I've Bought Myself A DG-Lab Coyote E-Stim Control Box

Written by  Sep 05, 2022

I have a DG-Lab Coyote E-Stim Control Box On The Way

Well, after a long period of procrastination, I have finally bit the bullet and ordered a DG Lab Coyote e-stim control box for myself.

This small but powerful e-stim control box hit the marketplace in 2020 and has become a very popular control box for its features and small form.

I opted for the most expensive package that comes with electrodes and am looking forward to checking it out. I have a guest review of the Coyote on my site, which has proved to be popular, and there aren't many reliable reviews about it on the net. I intend to change that by doing one of my own.

Coyote E-Stim Control BoxThe Coyote is a small but powerful dual-channel control box controlled through an app on your phone. iPhone and Android versions of the software are available, but I hear the iPhone version is not as good as the Android one. I have an iPhone, so I will be able to confirm or deny that soon.

It has remote play capabilities and boasts a whole host of advanced features. What I am looking forward to most about it is the fact that you can wear it and its small form makes stimming on the go much more straightforward.

I paid £125 ($138) for the Coyote with its accessories and electrodes, including delivery to the UK. I look forward to seeing how quickly it gets here and whether or not I will be stung for any import duties on the package.

So, hopefully, I will be able to give you my thoughts on this innovative control box option.

If you want to check it out or get one for yourself, you can do so direct from the manufacturer Dungeon-lab.com (aff).

Joanne is going to be reviewing the Dg-Lab Coyote E-Stim Control Box. Click to Tweet
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  • stim1953
    Comment Link stim1953 Tuesday, 24 January 2023 17:45

    When reviewing the Coyote, be sure and try it using the Xtoys app on your phone. It changes the Coyote from good to great.

  • Anono_Man_UK
    Comment Link Anono_Man_UK Sunday, 29 January 2023 08:50

    I’ve not long since bought a Helix but now realise I would have liked one with more features. When will you complete the review for this box please?

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Monday, 06 February 2023 21:30

    @stim1953, I will do and I agree it makes a huge difference.

    @Anon_Man_UK it is high on my list of things I am currently working on but I can't commit to a date yet.

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