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I am a bugger for using long words and technical terms, so I have compiled this glossary of terms to help everyone out.

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A common position in Gorean bdsm in which the slave (kajira or kajirus) kneels with knees spread apart, back straight, chest out and head held up. Eyes look down out of respect, and hands are placed palms-up on thighs.
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Nawashi (縄師) (noun; lit. "rope master", "rope teacher" or "maker of string"), is a word which in SM circles means "rope artist". Nawashi are those who have some recognized proficiency in the historic erotic art of kinbaku (緊縛) (lit. tight binding) or kinbaku-bi (lit. beautiful bondage). Other terms used in Japan for rope artists within SM culture are "kinbakushi" and "bakushi", with "bakushi" being more typical.
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