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My Sex Life With Fibromyalgia

02-04-2020 61 Blog

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes widespread pain and extreme tiredness. Ok, so the first t...

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Welcome To My Dildo Cave

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The Don Silicone Dildo From John Thomas …

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The Don, a name with Mafia connotations brings a whole new meaning to "kissing his ring" I get so...

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Stay safe in these worrying times We are all living at a time in history where we, as a species, ...

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A small rabbit that packs a punch This is sub 'r' again, and in this review, I am going to chat w...

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Hands-free orgasms are why I make my electrodes I have been blown away by the positive feedback I...

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A very comfortable and efficient menstrual cup set Hi sub'r' here, with a review of the Jimmy Jan...

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Some Inspirational E-stim Masturbation Techniques First of all, this article is a little bit naug...

Beginners Guide To Sex Machines

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Tremblr Male Milking Machine

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Dildo Review: Nova The Breeder from Bad …

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Venus For Men Masturbator

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Shockspot 12 Inch Fucking Machine

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Sybian Sex Machine Review With Medium At…

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Pussy Cam - My Internal Orgasm Video

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My Toy Box - The Kinky Sex Toys I Have U…

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The 2B is a powerhouse of pleasure but it takes some experimentation to get the best out of it Th...

New E-stim Remote From E-Stim Systems

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Estim Inverse Proportionality Pain Rule

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While generally not painful, e-stim can surprise you if you panic Catchy title, eh? What the heck...

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Sex Toys That Really Suck

18-04-2017 7692 Blog

Some Sex Toys Suck & Some Suck In A Good Way You would be forgiven for thinking that this blog post...

Blue Balls XL 2.0 Fucking Machine Review

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I Am One Lucky Reviewer (who could hardly walk after a week with a Sybian) I was happilly tweeting ...

Share Our Shit Saturday 6 #SoSS

13-01-2018 3206 Share Our Shit Saturdays #SoSS

It's Saturday and so here are some new posts worth reading Sharing posts really does really help ...

Bondara Pride Luxury Rainbow Rabbit Vibr…

02-06-2018 6200 Vibrators

Show your pride when you get jiggy with it Rabbit vibrators can be so much fun, but with so many ...

Meo Alpha Male Leten Wand Massager

21-01-2018 6806 Vibrators

This is a wand style vibrator that isn't just for external use I had a lot of fun reviewing the A...

Butt Plugs

If you are here then you probably enjoy having your butt crammed full of lots of kinky sex toys like me. Well let me show you which ones are worth putting where the sun doesn't shine and which ones are just fit for the bin.

Give your ass the screwing it deserves

Now, never let it be said that I have turned down the excuse for a little bum fun. So I was, of course, delighted when Gvibe got in touch after I had reviewed their GBulb Vibrator asking if I would be interested in reviewing the Gplug Twist Butt Plug for them.

Of course, I said yes and had already decided that I was going to let sub'r' be the first to try it out after some light bondage play of course.

"I had no problem enjoying some amazing orgasms while wearing the Gplug Twist. The vibrations that it delivers feel delightful."


The Gplug Twist just looks so delicious, and its twisting tapered head makes insertion an absolute delight.

I didn't have to wait long for it to arrive and then it was time to get kinky with sub'r'. So read on to find out what we thought of this unique looking butt plug.

Additional Info

  • Overall Rating 9.2

Could this be a Purrrrfect kitty tail butt plug?

Fantasy play can be a great way to kink things up a bit, and both my submissive and I love a little kitty play.

I was delighted when I received a Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail from sextoys.co.uk to review, and we both couldn't wait to put it to the test.

"Both sub'r' and I found this extremely easy to insert and we both love the sensation that you get when it 'pops' inside after you get past the widest point."


It was something that was going to fit in perfectly with our kitty ears and mittens for some kinky roleplay. Kitty fun and games always have us both purring with delight.

Butt plugs are always so much fun but throw a tail into the mix, and you get a whole new outlook on the things you can do while plugged. So read on to find out what we thought of this one.

Additional Info

  • Overall Rating 9.0

A stunning butt plug that should be worn with "Pride"

I always love it when Latex, Leather & Lace reach out to me for a review as they always seem to send me amazing products that are a pleasure to review.

This time was no exception to that rule, and after reviewing the Blush Novelties Real Nude Dildo for them, they wanted my thoughts on the Avant Pride P5 Fluid Silicone Butt Plug. I jumped at the chance as let's face it this thing looks fantastic I am penchant to a little bit of bum fun.

One of the things that I like about butt plugs is that they are a true gender-free product. Everyone has an anus, and they are designed to be saloon doors not just backdoors. This is where butt plugs come in.

Now, this review took a surprising turn right at the start so read on to see just how good the P5 Avant Fluid Butt Plug really is.

Additional Info

  • Overall Rating 9.0

A butt plug that will have you wagging your tail in delight

Puppy play can be a lot of fun, and recently I managed to get my hands on a Titus Puppy Tail Pro from Clonezone, and this is the first product that I have reviewed from them.

I have a female submissive who loves puppy play, she already has a collar and leash together with kneepads, and so I looked forward to adding a wagging tail to her collection.

"I just closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of being stretched and filled at the same time, it is a delicious feeling."


This is a butt plug with two twists, first is the beautiful looking tail and the second is its vibrating function which is very pleasing.

When it arrived, I couldn't wait to put it to the test and to see the reaction of sub'r' when she wore it for the first time.

Additional Info

  • Overall Rating 9.0

Give yourself some quality bum loving with this vibrating butt plug

I am a big fan of Rocks Off and the sex toys that they produce, their bullet vibes are fantastic value for money, and so I was delighted when they offered to send me one of their Vortex vibes to review for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rocks Off are a great UK company that is renowned for their creations; there are a few I am still dying to get hold of to review like their amazing Ruby Glow. But this review is about one of their vibrating silicone butt plugs.

"I gave a little jump as I switched on the RO-120mm bullet vibe, the vibrations caused an involuntary clenching onto the plug that felt good too."


I do enjoy a good butt plug and having one that vibrates is even more fun. I have enjoyed getting to know the Vortex.

It isn't just a butt plug though; the 10-speed bullet vibe is removable which means you can have so much more fun with it so here are my thoughts on this silicone butt plug.

Additional Info

  • Overall Rating 8.8

This butt plug just keeps on popping in not out

As my regular readers will know, I am a bit of a texture queen when it comes to dildos. So, the moment I saw this butt plug I was very interested in how it would feel. Those ridges look so enticing and I just had to see how they felt.

The lovely Cara Sutra sent me one to review for sextoys.co.uk who are one of my favourite UK sex shops and the first guys that ever sent me a product to review many years ago (thank you).

On my hands and knees, I could really feel it pressing against my G-spot and that felt very good.


I couldn't wait for it to arrive so that I could try it to see if I like my texture as much anally as I do vaginally. I didn't have long to wait.

Additional Info

  • Overall Rating 8.8

This is my second butt plug from So-Divine

I am a recent convert to the pleasures that can be had 'through the backdoor'. For years I experienced pain every time that I tried inserting anything up my ass. That changed when I started to review sex toys because I educated myself.

If I can give anyone any advice when it comes to anal play it would be to relax and use lube - lots of it.

I recently reviewed a silicone butt plug for So-Divine called the Sweet Sensations and I loved it. Since my review, they have brought out two extra versions, a Medium and a Large.

The longest that I wore it was overnight and that felt very horny waking up to being plugged, leading to some naughty fun prior to getting out of bed.


I was delighted when they got back in touch asking if I would be interested in reviewing the medium one for them.

So here we are, I have a new butt plug. After spending two weeks using it and getting to know it, I feel satisfied that I can give it a decent review.

Additional Info

  • Overall Rating 9.0

This baby blue butt plug looks so cute

I was delighted when I was sent this butt plug to review by the lovely people over at AdultShopIt.co.uk it means two things. Firstly I get a great excuse for some more booty play and secondly as they also included a lube that I have never tried before I would really be able to enjoy myself reviewing both items. I will be reviewing the lube seperately and so this review will concentrate on this lovely little silicone butt plug.

The biggest question that I always ask myself when reviewing a butt plug is - does it have an adequate base?


I love silicone butt plugs and it was a lot of fun getting to know this one. So, is it one to recommend for your butt or is it going to be something fit only for the bin? Or in other words will my butt be filled by it again after I have finished my review of it or will it be one never to see the light of day again? Read on to find out.

Additional Info

  • Overall Rating 8.6

A Beautiful Glass Butt Plug That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

I am such a lucky woman and when Uberkinky agreed to send me the stunning Icicles No 48 Butt Plug to review that just confirmed that. They sent it to me for free in exchange for an honest review and as I am now an avid fan of lets just say, backdoor pleasures I couldn't wait to put it to the test. Glass sex toys can be incredible due to their smooth texture and their ability to be used very effectively for temperature play.

I have found that I can wear this plug for extended periods of time and having sex whilst it's in place is both possible and something that I strongly recommend that you try as the feeling of being so full is incredible.


Uberkinky are one of the biggest sex toy retailers in the UK and I just love their incredible range of sex toys. It was so hard to choose a butt plug to review as they have just so many to choose from, but (no pun intended so stop giggling) as you will see in the pictures on this review the Icicles No 48 just looks incredible.

Additional Info

  • Overall Rating 9

Sweet Sensation Booty Plug Review - SoDivine

I am not normally a big fan of butt plugs but when I received the press release from So Divine about their new addition to their range of sex toy - the Sweet Sensation Booty Plug there was just something about it that caught my attention. It may have been the lovely colour (I love purple) but it was in fact its small size. This is a small butt plug and as I have struggled to find a plug that feels natural for me I had to ask if they would be willing to send me one to review in exchange for an honest appraisal of its {Cough!} performance.

If you have never had sex whilst wearing a butt plug where have you been? It is something that I can highly recommend as both you and your partner will love it.


Needless to say I have spent quite a bit of time getting to know it. So the big question is, was my initial interest warranted or not. Is this a butt plug that I can recommend for your booty or is it just another generic sex toy?

Additional Info

  • Overall Rating 9

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