vibrator itself is covered in smooth medical-grade silicone. The shape may look a little like the Lockness Monster, but the shape has been specifically designed for the best results. The underside of the vibrator wand has magnetic charging pins, which also secure it to the base. There are two buttons to allow you to control the wand when you have it in your hand. These buttons also turn the wand on and off.

The wand is comfortable to hold, with a curved tip to hit your g-spot when used internally.

The base has a top section covered in the same coloured silicone as the wand. The rest of the base is a stylish metallic red coloured ABS plastic. You have two charging options, either use the magnetic charger on the wand, or you can plug the charger into the base unit whilst the wand is attached.

You will receive two USB charging cables, one with a magnetic end and the other to click into the side of the base. It is great to see both options covered.

Image showing the Ruby Glow Blush, its cradle and the two charging cables
I love that there are two ways to use and even charge the Ruby Glow Blush.

The base is shaped to hold the wand securely, ensuring it does not slip and slide while you are sitting on it.

There is also a rechargeable remote control, which gives you complete control when the wand is attached to the base. The remote is waterproof, with magnetic charging pins between the two control buttons.

TThe Ruby Glow Blush sits securely in its crarging cradlehere is a small light at the smaller end of the wand, this lights up whilst charging. When fully charged, the light will continually flash. The light also shows when it is switched on; the same also applies to the remote control. This is a great feature so that you do not drain the batteries when not in use.

You will also receive a sheet of instructions covering all the relevant information you need.


To ride the Ruby Glow Blush, you do not have to get naked, as it will also work through thin clothing. You need to switch on the wand by pressing and holding either button for 3 seconds. The LED light will show when it is switched on. Then place it back on the base, switch the remote on using the same method, and you are ready to play.

It is effortless to cycle through the various settings. Just press either button until you find the right setting for you.

Two separately controlled motors, one in the tip and one in the middle hump, provide a good choice of power to enjoy. The small button operates the tip, while the larger button operates the base motor.

The motor in the tip has a lighter, smoother type of vibration. The motor in the middle hump provides a deep rumbly kind of vibration. The best of both worlds, in my opinion.

The great thing about the sit on option is that it gives you a great way to have hands free fun. It is also a fantastic option for those with limited mobility.

Image showing the controls on the remote unit for the Ruby Glow Blush
I found the controls really easy to use and understand.

I thoroughly enjoy riding the Ruby Glow Blush, especially whilst reading an erotic book whilst sitting at my computer. I start out sitting still, but it is not long before I am wriggling away, enjoying the vibrations on all my girly bits. The cordless remote makes it so easy to play with the settings while using the Ruby Glow Blush in this way. It did not take me long to remember which button operated each motor. Giving me complete control of where I wanted the vibrations and how intense I wanted them to be.

You can sit on the Ruby Glow Blush while wearing a thin item of clothing. Having said that, though, I enjoyed its feel on my naked skin, with just a little water-based lube to help at the beginning. I found that by wiggling a little, I could add additional pressure in the spot that I wanted to. It did not take me long before I was coming.

I then needed to have some fun (I mean, give it a thorough reviewing) with the wand in my hand.

The wand is reasonably lightweight, making it comfortable for me to hold. The buttons are positioned perfectly to make them easy to use. The design of the silicone button with the ABS plate underneath makes them stand out very well.

The wand is designed as a G-spot vibrator. The shape and bend hits that spot perfectly. The beautiful part of this design is that the middle bump hits my clit just right too. I found it easy to control the vibrations against my G-spot and clit with the two motors.

Image showing the Ruby Glow Blush
I really like using the Ruby Glow Blush as a wand and its wide bulb makes it safe to use anally.

The lighter vibrations feel amazing against my G-spot. For me, the topping on the cake is the feel of the deep rumbly vibrations against my clit.

You can also use the remote while using the wand, but I found it a fun way to involve a partner. I would move the wand while my partner controlled the vibrations. This is a great way to explore some intimate fun with a partner.

With the 10 vibration settings, there is an excellent selection to choose from and enjoy. I thoroughly enjoyed cycling through the choice to find the best combination for me.

I like it so much that I am sitting on it while I edit this review (so please excuse any typos, LOL). The Ruby Glow Blush is one of those vibes that has Joanne gushing in more ways than one. Check out why it is great for anyone, especially someone with mobility issues. Click to Tweet

Key Features

Key features:

  • Ride on or insertable vibrator.
  • Waterproof.
  • Two motors individually controlled.
  • G-Spot and clit stimulation.
  • Silicone and ABS Plastic.
  • 10 vibration speeds.
  • Dual USB charging options.

I would recommend it to:

  • Anyone who has mobility issues.
  • Anyone who likes to sit on a vibrator with no penetration.
  • Anyone who enjoys G-spot stimulation.
  • Anyone who enjoys clitoral stimulation.

I wouldn't recommend it to:

  • Anyone who wants to be stretched.
  • Anyone who does not enjoy clit stimulation.
  • Anyone who does not like G-spot stimulation.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed reviewing the Ruby Glow Blush and have enjoyed many, many play sessions with it.

It gives you the choice of using it externally or internally, depending on what you prefer. The base is ingenious, especially for those who cannot hold a standard vibrator or who do not want full penetration. I regularly recommend the Ruby Glow Blush for people with reduced mobility or who have problems holding vibrating toys in their hands.

I found it a great way to have some sneaky fun while working on my computer. Even though I can feel the vibrations through my jeans, it is definitely more fun whilst wearing a dress or under a skirt.

I was pleasantly surprised that the motor in the tip is relatively quiet. Although the centre bump motor is slightly noisier, it is not so loud on softer furniture, as these absorb some of the sounds. I do not recommend trying to use it in a quiet room with others, though. But can say that I would be shocked if they could hear it from a different room. However, if used on hard furniture, it is relatively noisy, as can be expected.

The two motors being controlled separately is a fantastic idea, giving the user greater control.

Being able to charge the Ruby Glow Blush on or off the stand is helpful. Please note that you cannot charge it while playing simultaneously.

The wand and remote are waterproof, so you can enjoy playing in the shower or bath. However, the base is not waterproof, so please do not try using it in the bath.

The Ruby Glow Blush was well worth the wait and has a reasonable price of £89.99. The quality and versatility make it a great vibrator to have on hand (or elsewhere).

I was sent the Ruby Glow Blush by Tabitha Rayne and I would like to thank her for giving me the opportunity to review it for them.

Joanne's rating

Ease of use

Where Can I Get One From?

Ruby Glow Blush

Grab one of these fantastic next level vibrators direct from Tabitha Rayne for the reasonable price of £89.99, supporting her is a great way to help her bring joy to the masses.

Check it out and don’t forget to tell her that Joanne says "Hi".


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