I Am Designing A Belt Clip And Holder For My 2B Estim Control Box
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I Am Designing A Belt Clip And Holder For My 2B Estim Control Box

If you enjoy stimming while walking around then this may be of interest to you

The 2B E-stim Control Box is an absolutely fantastic piece of equipment, and lots of people enjoy stimming while being mobile.

I decided to design my own 3D printable belt clip and holder for my 2B Control Box.

From the outset I decided on the following criteria:

  • It must be capable of holding the 2B either the right way up or upside down.
  • All sockets must be accessible.
  • You must be able to change the battery without removing the control box from the holder.
  • All controls must be accessible but also protected from accidental use when wearing it.
  • A method to control cables to keep things neat and tidy.
  • The belt clip must be able to be removed so if it ever breaks it can be replaced.
  • All outer edges must have a nice radius to prevent snagging on things.

Here is my design so far. I am waiting on some PLA arriving before I can print out a prototype. Once I have done so and then tweaked the model if it needs tweaking I will make the files available for downloading.

Image showing my design in Fusion 360The 2B cradle and belt clip will allow for easy mobile stimming

This means that you can get one made for yourself. I can also 3D print them for anyone, but this is a long print job.

Image showing a rendering of my design in Fusion 360This image shows the pieces that are individually printed and then snapped together

Update: 8/5/19 - Added another cable retention and tidying option, an eyelet for use with standard cable ties.

Image showing a rendering of the new cable tie loopThis image shows a cable tie loop that can be used to tidy cables

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  • Circuit-Kink
    Circuit-Kink Tuesday, 02 July 2019 02:51

    Stoked with this new series, fantastic information and really one-of-a-kind!

    Came here for quick 3d printing suggestion: Chamfers print much better than fillets as they're limited to a 45* overhang. It'll probably end up looking nicer and work better for preventing snags on stray threads. If you use a solvent to clean up (i.e. PLA and acetone), the chamfers end up especially soft.

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  • Joanne Summers
    Joanne Summers Tuesday, 02 July 2019 07:57

    @Circuit-Kink - Thank you for the suggestion and kind comments. You are right and I will probably change the design to incorporate chamfers rather than fillets. It's good to know that you like the site.

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