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Written by  Feb 06, 2020

Who would have thought that bathing in Jelly could be so much fun

If you are like me, you will enjoy your time soaking in the bath. Lounging in a tub full of hot water feels so relaxing, and it usually ends up with me getting horny and enjoying some wet and wild "me time" while enjoying a good soak.

I was therefore delighted when Bath Jelly got in touch asking me if I fancied trying their Bath Jelly. It is a product that you add to a bath full of hot water, and it turns to very slippery jelly before your eyes.

"This is the sort of product that is ideal if you plan on having some fun with a partner in the bath as pouring it and rubbing it into each others body would be so erotic."


It differs from other products that turn bathwater into lube, and while those are fun, I thought jelly might be even more fun, so I hastily agreed.

But, I forgot that my submissive, the lovely sub'r' has a very playful streak, and she wanted to use it, so I let her. So let us tell you what we thought of this slippery product.

Delivery and packaging

The Love Jelly arrived very discreetly packaged, and upon opening the box it came in, I could lay my eyes on the actual product packaging.

It looks fantastic and carries lots of information about Bath Jelly as you would imagine.

Inside the box, you get sachets of powder, with 450g of jelly powder and also 450g of dissolver powder


Image showing the packaging of Love Jelly
The packaging of Love Jelly is very nice and it is available in Pink or Purple

Words of caution

Now the instructions state that while this product is safe, you shouldn't let the crystals come in contact with your skin and don't pour them into an empty bath otherwise, it may stain your tub.

Other than that the only thing to remember is don't eat it (it isn't that sort of jelly) and don't get it in your eyes. If you do then just run water over them for ten minutes, also if you are thinking of adding this to a jacuzzi don't switch on your pumps as they may clog - obvious really.

Just follow the instructions and you cant go wrong.

How does it work?

Image showing the powder mixing in the bathIt is incredibly simple. Just run your bath as you usually would, getting the temperature how you like it then pour in the jelly crystals, mixing them with the water.

In under five minutes, your bath turns from water to a fantastic jelly texture that is slippery and is so much fun.

We were blown away by just how much fun having a bath in this stuff is. The feeling of the jelly against your skin is delightful, and it is slippery stuff.

Take care when you get in and out of the bath to make sure you don't slip and have a fall.


Scooping up handfuls of jelly and letting it run down over your breasts feels incredible and rather sexual. Slipping a hand between your legs also feels fantastic too. The slippery nature of the jelly makes masturbation an almost must if you are in it and that feel fantastic.

Image showing sub'r' scooping up a handfull of bath jelly
Love Jelly feels fantastic, the warm jelly is very slippery and is a great lube

The jelly forms in small balls and the liquid between them is almost like a lube. Everything feels so sensual and sexy.

Bath Jelly is available in two colours, these being pink and purple. We opted for purple as we love that colour and the colours of the jelly are bold and bright.

I made sub'r' masturbate in the jelly to completion, and she loved having me pour jelly over her breasts and nipples as she did so.

Image showing sub'r' enjoying herself in the bath jelly
Love Jelly is incredibly slippery and feels great against your skin especially when masturbating

She commented that the jelly feels just like warm lube when she was rubbing her clitoris, and it was a delight to see her orgasm while submerged in jelly. Very kinky and also so sexy too.

Running hands over her jelly coated body felt really lovely too, and it left her skin feeling soft and moisturised.

This is the sort of product that is ideal if you plan on having some fun with a partner in the bath as pouring it and rubbing it into each others body would be so erotic.

Image showing the translucent bright colour of the bath jelly
Love Jelly is translucent and the colour of it is brigth and vivid, it is a fantastic looking product


After her bath, we washed sub'r' down with the showerhead to get the jelly off her body. Then as she stepped out of the bath onto a towel, we washed her legs and feet.

Pretty easy if you have someone with you, but you could also manage it on your own.

Now came the bit we were worried about, would it have stained the bath (it didn't stain sub'r') and would it dissolve properly? Obviously, if it blocked the drain, we would have a rather embarrassing kinky story for the plumber.

To drain the bath, you get 450g of dissolving powder. This is simply sprinkled over the jelly and mixed in. Just like when we made up the jelly, in five minutes, the jelly had returned to a watery state.

Pulling the plug out we were delighted to see it all drain away, not a single drop of jelly was left after the bath emptied and it wasn't stained. We then washed it down anyway to make sure, and it looked like after any other bath session.

The mix used for the jelly is completely bio-degradable, and it has been tested to OECD 301B, which is a world recognised biodegradation test.

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Key Features

Key features:

  • Quick and safe way of turning bathwater into fun jelly
  • Two colours available - Pink and Purple
  • Easy to dissolve so it goes down the drain
  • Non staining

I would recommend it to:

  • Anyone looking for a way to spice up their bath time sessions
  • Anyone looking to surprise a partner
  • Anyone who likes the idea of lounging in warm sensual jelly
  • Anyone who loves splosh play

I wouldn't recommend it to:

  • Anyone who just doesn't like the idea of bathing in jelly

Final Thoughts

We had so much fun using bath Jelly; it is a product that is incredibly easy to use and turns a bath full of water into a kinky adventure.

Feeling the jelly squish through your fingertips is weird but nice at the same time. Putting those fingers between your legs for some fun feels even better.

Bath Jelly is ideal for use on your own, but I imagine that having a partner in the bath with you at the same time would be even more fun. Bath Jelly is the slippery, kinky bath time product that is guaranteed to put a massive smile on your face. We love it.

I was sent this pack opf Bath Jelly by Bath Jelly and I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to review it for them.

Joanne's rating

Ease Of Use

Where Can I Get One From?

Love Jelly

Check out for more information about this sensual bathing product and see some pretty hot pictures of people using it too.

Grab one of these fantastic fun bath time kits direct from the Love Jelly Amazon Store for just £9.99.

Check them out and don’t forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".


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