Joanne Is Building A Penis Vacuum Enlarger Estim Sounding Electrode

Written by  Dec 23, 2019

Fancy Vacuum Pumping While Sounding Your Penis?

I love seeing hard cocks. I also love seeing cocks twitching as delightfull electrical impulses fire through them sending delicious sensations to the owner's brain to interpret as pleasure.

Sounding is also something I love doing, and the thought of combining sounding, e-stim and vacuum enlargement certainly fills me with excitement together with a warm growing dampness between my legs.

A post on smartstim about vacuum sounding got my interest, and I decided after reading some of the comments that I should document building such an electrode to help others make one.

So, credit to miralicious90 on for his fantastic idea and 3D design. I love his simple design, but I have decided to push it a little.

I am producing two versions, a straightforward one and one with bells and whistles. As usual, I will make the 3D printable part files freely available so that anyone can make their own as well.

Why make one with bells and whistles? Well, why not. I want to see how fancy I can make one and also what effect that has on the price. Obviously, the more complicated I make something then, the more likely it is to fall over and go belly up eventually. But, I wanted to push my design skills, and also I am a bit of a gadget geek.

I have ordered enough "bits" to allow me to make two models, the Skoda (no offence intended to Skoda drivers) and the Ferarri.

So, in essence, I plan on combining these toys:

Image showing a penis enlarger and an e-stim sound

I will keep everyone posted on my forum as to how I get on and eventually I will produce a full build article detailing it all in a step, by step manner.

Happy Stimming everyone.

UPDATE 24/12/19, I have finished designing the acrylic tube cap with its seals and I am ready to print out a prototpye.

Prototype model of the cylinder cap

Joanne's Forum Post About This Vacuum Sounding Penis Electrode

UPDATE 16/01/20, I have now finished my design and built a prototype that is very effective (my Stunt Cock loved it). I have written a build guide for anyone wanting to make one themselves:

How To Make A DIY Penis Vacuum Pump E-Stim Sounding Electrode

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