Poo Dildos Are A Real Thing

Written by  Sep 01, 2019

Yes, you can get dildo shaped like a poop

You probably arrived on this article after tentatively clicking on a link while thinking OMG did I read that right?

Well, it appears that as the title suggests, Poo Dildos are a real thing. Yes, there is a market for dildos moulded and made to look like a poo, jobby, dump, or something from the Hershey Highway.

You probably think that can't be true, but I am going to show you some examples of incredibly popular ones, and you can make your mind up if they are for you or not.

Now while pushing something looking like a turd, polished or not, up my holes doesn't fill me with glee and lustful thoughts. That obviously isn't the same for everyone, and I am never one to kink shame. I can see why it could be fun as a fantasy. Let's face it, I love dildos with lots of texture, and some of these dildos tick the texture box for me.

Now when looking for a poo dildo, just like any other dildo, you need to pay attention to the materials it is made out of.

Always go for a non-porous phthalate-free material such as silicone. This material is straightforward to clean, and it is also latex-free, which makes it hypo-allergenic.

So here are a few turd dildos that I have found online.

Uberkinky - Oxballs Log Dildo 6 Inches

Image showing the Oxballs Log Dildo 6 Inches
The Oxballs Log Dildo 6 Inches is not for the feint hearted

"If your missus moaned at you last year for getting her a shit gift then go one better this year and get her a shit dildo."

Uberkinky Product Description

This one is a charmer, looking like a smoothed out turd, it features some nice texture and an extension for perineal or clitoral stimulation.

Measuring in at 6"/15.2cm long this one is easy to squeeze in or out. Great for vaginal or anal play it is certainly going to an exciting play session as you poke it looking for pieces fo sweetcorn.

Priced at £63.99, the Oxballs Log Dildo 6 Inches it is a scat lovers dream of a dildo.

Mr Hankeys Toys - MR. HANKEY - ONE SIZE

Image showing the Mr Hankey Dildo
The Mr Hankey Dildo is a sweetcorn lovers dream

This is the first dildo created by Mr Hankey, and it is how the business got its name. Now, Mr Hankeys Toys are absolutely amazing, and I own a few of his dildos.

They are all made out of body-safe platinum cure silicone and carry incredible detail and textures. This dildo is no exception, it set the standard for the others to follow.

As with most of the Mr Hankeys Dildos, this one is on the large size, well, who doesn't like a challenge.

The Mr Hankey Dildo starts off quite smooth for easy insertion, and then the girth and texture really increases, making it feel incredible as you ride it.

If you fancy a challenge, then this is the one for you.

The Mr Hankey Dildo is available for just $149.95, you get a lot of dildo for your money.

Do you own a poo dildo or do you know of any others available online? If you do then use the comment form below to let us all know about them.


Disclaimer - This post contains affiliate links and if you purchase something when you follow one of these links I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. For more information check out my disclosure page.

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