Is Using Vibrators In Penis Play Estim Sessions A Good Idea?

Aug 24, 2020

Hell yes it is, and in this article I'll tell you why

Recently, as a result of a conversation with a Dutch Fetlifer, I started to wonder how many penis owners who stim use additional stimulation during their sessions.

I often incorporate vibrator play in my sessions and naturally assumed that lots of penis owners do too. But having looked around popular places for discussing e-stim like SmartStim and SocialStim, it appears I may be mistaken in that assumption.

That got me thinking as to why that would be?

It also got me curious as to just how good combining e-stim play with vibrations would feel on a hard (or indeed soft) cock.

Having thought this through, I can see a few reasons why guys don't generally use it, and they could be summarised as:

  • Never really thought about it.
  • Vibrators are for women.
  • Sounds like too much hassle.
  • It would degrade the pure feeling of e-stim.
  • Don't know of any good vibrators or guybrators.

So let me take each of those in turn and elaborate on my thoughts about them.

Never really thought about it

That is totally understandable, I hadn't really thought about it either. But, consider this, lots of penis owners try getting into e-stim thinking it is a way of pressing a button and achieving a hands-free orgasm.

Often during early stimming sessions, the realisation starts to dawn on them that it isn't actually like that. E-stim sensations are something that your brain needs to learn to interpret as pleasure, and that takes time and experimentation.

This often results in expectations not being met, and they give up.

Get a boost to get over the edgeWhy not inject some extra stimulation during those early sessions to help penis owner get 'over the edge' as it were.

How many times have you stimmed where you have gotten really close to an orgasm, but you just didn't get there? Imagine being able to give yourself a boost at just the right time to kick things up a notch to get the white stuff flying everywhere. That is where a good vibrator can be a godsend.

Well, there is the setup and incentive to give it a try, it is always handy to have an extra tool in the box to help you get off if your stimming session isn't quite getting you there.

It could be an essential piece of equipment for newbies getting into the scene to help them get off and thereby reducing dropouts due to frustration or impatience. The more stimmers that are out there, the bigger the market place, and that is good for us all as it means companies will be willing to invest in R&D on new products.

Vibrators are for women.

What are you talking about?Welcome to the 21st century if that's the way you think. Vibrators are just another tool, that's basically it. So if you believe that as a penis owner, you are incapable of using that tool, well I probably agree with "you" (and you only).

Think about basic biology for a moment, the glans of a penis and the clitoris are basically one and the same. They are in fact, precisely the same organ in a human embryo until differentiation begins about eight or nine weeks after conception, where the phallic outgrowth in the embryo called the genital tubercle then develops into a clitoris or a penis depending on its gender.

That means both the glans and the clitoris contain pretty much the same number of nerve endings, so what's good for the goose, is good for the gander (literally).

Up until the last ten years or so, sex toy manufacturers ignored penises when designing vibrators. This is pretty much due to the "vibrators are for women" mentality, but I am pleased to say that is no longer the case. In fact, one company I know of started up to provide guybrators, and they did a fantastic job. More on this creation later in this article.

Vibrators as a concept are gender-free, as designs go though, yes they are created with target audiences (or erogenous zones) in mind. There are some fantastic guybrators out there, but as us vagina owners know, there's plenty of examples of utter garbage on the market too.

So moving on.

Sounds like too much hassle.

Too much hassleWell, this reason is nonsense in reality as stimming involves so much faffing about already LOL. What with all the placing electrodes, controlling wiring, changing settings or files, the list goes on.

Adding a vibrator to the play wouldn't be much hassle at all. I can't imagine having a vibrator on hand to tease your cock with is adding too much complexity or hassle. If anything it is increasing your play oppotunities.

I think that this excuse is more of a polite way of saying the first one.

It would degrade or sully the pure sensations of e-stim.

Holier than thoughAh, the purists out there would definitely feel strongly about this one. In fact, my even mentioning using a vibrator to send you over the edge will probably have angered the very gods of e-stim. Those stimmers who stand on their lofty thrones hurling advice to newcomers down below as to the way stimming must be done!

"Do it my way, don't waste your time bothering to try anything new at all, as I know best." - Know anyone like this by the way?

Some people are incredibly passionate about estim being such a pure way for them to reliably get off. Good for them.

But, they tend to forget that for new people onto the scene, their experiences will be vastly different from someone who has trained their body over the last 20 years to interpret e-stim sensations.

For me anyway, e-stim is about fun and ecstasy, and when I stim, I do it because I want to cum. How I get there can spice up a session. Why do the same thing you always do? If that's your attitude, you may actually be stuck doing something that could be even better. If only you had experimented and discovered an even better way of doing things?

Don't know of any good vibrators or guybrators.

That I can understand as the market for penis owners is much smaller than that for us vagina owners. Who says it's a mans world?

There are some fantastic guybrators out there, and I have reviewed a few. The ones from Hot Octopuss are, without a doubt some of the best. But not all guybrators are suitable for use during an e-stim session (unless you are just stimming using butt plugs of course).

A cheap bullet vibe is an excellent option for adding some direct stimulation to your play. Simply placing it against your banjo string can really feel amazing and can tip you over the edge into a hard orgasm if you are close but can't quite get there. But, there are also other much better options availbale.

So I am going to make three recommendations, and I will link to my review of each of these products so you can read a little bit more about them if you wish.

Firstly the Doxy Number 3, this is a relatively small wand style vibrators what really packs a punch. It delivers rumbly vibes which penetrate deeply and feel amazing. During stimming, you can place it against your taint (the area between your balls and anus) when you are close or need a boost. You can even press it against the glans of your penis (you can thank me later for that advice) for some fantastic results. It also has interchangeable heads, so you can get a cock sleeve attachment for it too.

Image showing the Doxy Number 3
The Doxy Number 3 is lightweight and very powerul as well as being versatile

Next, consider the Zumio S, this is a small precision vibrator that sort of looks like an electric toothbrush in shape and form. It has a soft silicone coated tip that oscillates at an amazing rate. For this one, place it against your frenulum (banjo string) or even try it on your nipples.

Image showing the Zumio S
The Zumio S is great for pinpoint precision

My strongest recommendation by far though, is that you should try the Hot Octopuss JETT guybrator. This is one weird-looking vibe but bear with me on this one. It is wearable and features a silicone sleeve through which you insert your happy chap. This holds it in place just under your glans. The two vibrating eggs each have a different resonant frequency, and you can control them separately to fine-tune the sensations for explosive ejaculations.

As it is wearable, my suggestion is to fit it in place as you wire up, maybe putting a cock loop above it under the glans and a second insulated loop around your cock and balls. Add a bipolar anal trode if you really want to spice things up a bit. Then stim as usual, you can experiment with the JETT as you stim.

Image showing the Hot Octopuss JETT guybrator
The Hot Octopuss JETT vibrator is in my opinion one of the all time best guybrators ever designed

I can say is make sure you close your mouth when you cum LOL.


Vibrators are not just for us vagina owners, they are a fantastic tool that can be used on multiple erogenous zones on anyone.

For stimmers, they can add an exciting new element to your stimming sessions, and they are ideal for anyone new to the scene or anyone struggling to achieve those hands-free orgasms.

The three vibes I have suggested are at the top of their leagues and yes they are expensive, but you do get what you pay for.

You can also get good results from just a £10 bullet vibe placed on your frenulum to add to the sensations during any session.

If you use vibes, or after reading this article, you have tired them in your e-stim sessions, I would love to hear about your thoughts on doing so in the comments down below.

I hope that you found this article interesting and as always, happy stimming.

If you want to buy any of the three vibes I mentioned and you want to support me by using some of my affiliate links (at no extra cost to you), then you can do so through these links, thank you.

  1. Hot Octopuss JETT
  2. Doxy Number 3
  3. ZumioS
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  • Wombat
    Comment Link Wombat Thursday, 04 November 2021 05:41

    I have to agree, especially after I realized that a vibrator could trigger a pending prostrate orgasm set up by stimming for awhile.
    Probably my favorite is the Satisfyer Power Flower.

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Thursday, 04 November 2021 23:01

    Hi @Wombat, you are right, they are great little tools and can sometimes make the difference between getting there and a ruined session if you can't quite get there yourself. The Power Flower is a fun vibe but the Hot Octopuss Jett is amazing, its ability to really tune the vibrations is fantastic,

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