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Written by  Jan 22, 2021

It looks like I may be on the move again

For those who have been following me for a while, you will know that I moved my operation (that sounds grand) into a rented office space last year. This was due to having space issues working from home.

I then moved into a bigger office as my empire grew too large for the old one. Three 3D printers in a small office will do that.

This year sees me yearning to expand again, this time into a workshop type of environment to work with my 3D printers in a better environment. I also want to build a laser engraver (yes I am a sucker for punishment) for some future projects I have in mind.

I envisage a workshop with an office element and a studio space for producing video reviews. I also want a workshop space to let my creative juices flow (instead of the usual juices flowing in my line of work).

So, here we are in the middle of a pandemic, and I am contemplating moving my entire set-up once again to pastures greener. Talk about retaking a risk.

I feel that to continue doing what I do; I need to focus on upping my game continually.

Laser cutter/engraverMy own personal focus is on continual improvement, I want to learn new skills, and I strive to build on the skills I already own.

So 2021 is going to be a considerable risk in so many ways. But I believe if you continually hesitate in life, pondering what could go wrong, you will never take that first step. Of course, it is a step that could lead to failure, but every time you get knocked down, it is a chance to get back up again and try to do something better the next time.

I am viewing the first possible workshop next Tuesday. Hopefully, it will fit in with my plans, if not then no problem, I'll keep looking.

So to that end and armed with the knowledge of me possibly moving into a workshop type of environment, I am open to suggestions and advice from you all.

Do you have a project you would like to see me tackle? Anything I should know about working in a more industrial environment? Or do you just want to wish me luck?

Feel free to use the comment form below to let me know your thoughts.

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