New E-Stim Products From Electrastim

Written by  Aug 13, 2021

Two new products that look very interesting

Electrastim has been very busy, bringing out not one but two new e-stim products recently.

The first was a new control box, the 'Kix' aimed at people new to e-stim or anyone wanting a small portable unit.

The second is their 'Explorer' conductive finger sleeves, which could be fun in the right hands (see what I did there LOL).

ElectraStim KIX Introductory Electro Sex Stimulator

The Kix controller was designed with simplicity in mind; it is so simple that it only has three buttons and a revolutionary way to show the output in the form of colours rather than a numerical display.

With an internal rechargeable battery and a small form, it is perfect for play on the move. The simple control interface is ideal for anyone new to the scene, and I would be interested in seeing this for myself as I like the idea.

It only has one channel, which is ideal for beginners and using multiple channels can confuse people new to the scene. It also boasts five play modes but best of all is its price tag of only £69, which isn't too much compared with a TENS unit that people often start with.

I have managed to get hold of one of these entry level control boxes to review and you can read my review of it here - ElectraStim KIX Introductory Electro Sex Stimulator Review.

Grab one from Electrastim for just £69.

ElectraStim KIX Introductory Electro Sex Stimulator
ElectraStim KIX Introductory Electro Sex Stimulator

Silicone Noir 'Explorer' Electro Finger Sleeves

Complimenting the already great Silicone Noir range of electrodes, Electrastim has just released the 'Explorer' finger electrodes.

These are made from conductive rubber and are sold in packs of two. The inside of the finger sleeves are insulated, so it is just the outside surface that is live.

Just the thought of running these over my bits has me all hot under the collar. I love the idea of electrified fingers caressing my sensitive bits and can see these being a lot of fun.

You obviously need to use these with a little bit of caution when you consider current paths, so only use them on the same hand. That said, though, with some good quality electro gel, I can see them feeling incredible.

You can use just one in conjunction with another electrode, but I love how two can be used to target sensations with precise accuracy. Imagine sliding one either side of a wet clitoris or running them up an erect penis, and you can see my thought train.

I look forward to hearing how these are received within the community. Electrastim will go to great lengths to hammer the message home that these electrodes are for below the waist play and make sense.

I always get excited when new electrodes become available.

Grab a set direct from Electrastim for just £39.

Silicone Noir 'Explorer' Electro Finger Sleeves
Silicone Noir 'Explorer' Electro Finger Sleeves

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