John Thomas Toys POD Platinum Silicone Stretcher Review

Written by  Jan 19, 2023

The POD, takes alien probing to new levels of fun

When John Thomas Toys ask me if I would be happy to review some of their latest designs, I can never say no. This time was no exception, I was told the name of this newest challenge but didn't know what it would look like.

With a name like POD, I couldn't even guess what it would look like. So I just had to patiently wait for POD to arrive. Lucky for me, I never have long to wait for my deliveries from JTT.

"I love fantasy dildos. There is something kinky about laying back and letting your imagination run wild as you use one on yourself. POD feels fantastic and gives a lovely stretch."


I knew that I would be satisfied with the quality of POD. JTT prides themselves on their products' quality and even offers a lifetime warranty. This shows me that they really believe in their products and customer service.

When the delivery person rang my doorbell with a large box in their arms, it was game on.

Delivery & Packaging

JTT has always dispatched items to me in plain strong cardboard boxes, well-sealed and robust enough for the weight of the dildos. So, I never worry that the delivery company will have any idea of the contents. This delivery was again no exception to that norm.

I was so excited when the delivery driver stood at my door with a large box that I knew was from JTT. If you order all four sizes, let me tell you, the package will be huge and extremely heavy too.

I wanted to dive right in but needed to wait until I could do my unboxing video.

It's always fun to see the dildos for the first time and to share that experience with my viewers on youtube. I have no idea which colour I am being sent, so opening the box is special for me.

The dildos are sealed in a robust, clear heat sealed film. This protects them from dust after manufacture and during their travels to you. Paper packaging is used between the dildos to stop them from moving around while in transit.

Image showing all four sizes of POD
I was sent all four sizes of POD to review.

Also inside the box was a vac-u-lock compatible suction cup and JTT branded storage bags.

No fancy or excessive packaging, which is much better for the environment. Additional packaging is so unnecessary, as it would only end in a landfill, and I like this approach by JTT.

Check Out My Unboxing Video On Youtube

Check out my unboxing video on Youtube

Materials and design

JTT uses medical-grade silicone to produce POD and all their other amazing creations. This is an excellent insertable material as it is body-safe, hypoallergenic, PVC, Latex and Phthalate free. Silicone is also a more robust material than some others on the market.

JTT use copper moulds to produce POD. This is a more expensive option for production, but a great way to ensure the design will stay true throughout. So every dildo that comes out of the mould will have precisely the same features as the original one used to create the mould.

Image showing a POD stretcher on its side
I love the marbling effect on these stretchers.

The colours are the only difference apart from the option of four sizes and two firmness ratings. JTT use a hand-pouring technique called fusion. This technique creates a unique colour mix for every pour. JTT offer a choice of four colours to choose from. Giving you a chance to choose a colour that you prefer.

POD may seem like a strange name until you realise the design is an alien pod. This is a unique-looking stretcher. I will do my best to describe its features for you.

POD looks slightly like a strange-looking bulb. With a small thin tip that could be a shoot, then widens as you go down its length. The front section has these slight ridges going horizontally down the shaft. At the bottom end of the stretcher is a type of fleshy outer wrap. It does not meet fully at the front but weaves up the back like an outer tunic. This creates impressive thick vertical ridges that feel great.

Image showing how each dildo looks different
The textures look and feel amazing and there is a huge variation in colours due to the fusion pour technique.

Towards the bottom of the stretcher, the outer wrap sticks out. This gives a deep ridge which provides extra width and a fun challenge for those brave and capable of accepting it.

The POD is curved and could look slightly like an exotic creature's tongue when placed on its side.

The base of POD has the JTT logo and name around the ridge. At the bottom is a vac-u-lock compatible hole. This means you can play using the free vac-u-lock compatible suction cup you receive with every stretcher, a strap-on or even a fucking machine.

Image showing the vac-u-lock compatible hole in the base of POD and the suction cup adaptor
The vac-u-lock compatible hole in the base gives you lots of play choices.

I received the soft firmness rating, but JTT also offers a medium firmness option if that is more like your preference. I was also lucky enough to get all four sizes. You have four sizes to choose from. You should always check the measurements on the JTT website before you buy.

Length: 9"/22.86cm 12"/30.48cm 15"/38.10cm 18"/45.72cm
Circumference (near top of head): 4.9"/12.5cm 6.1"/15.5cm 7.08"/18cm 8.07"/20.5cm
Circumference (middle of shaft): 6.69"/17cm 9.05"/23cm 11.22"/28.5cm 12.79"/32.5cm
Circumference (bottom of shaft): 9.25"/23.5cm 12.59"/32cm 15.74"/40cm 19.09"/48.5cm
Circumference (base): 11.41"/29cm 15.35"/39cm 19.29"/49cm 23.22"/59cm
Max Insertable Length: 8.34"/21.18cm 11.14"/28.29cm 13.82"/35.1cm 16.67"/42.34cm
Weight: 0.53kg (*variable) 1.28kg (*variable) 2.54kg (*variable) 4.35kg (*variable)
Price: £159 £239 £299 £349

Image showing the XL POD
I salute anyone who can handle the XL POD stretcher.

I also received a branded storage bag for each dildo. I really like these storage bags. They not only look great but work really well too. Made from faux black velvet, with a white printed JTT website and logo on one side. The faux velvet is a thick material and strong enough to hold the weight of these beauties.

Check Out My Review Video On Youtube

Check out my review video on Youtube


POD makes an excellent stretcher. The thin tip makes for effortless insertion, initially, that is. The widening shape starts stretching gradually. As you would expect, the more you take, the more, you stretch.

The angled shape allowed me to rub the horizontal ridges against my clit when held at the correct angle. The tip also feels great hitting my g-spot. The great ridges on the back of POD feel amazing against my pussy walls. To add more stimulation, twist it, and it will have your toes curling (mine certainly did).

POD works well with a fucking machine or strap-on, depending on your preference. Check the depth it will go to before playing, though.

Plenty of water-based lube is essential when having fun with POD. I really like J-Jelly, which is also available from JTT.

I love fantasy dildos. There is something kinky about laying back and letting your imagination run wild as you use one on yourself. POD feels fantastic and gives a lovely stretch. I enjoy using it vaginally, but if you are into anal play, POD will certainly not disappoint. Lube it up and go to town.

Super easy to wash is either warm soapy water or the dishwasher. It is essential to ensure it is completely dry before placing it in the JTT storage bag. I like to leave mine to air-dry so I don't get towel fluff on it.

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Image showing the POD stretchers next to a 2 litre drink bottle for scale
I had to show this picture showing a 2 litre soft drinks bottle for scale, these are beasts.

Key Features

Key features:

  • Fantasy alien features.
  • Gradual widening shaft.
  • Body-safe, hypoallergenic silicone.
  • Vac-u-lock compatible.
  • Four Sizes available.
  • Four colour options available.
  • Two firmness ratings available.

I would recommend it to:

  • Anyone who wants a fantasy stretcher.
  • Anyone enjoys curves and ridges.
  • Anyone looking for a dildo that gradually widens.
  • Anyone looking for a vac-u-lock compatible stretcher.

I wouldn't recommend it to:

  • Anyone who wants a cock dildo.
  • Anyone who wants a straight shaft.

Final Thoughts

POD can be used vaginally or anally; it is your choice. I went for pussy. I had lots of fun with POD and enjoyed the challenge to see how deep I could take it.

The stretch and the ridges feel amazing, adding a twist to provide incredible sensations. The ridges are one of my favourite features of this stretcher as I love texture on my toys.

Easy to clean and stores really well in the JTT storage bag provided.

If you are looking for a fun stretcher, why not consider POD. But please ensure you check the measurements before you buy one.

I was sent these four Pod Stretchers by John Thomas Toys and I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to review it for them.

Joanne's rating

Ease of use

Where Can I Get One From?

John Thomas Toys

Grab one of these fantastic dildos direct from John Thomas Toys, with prices starting from £159. At the time of publication of this review they are having a huge sale so take advantage of their special offers and grab a bargain.

Check them out and don’t forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".

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