Joanne's First E-stim Livestream Wed 24th May at 5pm (UK time)

Written by  May 19, 2023

Come and watch me implode live on the internet LOL

Well, it's time to grab the bull by the horns and get my live streams off the ground - finally.

I have been talking about it for ages and planning things while secretly being terrified of actually doing live streams, so please be gentle with me. Yes, I am usually a confident woman, but put me in front of a camera and watch me become a tongue-tied bundle of self-consciousness.

First E-Stim Livestream - Wed 24th May at 5pm (UK time) on my Youtube channel.

Joanne's Youtube Channle
A screenshot from my Youtube channel.

This one will be an unmitigated disaster; I can see it now. But, and this is a "big butt", it will allow me to test my system and see if I can finally get live streaming off the ground.

The lovely sub'r will join me, and Stunt Cock will make a rare appearance in front of the camera, too, for "immoral" support. They will both be there to help to steady my nerves; between all three of us, hopefully, at least one of us will have something to say.

So what is in store for this live stream?

Well, firstly, it is a technology validator. It will show me if the systems I now have in place are up to the challenge of live-streaming.

I have had to invest quite a bit of funds to be able to do these streams, but they are something I want to do to help raise awareness about e-stim and also to provide a platform for the community to share good ideas and best practices.

I have had to get Starlink to have an internet connection with enough bandwidth to stream. In the past, I have been able to get away with just an internet dongle for work-related activities, but the dongle isn't up to the challenge of delivering the speeds I need for streaming. So Starlink will hopefully be the answer to that problem.

It will also highlight the problems and challenges of keeping up with text conversations while talking into a camera live - eeeeek! This will be a new experience for us here, so don't expect anything polished, LOL.

It will show everyone that we are just three kinksters who love our e-stim and are prone to making fools of themselves.

This first stream will see me introduce the team here at Joanne's Reviews, and I will talk about some of the projects in the pipeline.

I am very busy at the moment, designing some new electrodes, and it might be an excellent way to present the concepts to everyone (if anyone turns up, that is).

Future ideas for streams include:

  • Q&A sessions, where my internet friends can ask questions and put me on the spot, as it were.
  • Advice sessions, where I can talk about different aspects of stimming and other forms of electroplay.
  • Product unboxings/reviews/featurettes, you know because that's what I do.

Joanne's Youtube Channle
A glimpse of what's coming on the 24th of May 2023.

If anyone has any other ideas, please e-mail them to me or leave them in a comment below. I would very much love to hear any thoughts that you have.

I will probably also have a chat about E-Stim Emporium and my eBay Shop too.

So if you are into electrosex and e-stim in particular, it would be great if you could come along and watch me make a mess of things on the day.

Tune in to Joanne's first livestream at 5pm (UK time) on Wednesday the 24th of May 2023, bring some popcorn. Click to Tweet
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