Ovis - Erotic Fiction

Written by  Jan 30, 2019

Guest Post

Joanne's guest postsI am delighted to be able to host this rather surprising story from a friend of mine who wants to remain anonymous.


By Anon

I have felt for some time now like someone is watching me. It is a weird, hair stand up on the back of my neck kind of creepy. I have no reason to feel like this. I have made myself more aware of my surroundings. I have not noticed anyone that I see close by all the time, no vehicles or anything, no stalkers, it’s just a weird feeling that I cannot shake.

I walk into my apartment today, and this weirdness is more pronounced, eerie. The apartment complex I live in has secured entry, and my apartment is on the third floor so I really should not be so concerned, but yet I am.

I enter my apartment and, just like always, nothing is amiss. I even had a friend who is an electronic guru, sweep for hidden cameras and the like but nothing. I ate dinner and sat down to read a bit before going to bed, still unnerved by this feeling that I cannot shake. Finally, I decided to retire. I took a couple of sleep aids and laid down. I have been using some over the counter sleep-aid stuff after it became difficult to fall asleep. I have even tried using my vibrator hoping that a good orgasm would help me sleep. Although it felt very nice, the relief was only temporary. I am beginning to wonder if I am losing my mind. Carrie, my best friend, told me I should seek help. She said there might be some sort of underlying reason for this, perhaps even some sort of long-hidden abuse has a child. I have nothing but fond memories of my childhood, but you never know, perhaps she is right. It could also, heaven forbid, be something in my brain that is off. Anyway, the sleep aids did their job, and I begin to drift off.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night very frightened and feeling very weird. It was like I was awake and asleep at the same time and watching myself sleep. Am I dead I thought? Am I truly losing my mind? I then felt like I was ready to pass out and everything went dark.

Image showing a woman being examinedWhen I woke, well almost as I was in a state of haziness, I tried to look around but was unable to move my head. I could see that I was no longer in my apartment. As I became more and more aware, I could see several hooded figures moving about. I could also make out blinking lights here and there and pieces of equipment. I tried to yell but could not, I felt paralysed. My god, what is happening to me? Have I been kidnapped? What is going to happen to me? The fog in my mind began to clear, and I realised that spots of hair were being shaved from my head. When this was done, I felt some sort of device being attached very tight about my head. My anxiety increased. Is this some sort of sick medical experiment? Am I going to die tonight?

Then inside of my mind I heard “There. Now we can communicate. Do not be frightened, you will not be harmed. You may communicate with us using your thoughts. The device attached to your head allows that. We communicate with our thoughts but your brain is not yet developed enough, so it needs help, this is what the device is for. I can see you are frightened but please allow us to explain and you will be at ease.” The voice in my head was not so frightening and put me a bit at ease. It seemed genuine enough, but I was still very apprehensive. “Where am I? Why am I here? What are you doing to me?” I asked in my thoughts.

“You are in a place hidden but not far from your home. We teleported you here. I know that it was a strange experience, but it is very safe. You are here because we need your help.” Then another voice began speaking in my head, similar to the first but enough that I knew it was one of the different figures. These whatever they were, had big hoods over their heads like they were trying to hide themselves from me. “Yes Rebecca,” they knew my name. “We have to hide our appearance from you. We look very different than humans now, and we do not want to increase your anxiety any further. Our labels…names are not pronounceable by humans and are not important. You have already surmised that we are not from Earth. Yes, there is other life in the universe, abundantly so. We are from a planet recently discovered by your scientists they call x9754. It is known in your language to us as Maya. Yes, we have been here before and attempted to colonise. Your history knows us as Mayans.” I now began to settle down a bit and not so frightened but still plenty so. I now find my conversation with these “Mayans” interesting, so I remain quiet and listen. Now a third voice, still similar to the other two but again different, began speaking in my thoughts. “We came to Earth over 4000 years ago. We are explorers, and our intentions were not of invasion but to help Humankind to grow and learn. Our civilisation was far advanced with technology, but we were a bit..um..arrogant. We took so much pride in our technology that we neglected to learn about ourselves, our …um…biology. As time passed here on earth, our females became unable to hatch eggs, and our colony began to slowly die. Later the females began to die as well. Finally, we had to leave as we became unable to sustain ourselves. We left behind evidence for your scientists that would suggest we died at the hands of invaders. We left no evidence that we came from another world. When the remaining colonists returned to Maya research began on the few remaining females to find out why this was. It was time to focus on learning about ourselves.” Now I became fascinated with this story and now am fully aware and awake. I was strapped down in something very similar to a gynaecology table. My legs were in stirrups, and I was strapped down tight, I could not move. There we all sorts of strange equipment around me. I quickly became very frightened again, but then the first voice began to speak. “Please do not be afraid. Again, we mean you know harm, and I will get to why we require your help. As we researched into our biology and our females, we determined that a single protein found on Earth was the cause of the infertility. This protein is…um.. trying to find the right term…innocuous to humans. As we researched further, we discovered something that threatened our very existence. This protein was also present in our males but had no effect on them. They did pass this to the females, however. We did not discover this in time, and now the females on Maya were all affected. We have since found a…antidote…er..vaccine. This is why we can come to Earth now and not be affected anymore.” “This is all very interesting,” I stated in my thoughts, “but what do you want with me”? Are your men going to impregnate me, have sex with me so that I will give birth?” With that thought, I shook. Then the third voice began again.

“I will try to answer your questions. We have looked over the part of the galaxy that we can travel to looking for a species that can hatch our eggs. Please don’t be afraid and let me continue.” “Too late,” I thought, I am very afraid. Eggs? Hatch your Eggs?” and started to hyperventilate. They sprayed something under my nose that was sweet smelling, and I calmed down once again. “There, that’s better,” stated the third voice. “Let me continue. We have found that some but not all, earth females are capable of hatching our eggs without harm. We have been watching you, testing you without your knowledge and found you to be compatible. We need your help to ensure our species will live on.”

“And what if I say no?” I asked. “You do not have a choice,” said the second voice. “You will hatch our eggs because we have no choice. You will be rewarded, but I cannot tell you how until this is over. I will tell you about the process then we will begin. This should not cause you any pain, it may be at times even pleasurable.” “How the hell could this possibly be pleasurable,” I screamed in my head. “You will see. Now let me continue. We have a species whose function is to make the eggs. The male and female both deposit cells you call them DNA which is not correct, but you will find out some day. This species then attaches itself to the female and provides for her until the eggs hatch. I believe your term for this Mayan species is something like an ovipositor. We have been able to manufacture and store DNA from the few remaining females. Our males have already inserted their genetic material, and the ovipositor is ready.”

Image showing tentacles of OvisI am able to see them lay a creature on the table in front of my spread legs and once again became very frightened. The Mayans must have sensed this as I felt a needle penetrate the back of my neck and once again I became very calm. This creature now nearing closer to my pussy, was about three feet long. It looked a bit like an anteater but had wiggly tentacles about a foot from what I guessed to be its head and were three feet or so long. This was all I could see. Then I felt the creature at my opening and stop. Next, I felt something like I have never felt before. Some of its tentacles had found their way to my clit and was manipulating it in some amazing ways. I have played with my clit a lot. I love to use a vibrator on it. The waves of pleasure are very satisfying. I have had a man’s tongue on it, but he didn’t really know how to lick pussy or treat a clit. It was pleasurable but not really satisfying. Even Carrie and I have went down on each other which was truly amazing. Carrie is a lesbian by nature and really knows her stuff when it comes to licking a pussy. As good as Carrie was it was nothing like this. I no longer felt like I was a part of the Earth. My whole being was immersed in this orgasmic euphoria that was not really an orgasm. The weird part was that I really didn’t want an orgasm. My entire body was tingly and electric. And if this wasn’t enough, I felt a larger tentacle slip inside and begin to massage the place they call a G spot. I have a vibrator that is designed for G-spot stimulation but it never really did anything for me. I have seen women in porn movies squirt across a room, and the resulting orgasm looked amazing, but I thought it all to be faked. I didn’t think the G-spot even existed until now.

I felt as if my existence is on a totally different level. Very hard to explain. Perhaps more like a sexual hallucination but it was real. Does this make sense? It doesn’t to me. After what seemed like hours, I felt the “Ovipositor” begin to slip inside me. I was drenched, and I really didn’t care. Ever so slowly and with great care it inched inside me, filling me up like I have never been filled before until I felt it against my cervix. Then once again it stopped and let me become accustomed to the sensation. After a bit, I felt an increase in the euphoria and the ovipositor quickly thrust through my cervix. Had it not been for the massive amount of endorphins surging through my body I would have screamed out in pain but as it was, I felt no pain. What I could not feel was that it used its tentacles to ever so gently open and hold open my cervix before it entered. But just as quickly as this all began it ended. I came back to earth. I felt the ovipositors presence inside me, filling me, but no pain, a bit of discomfort but no pain as promised. Once again, the Mayans began to speak in my head.

“Very good. Now that wasn’t too bad, was it? Here is what will happen for the next ten hours. The ovipositor can produce 4 eggs an hour which it will lay at once inside your womb. You will be implanted with 40 eggs. The implantation will be painful, but the ovipositor will take care of that. Now we will begin placing stimulators on your body. It will be two weeks before the eggs will hatch and you must remain perfectly still. The electrodes we are placing with keep your muscles and nerves active so that you will not become uncomfortable. You will have normal sleep and wake times.

“Two weeks!!!!” I shouted in my head. “I have a job. My friends will miss me” I cannot be here for two weeks!!!” Let me out of here!!!” “Don’t worry Rebecca, we have taken care of that. You will not be missed.” Then I felt the euphoria begin to consume me once again. The first eggs are going in my body soon, but before I could get that thought out, I felt the first four foreign objects occupy space in my womb. “Very good” came a voice in my head. “The first four are in successfully. This should be a very successful process.” Then I felt the euphoria fade and fully felt the presence of the invaders in my womb.

“Now we wait out the next nine hours. During this time, we will answer any questions you have about us that we can.” “How many Earth women have you done this to?” I asked. “Our teams together over the years have tried 50 with 40 being successful.” “What happened to the ones that were not successful?” I asked. “They did not have any permanent damage, but there were residual effects. Not for you to worry everything looks wonderful with you.” And again, I felt the pleasure wave over me and knew four more eggs were soon to be implanted, and I was helpless to stop it. I felt the eggs enter my body once more and again the euphoria subsided. I felt fuller.

I asked again about the residual effects but was ignored. I must still be under the effects of some drug as this did not frighten me. “You said I would be rewarded. How?” I asked. “This is not the appropriate time to discuss this. We must concentrate on the implantation,” came the answer. During the next eight hours, the same cycle repeated. At 4 hours I could see my abdomen rise with the eggs. The constant sexual stimulation and abrupt stoppage took its toll on my body, and I began to sleep during each cycle. After 10 hours the Mayans kept me awake with some other sweet-smelling stimulant sprayed under my nose. I could easily see now my very pregnant looking abdomen and felt very stuffed. I went from not being pregnant to looking well past nine months in ten hours. My body was aching with the sudden changes.

Image showing x-ray picture of implanted eggs“The implantation is now complete,” stated the voice in my head. “Now we start phase two. This will be a bit unpleasant and uncomfortable. Our eggs need certain nutrients that your human body cannot provide. We need to get these into your stomach to provide the nutrients. It will not hurt” Then one of the Mayans came around me and pinched my nose closed. When I opened my mouth to breathe, a device was inserted and strapped around my head. This held my mouth wide open. An adjustment was made which opened my mouth even further than I thought possible. Curiously I found this highly erotic and not frightened by it even though I should be. Next a “thing” was moved over me. This thing moved and squirmed and appeared both alive and mechanical. Part of it came out and excreted a liquid down my throat. This must have numbed my throat as it slid down and into my stomach with ease and without me feeling a thing. I gaged a bit, but another injection took care of that. Now I feel like some sort of science experiment, no longer a human but something less, just a mass of biological material being used for something other than intended.

I felt movement from the ovipositor. Since it had done its job perhaps, it was ready to withdraw, but no, I felt a tentacle slowly make its way into my urethra. I could feel it well inside my body. I would guess it stopped at my bladder. “The ovipositor will take care of your bodily waste,’ stated a voice. Shit, I never thought about that but then what about the other end. I just got that though out when I felt the tail of the ovipositor enter my ass. I have never done any anal in my somewhat limited sexual adventures, so this did hurt a bit as it stretched my anus to enter. I do not know how large it was, but it felt like a baseball bat entering through my sphincter. “Remember you will be here for two weeks. The ovipositor will remove ALL your body’s waste and process it. You will have nothing to do but to relax. The communication device attached to your head will now let you communicate with the ovipositor. You may ask for stimulation any time you want. The ovipositor may also provide it if it feels you need it.” I drifted off to sleep.

I was awakened by the incredible stimulation of the ovipositor. “You have been asleep ten hours,” said a voice in my head. “Your sleep cycle will be six and six, six hours of wake time and six hours of sleep time. This is what is necessary for the hatchlings to be vigorous when born.” “Would you please let me know when it is time to sleep?” I asked. “I would like to ask for stimulation to help me sleep.” “Of course,” came the reply. Now I felt nothing but full.

Image showing the orgasmic waves of pleasure from Ovis“It is time to sleep,” one of the Mayans told me. Now I get to try this out. “Ovipositor, please stimulate me until I fall asleep.” I felt the ovipositor begin to move but this time a bit more intentional. It stimulated my clit in a way that nearly took my breath away. Next, it worked over my G-spot. I was in a frenzy. What I felt next was incredible. The part of the ovipositor in my ass began to work in and out fucking my ass. It would expand and stretch then work in and out. I was always afraid of anal but if I knew it felt like this! This went for what felt like hours but was only a few minutes. This time was very much different. In previous experiences with the ovipositor I was held in bliss but never came. This time I came and came and came and came. I lost track of how many times. The ovipositor must have sensed my limit and stopped. I went to sleep very well satisfied. I repeated this scenario many times over the next two weeks. The ovipositor had the unique ability to make each encounter different. I never slept better.

I suddenly awoke from a very deep sleep by movement deep within my abdomen. I could see it moving around. Once again, I became very frightened. This time no drug was administered as the Mayans became very busy with preparations I would assume. “It is time,” was the voice in my head. “Please relax and do not be afraid. They will not hurt you, but the sensation will be very strange to you.” I heard some sort of strange sound in my head (this was native Mayan language), and the ovipositor slowly retracted. First, I felt it come out of my ass. This was very uncomfortable but highly erotic. Next, it slowly removed itself from my vagina and my urethra and slid away. The Mayans were correct, as the hatchlings crawled out of my womb, I felt every one sort of slide out with movement like a snake. I could not see has each one was quickly recovered by one of the Mayans. It took two hours for all the hatchlings to remove themselves from my body, then I was alone with this thing still stuck down my throat. I must have laid like that for an hour when one came back in.

“So sorry, so sorry. We had to attend to the hatchlings. Let me remove the feeder.” And just like that the thing down my throat came out and the device holding my mouth open was removed. “Now we must take care of you. Here are nutrients that your body needs. Please drink them.” A straw was presented to my mouth, and I drank and drank. “Slowly,” said the Mayan. A device was laid across my abdomen and strapped down pretty tightly. Then it lit up, and I began to feel a tingly sensation. “This will remove any trace that you bore our hatchlings. It will tighten up the skin and muscles as well as remove the er…um…stretch marks. This will become almost painful before it stops.” The Mayan was correct. By the time it stopped, it felt like electricity was going from my abdomen through my back. I almost started to scream with the pain, but then it was stopped and removed. This took several hours. I fell asleep.

When I awoke I was once again alone. I felt a deep sense of depression, an emptiness that I cannot describe like the sudden death of a loved one. I was not alone for long as one of the Mayans came in. “I have good news. Of the 40 you hatched for us 36 lived which is incredible. There is always one ovipositor in each nest to replace the previous. But even more exciting is that there were five females and they are all healthy. Our goal was five nests, and then we return to Maya. This was our last and most successful so now we can return home with all together twenty new female hatchlings. You have our gratitude. Your name will be put in the scrolls of Maya as one who helped save us.” They began to unstrap me and let me set up. They gave me my clothes. I gave no thought to being totally nude throughout this entire ordeal. “Please just sit on the edge of the table for a bit. You have been in one position for two weeks. You may get as dressed as you can but let us help you. I put my PJ top back on and sat as instructed. Then as I gained my senses once again, I remember that I was to receive some sort of reward. “We feel your sadness…depression but that will soon go away. We have some final words and instructions for you as well as a special gift. First, the material that encased the eggs, as well as the material inside, will remain with you. This will keep you healthy for the rest of your life. You will grow old and die just as all humans do after a normal amount of time, but until that day you will enjoy perfect health. You must never go to an Earth doctor as the material will be easily discovered, and since you will never be ill, there is no need.” “But how long will I live?” I interrupted. “Your life will not be cut short and may be longer than most. We have not yet learned how long the genetic material left over will last, but over time it will decay. It will not be present upon your death. You must never tell anyone about this. We have implanted a device within your brain that will cause instant death if you do. By studying human behaviour, we have learned no one would believe you anyway, but we must be sure. There is a downfall to having perfect health, you are now poisonous to males. They may not enter you in any fashion, your fluids must never touch. The death is slow and painful and cannot be prevented. Should you desire to interact with a female, you are free to do so.”

If I was not already depressed this just depressed me more. I cannot believe through no fault of my own I will never be able to enjoy so much as kissing a man. I enjoy that so much, but I guess I will just have to get used to being a lesbian. I guess this means I can never have children of my own.

“That is correct” I forgot I still had the device on my head and they knew what I was thinking. “We can detect your thoughts without the device, but you need it to communicate with us. We will teleport you back to where you came, but we do have one final gift.” One of the Mayans handed me a steel cage. I opened it and inside was the ovipositor. This was the ugliest thing I had ever seen, and at first sight, I was disgusted, but then I looked again. Even though it looked like something from a horror sci-fi movie it was very clean, no slime or goo, no odour, and there existed a calmness about it. I became a bit less afraid and disgusted. “I don’t understand,” I stated. “It was the ovipositors request. They can only produce a single nest then they are no longer needed. We have found with the human females that some of the ovipositors feel a bond with the female as this one has done with you. It is an honor, but you must keep him healthy. It feeds on your bodily waste and must do so once a day at no less than sixteen-hour intervals, it cannot feed any sooner. We suggest that you feed him at approximately the same time each day. You will keep the device on your head to communicate with him. You must keep these spots free of hair to allow good contact. It is fine in its cage all day. Simply open the cage close to your bed, lay on your back and bend your legs in the position in which you have been in. The ovipositor will find you by your scent. It must have access to your two bodily exit ports. Other functions are up to your desire. You may have it stimulate you or not, but it must be feed. It should stay attached to you during the night. When you wake, it will return to its cage. The ovipositor does not produce any waste and requires no care other than the nightly feeding. Do you understand all these instructions?” I nodded my head yes even though they already knew. “Please step down and let us help you finish with your clothes. Now step over here, and we will return you. You may remove the head device then. You will want to rest this evening, and the ovipositor will not require feeding today.” “When are you returning to…?” I started to ask, but that weird feeling of looking at myself told me I was being returned.

It was morning when I woke. I was back in my apartment and in my bed. Wow was that some crazy dream! Then I rolled over and looked on the floor. There was the head device and the cage with the ovipositor inside. This was not some crazy dream, but it was all real. I had been kidnapped by Mayan aliens, impregnated by them, gave birth to 40 alien “chicks" and all without my consent but I don’t think I am mad for some reason. I opened the cage with the creature inside. It was still a bit disgusting, but I got more used to it as I looked at it. I was close with my description of this creature as it lay on the table making its way to violate me. About half of its three-foot-long body was flat on the bottom. The part I assumed to be a tail looked a bit like an elephant’s trunk but more rounded on the end so I guessed makes it easier to enter my butthole. This part swelled and relaxed, and again I assumed it did this as it breathed. The end would open and close. The next section had all the tentacles. These all angled to what I assumed was the front of the creature, and they were constantly in motion. The front section looked a bit like the nose of a jet airplane and had two slots I assumed were nostrils. I saw no hints of eyes or ears. I became more curious and reached my hand down to touch the creature, but one of the tentacles came up and wrapped around my hand. The end seemed to caress my arm. It did not hurt me, but I defiantly got the message of do not touch. I didn’t think that was quite fair since it was very intimate with my most private parts yet I could not so much as touch it. I shut the lid and oriented myself. It was a Sunday at about 10 am. I got up and went about my normal routine, coffee, breakfast turned on the TV. The big news story was about some crazy lights in the night sky and a strange and sudden wind. UFO’s are back they all exclaim. Little did they know that they left. Then I felt a strange loneliness and depression again, I missed them. They said it would go away but when? I do, however, no longer feel like someone is watching me. Carrie called me later and wanted to know about my vacation. This was the story the Mayans fabricated. “Do you have photos,” she asked. I started to stumble then looked at a new folder on my laptop. Evidently, I had a really good time Maui. How did they do this? I told Carrie I was a bit tired and I would catch up with her later. I really needed to look at the pictures and develop a story. I delved into this, and before I knew it, it was time for dinner and bed.

Image showing a shower sceneI showered and got ready for bed. As I lay down, I remembered that I had to feed the ovipositor. I was very hesitant about this. After all, the Mayans did make me poisonous to men, and that was bad enough. Other than that, I was not really harmed and did not feel any real pain. The things this creature did to me felt very nice, so I thought what the hell. I opened the cage as instructed and put the head device on. I then removed my panties and lay on the bed. I felt the bed move as the ovipositor made its way to its food source. Next, the strangest thing happened, the ovipositor spoke to me in my thoughts. It asked if I would like stimulation tonight. I answered “You can speak?” “Yes.” It replied. “I am a fully sentient being and capable of thought, communication and reasoning. I was busy with your implantation and was unable to communicate with you during that process.”. “Then yes please, I would like to be stimulated.” It then replied, “Close your eyes,” and I did so. This only move closer. “I must get a blindfold,” I thought. “Good idea,” came the reply from the ovipositor. “I must give you a name,” I thought. “We can discuss later. Right now, just relax,” came the reply. Then I felt the familiar movement of the tentacles on my clit as the tentacles seem to stroke and caress every inch. The sensations were very intense, almost too intense…almost, and my pussy quickly became very wet. Ovis (I will call it Ovis) slid right in. Ovis seemed to fill me completely and once again the pleasure that waved through my body was different and “out of this world.” When Ovis entered my ass and wiggled his way up my colon I was way over the edge but no orgasm yet. I must have been like that for a half hour or longer before I came and once again, I came over and over. I lost count at 15 and fell asleep totally exhausted. I was too exhausted to remove the headpiece.

The alarm went off at 7am. Shit, I have to go to work and started to move but could not. I had forgotten that Ovis was still attached. “Ovis, you may detach and go to your cage.” “Thank you, Rebecca.” Came the reply. “Did you rest well? And I like the name Ovis.” “I rested very well,” I said to Ovis. Ovis then slowly removed himself from my body. I almost had another orgasm as he did. He went to his cage, and I put him in the closet. “Sweet dreams Ovis,” I said in my head. “I do not dream but thank you.” With that, I removed the head device and put it on top of the cage and made myself ready for work. I felt like a new woman, the feelings of loneliness and depression were gone. So was the feeling of being watched. I have never been happier in my life.

As I walked into work everyone was looking at me. I went to the restroom and looked in the mirror. I did not see anything wrong and went to my desk. Carrie came over to me and quickly asked, “Who is he? You met someone, didn’t you? You are glowing. You are either pregnant or just had your brains fucked out.” Little did she know nor could she ever.

Each encounter with Ovis became more intense, and I found myself moaning and screaming loudly. The neighbours began to look and me strangely. The nosey woman across the hall asked if I had company last night. I replied “No. Why?” She just sort of giggled and went back to inside. I then decided I needed to make a few changes. First, I switched my bedroom with my office-hobby room. This room was on an outside wall away from neighbours. I then looked at bondage stores online and purchased a soft leather muzzle and blindfold. The blindfold would just enhance the experiences with Ovis more (like it really needed anything) and the muzzle to keep me quiet. I didn’t need to speak as I could communicate with Ovis with my thoughts. I also wanted to try some sort of self-bondage at least with my hands. During the height of orgasm, I tend to thrash around a bit, and I am afraid I might injure Ovis. I researched this online and discovered that most of these types of device were homemade. I asked Ovis if he could unlock me and he said he could not. I then turned to my electronics guru friend. I trusted him, and he ensured me that he would never tell anyone about my “kink.” He rigged up theses device that went around my wrists and around the posts on my Jenny-Lind bed. It was a bit of a trick to close them, but once I did a timer on my laptop began, and I would not be free for 1 hour.

When I came home a few days later a package was at my door. The muzzle and blindfold had arrived. I got wet just looking at them, but it seems I am always wet anymore. I tried on the blindfold. It was very comfortable and did not let any light in at all. Next, I put on the muzzle. I did not know that there was a ball inside that went into my mouth. I considered removing it but then thought what the hell, let’s try it. I went to the mirror in the bathroom and got this thing on. I made sure the straps were very tight and then tried to make noise. I could still make noise, but I doubt anyone outside my apartment would hear me now. As I looked at myself in the mirror, the sight of me with that muzzle on made me very horny, and I was tempted to rub my now soaking wet pussy. I never used to get this wet even with normal sex, but now I can soak a pair of panties with a thought and a minimum of stimulation. As I looked at myself, I began to understand the attraction people have to bondage, it is incredibly sexy!!! As I removed the muzzle, I realised I would need to put something inside to soak up the drool.

Image showing a ball gagThat night I made myself ready. I put on the muzzle with an absorbent rag inside, and the headpiece then opened Ovis.’ cage. Next, I slid my wrist inside one of the restraints, pulled the blindfold down and finally got the other wrist in the other restraint. I heard an audible “Click”, and I knew I was locked in for the next hour. I could feel Ovis nearing then he said to me, “Rebecca, this room feels different. Are we in a different place?” I replied, “No Ovis, I switched the rooms so we would be farther away from the neighbours. They were beginning to become curious about the noise. I also am wearing a muzzle to keep me quiet, a blindfold and I have my wrists secured. They will release me in an hour and yes Ovis, I do want to be stimulated tonight. I felt Ovis coming closer and closer to my pussy. Being bound as I was and unable to see really heightened the anticipation. Then I felt his tentacles all over my pussy lips. He had not done this before, but as I said, every encounter is different. It is hard to describe what this felt like, like a thousand tiny vibrators moving all over my pussy lips. He did this for a bit, and I wanted so much for him to enter me. Then he used a single tentacle and found my clit. He pushed the hood up and wrapped his tentacle totally around it. Next, it began to vibrate. This was almost too intense to take, and I let out a holler the best I could with the muzzle on. Finally, I felt him enter my pussy and send the tentacle through my urethra to my bladder once again. As he began using yet another tentacle on my G-spot, I felt him enter and fill my ass. I was again on another plane of existence. My entire body was electric and began to tremble and convulse, but I was fine. This lasted for about 45 minutes then the orgasms began. This time I felt as though I had to pee but could not hold it back. I realised I was squirting! This was a first. Ovis consumed the fluid, but I was most definitely squirting! I shook and trembled, and finally, after about 10 minutes, Ovis must have known that I couldn’t take any more. He also must have known that being restrained even at the wrists only, that I could not harm him. Had it not been for that I may have ended up on the floor. I do not worry too much about moving the lower part of my body. Ovis is quite large, and when he is in me, I am unable to move my legs, hips and ass very much at all. He slowly began to stop the stimulation and brought me down. A few more minutes passed, and I heard the click of the wrist locks opening. I removed my wrists, the blindfold and the gag. The drool rag was soaked and my face wet. I will have to keep something close by to clean with since I cannot get up and get anything. “Rebecca, what was that?” asked Ovis.” What do you mean?” I replied. “The liquid from your body was different, not the normal discharge. I was surprised. It was almost more at one time than I could handle. It was…nice? I am not sure how to describe. It tasted… different, pleasant not that your normal discharges are not. I am not familiar with this.” Ovis,” I replied. “I am not sure how to describe it either. I have never done that before. I really didn’t think it possible but I guess it is. The only thing I have ever heard it called is “squirt.” It is something a woman does when sexually stimulated in a certain way. It is different than urine, normal discharge. Did it injure you?” “No Rebecca, I am fine. I will be prepared next time. I enjoyed it. I was just surprised by it and the quantity of liquid so quickly at one time.” “So was I,” I replied. “Good night Ovis.” “Good night Rebecca,” came the reply and I removed the headpiece and went to sleep.

The next couple weeks with Ovis continued to be amazing. No two nights were alike. Finally, one night I told Ovis that I did not want to be stimulated. “Rebecca.” He said, “Would you read to me then?” I was floored but asked him what he wanted me to read to him. “I do not care, just tell me if it is fact or fiction. I am interested in Earth history after our people left.” The only thing I had close was a romance novel that I started on weeks ago but it now no longer held any interest to me. “Ovis, I have a romance novel that I can read to you tonight. It is fiction. I will get something more interesting tomorrow.” “Rebecca, anything will be fine. Since I have no sight organs the only way I can learn is to be read to. Thank you.” I felt Ovis close, but he did not enter or touch my pussy. I did feel the tentacle going into my urethra once again. This time I could really feel it, and it too felt very erotic and made me wet but anything these days slightly erotic makes me wet. It is funny though. I could make myself cum several times a day but I “save.” myself for only Ovis even though I am free to have girls. “Rebecca, you seem to be stimulated already. Are you sure you do not require further stimulation tonight?” “I am sure,” I replied. The next part almost had me convinced to change my mind. I could fully feel Ovis push against my butt hole. He excreted some sort of fluid I guess was a lubricant and began to enter. I have never really felt this without being in a state of bliss already. Now I could focus on this sensation. As he made his way in, I began to squirm and moan. Perhaps I will change my mind. “I can begin stimulation anytime you desire Rebecca,” Ovis said to me. “No Ovis, I want to experience this.” Ovis continued his invasion of my colon. When he stopped, I could feel him swell and fill me but at my sphincter, he shrank, and it became much more comfortable. I would describe this as something like a gigantic butt plug. It was all very pleasant when over. I read to him for over an hour then we said goodnight as I removed my headpiece and went to sleep.

I began to become withdrawn, happy but withdrawn. I no longer felt I needed anything but Ovis. One evening Ovis warned me that I needed to be with my kind more. It was more like he insisted I do so. Taking his advice, I started going out with friends again. Having dinner, dancing and so on but always leaving early so I could come home and take care of Ovis (or was it the other way around).

Several years later I let Ovis out one evening. He asked me not to restrain myself, use the blindfold or the muzzle. As he neared me, he said “Rebecca, I have the ability to change myself a bit. It takes a while, but I can do it. I have something to show you that I have been working on. Are you ready? “Of course,” I said, then two long thicker tentacles came at me. These were very different I could see. The end of each looked like a vertical mouth, but when he opened them, there must have been a hundred very small sort of hairy looking tentacles inside. They also secreted a bit of fluid. Had I not been used to Ovis I would have been disgusted by them. Then Ovis presented a very small one with a circular opening. This one had minute nubs inside and also secreted a fluid. “Rebecca, are you ready?” “Of course Ovis,” I replied. With Ovis at my pussy but not inside he placed the larger ones on my pussy lips. What happened next was a huge surprise, Ovis could apply suction through these. This is something that had not happened before. “Oh, my gawd!” I shouted. As he sucked my pussy lips, I could feel the blood rush to my labia and feel my lips swell as they became engorged with blood. This made them very sensitive. Then Ovis began massaging my pussy lips with all the little tentacles that were inside. I almost immediately went into that other space were nothing around me existed, I could only feel what was taking place within my body. I really cannot describe how this felt since nothing on this earth can produce that type of feeling, but nothing on this earth could prepare me for what happened next. The smaller one found it was to my clit. The opening touched the head of my clit, and then suction was applied, and my clit was sucked inside. It would squeeze and relax and suck and squeeze, relax and suck over and over. Now I know why men love blow jobs so much, the feeling is incredible if done correctly. This lasted about ten minutes before I started convulsing with waves of orgasms. It felt like a half hour before they subsided, but it was only a few minutes. I was drenched with sweat and could feel the juices flowing out of my pussy. I knew I would have to clean up in the morning. Ovis normally takes care of all this but he had not yet begun to enter me. “Oh Rebecca, I am so sorry. I did not intend for you to complete so quickly. I guess I need to practice more with these new extensions” stated Ovis. “Ovis, that was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. An apology is not at all necessary.” With that Ovis attached himself for feeding. We exchanged good nights. I removed the headpiece and drifted off to sleep with a big smile on my face.

Over the years Ovis and I learned many things. I began reading about Earth history to him every Sunday for several hours as he feeds on my waste. Sometimes he would comment that it tasted good or that is was not so good. I learned to eat foods that both of us enjoy. Once or twice a week he would make me squirt. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did. He also taught me how to communicate without the headpiece. He had me eat certain foods with certain combinations of proteins that developed that part of the brain. It took a lot of effort at first but just like anything else it got easier with practice. I had to be careful though as I began to hear other people’s thoughts. The Mayans were right, in time we could learn how to communicate telepathically. Under Ovis’ direction, I dismantled the head piece, but I kept the hairstyle, it became part of me, so I just kept it. There were components that were made from Mayan tech that we had to be careful with, the rest I just busted up with a hammer and threw away. The other components Ovis explained, were made from a non-living biomechanical material. He had me melt it in a certain way in the oven and simply bury it in the dirt under a flower. In the time it would decay and become untraceable. I also taught him how to talk dirty. I would self-restraint and then as he neared, he would say something like; “Hey slut, are you ready to have that juicy wet pussy fucked and sucked?” It was kind of all a bit campy but fun. We played all sorts of kinky games. He also developed many interesting tentacles. My favourite ones include ones that could suck my nipples and one that looked like a cock that I could suck. I think he got a bit of pleasure from that, but he would never state such.

Eventually I read to him an hour every night before he “stimulated” me. We both learned and studied about Earth’s and human history. He had the ability to crosscheck and compare the info. We would talk about discrepancies with the info, and I began to write essays and papers about this. After I retired, I spent quite a lot of time doing this. I even began to receive invitations to speak but turned them down for obvious reasons.

I am now 107 years old and my time is near. The Mayans were correct. I have not been sick a day in my life and never been to a doctor. I can somehow feel that the genetic material left over by the hatchlings all those years ago, is now gone from my body. I have aged, but I am not in any pain or discomfort. I do know my days are numbered and that I simply pass in the night. I have asked a neighbour to check on me daily and gave her a key, sweet girl. I lost Ovis 20 years ago. I guess Mayan ovipositors do not live as long as humans do. One evening when I let him out, he told me this would be the last time we would be together and not to be sad. He said I was a great companion and that he was one lucky ovipositor, but it was time for him to be with his ancestors. He told me that he would simply turn to dust and I could dispose of me how I choose. I thought that to be a very harsh term, but I understood. I was 20 when I was implanted by the Mayans, so Ovis and I had 67 years together. “Rebecca,” said Ovis. “Would you pick me up and place me with you?” He had never asked this or ever allowed me to touch him. “I will but may I ask why now?” Ovis replied that he was a biological being and required exercise just as I did. He said his daily treks from his cage to my bed and back was all the exercise he needed, but tonight he simply didn’t have the energy. I was bawling as I picked him up so very carefully. His skin was tough like leather but at the same time soft like suede. I could rub it back and forth, and the myriad of colours would change. “Ovis, are you sure you want to do this? I could just read to you.” “No Rebecca, I must give you one final gift so that my life and yours will be complete,” he replied in his ever so soft voice. Even though I was 87 our encounter that evening was the most amazing ever. I was exhausted and slept until noon the next day. During our 67 years, I do not think there were any two encounters that were the same. Eventually, as I grew older, I no longer needed the restraints, the blindfold or the muzzle. He taught me how to meditate and relax which just enhanced the experiences further. It is difficult to explain what this is like. I become unaware of anything around me or even my existence, my entire being was focused on the massive waves of pleasure going through my body. I wish everyone could learn how to focus inward on their body, you can learn a lot about yourself. I have thought at times that I could see my heartbeat. We would still use the bondage though when we wanted to “play.” I was drained more than usual and really do not remember even going to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I knew something was different. The feeling I had every morning for the past 67 years of Ovis between my legs filling both of my lower orifices, was gone. I looked in his cage, and just as he stated, he was gone. Only dust was left. I cried for hours then decided I would let the wind be his resting place. I took his cage and drove to the highest spot outside the city. The wind was blowing strong as I opened his cage. In a few minutes, his remains were carried with the winds. I sat and cried for a few more hours. At that moment I realised how much I loved Ovis. I gathered his cage and went home. It was several days before I got back to some sort of normal. I no longer had any sexual desire just like most normal 87-year-old ladies. I told my friends the reason for my sadness was that my cat died and I would be fine.

I have spent the remainder of my years writing and speaking about the misconstrued and conflicting theories of our human history. I could now travel since Ovis had passed, but I missed him dearly. I write this tale now without fear of the device in my head going off. The Mayans said I could never tell anyone, but they did not say I could not write this in a story and claim it has fiction. I need to tell my story before I pass so that others who are selected by the Mayans do not fear, your life will be truly amazing and rewarding afterwards. Thank you for reading.

The End.

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