I've found my new YouTube e-stim studio

Written by  Jun 15, 2024

After much searching, I have found my new home for the weekends.

Here is a short and sweet update about my live streams.

As many of you will know, my current workspace is an old converted barn in the Peak District in the UK. That means it roasts in the summer and freezes in the winter.

I have reached the point where I have run out of space there. When doing live streams, I have the added problem of being in the middle of nowhere. Even after investing in Starlink, my internet connection is "funky," to say the least, causing me all sorts of issues when I stream.

Due to the cramped conditions there, I also have to set up the studio every week and pack it all away again, as I need the space to create my range of electrodes and other kinky delicacies.

One end of my workshop is filled with 3D printers doing their bit to improve chances of hands-free orgasms all around the globe, and the other half is set up as an office space for the three of us here.

The coffee table in my videos and live streams is where most of the magic happens; we assemble electrodes, make silicone products, and much more. So you can see my problem.

I have found an office space I am about to rent, and it will be a game changer.

I intend to work in the workshop Monday to Friday, as this is where my printers and stock are, and Royal Mail collects from me there daily. Over the weekend, I will work from the new studio, which has heating and air conditioning. Woohoo!

This means I can set up a permanent studio and dabble in podcasts to help spread information to the community and share best practices.

I'll take a couple of printers there to keep making things in the background. While having two premises is not ideal, I can't afford to rent something of the size I need going forward. This office space has a rolling monthly contract, so I can always move back out again if it is unsustainable.

Hopefully, with everyone's continued support, I can afford to rent a space large enough to combine both sides of what I do in the future, and that would be amazing. But, I need to move slowly to minimise risks.

The empty space I will soon be occupying
It isn't much, yet. But I will be turning this space into a studio and office soon.

So what's the plan?

I am in the contract phase, where solicitors get to cream off some money for a cut-and-paste job on a contract. Once I am in, it will be time to set up a reliable internet service and get cracking.

I will then be able to set up a small studio at one end of the room, with a table for podcasting. The other end of the office will be just that: a place to keep up with social media and e-mails and where I can design new and exciting electrodes.

Having a permanent studio will save me time and reduce the risks of breaking something. We set everything up at the moment when needed, which is a cabling nightmare and pack it away again at the end of a stream. So, having something permanent means I can spend more time doing the things that help us grow and improve.

It's a daunting task, and I still need to set a timeline for when I will start live streaming from there, but it is a challenge that I am relishing.

Of course, I will inform everyone how I get on.

Setting up the new space will allow me to deliver the same service and products more efficiently. It is important to continue building on the good reputation I have within the community, which has been so good to me. Hopefully, this step will allow me to do so.

Check out my previous live streams by catching up with things here - Joanne's Live Streams On Youtube.

Joanne (@JoannesReviews) is moving into a new space to build her own YouTube studio, please help to spread the word. Click to Tweet
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