How the lockdown could be good news sexually

Written by  May 07, 2020

Now that title may have you a little confused but bear with me on this one as this is a serious subject.

I am talking about STI's (Sexually Transmitted Infections) here, and this lockdown may be a blessing in disguise for the swinging community and just everyone who is sexually active.

All STI's have a gestation period before symptoms arise, and often the infection can be spread between partners before symptoms occur. The lockdown, we are in as a nation, has pretty much stopped people having sex with new partners. That is a good thing regarding STI spread.

Think about it for a minute, with people not freely engaging sexually with new partners we are not only stopping the spread of Coronavirus, but we are also not spreading HIV and all of the other STI's that plague humanity.

That means when things open up, the country should be a lot safer place to play around in.

Indeed, the lockdown is the perfect time to get yourself tested. As stated in a recent BBC article:

  • They say taking STI tests at home while in lockdown could be "a game-changer"!

That is primarily due to us all staying at home and not having sex with new people (you can see a theme emerging here).

Dr John McSorley, a sexual health doctor and president of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (Bashh) wants to get more and more people tested. Even if not showing any STI symptoms as there has never been a better opportunity to curbing the spread of STI's.

Getting tested for STI's is a good idea

But, with 54% of UK STI testing centres closed due to the lockdown measures, how can that be achieved?

Home testing kits may be an answer, and health professionals stress that anyone showing symptoms during the lockdown needs to present themselves for treatment. As with most infections, early diagnosis and treatment have a massive effect of recovery.

With all signs pointing to lots of people wanting to blow off steam when the lockdown is lifted, and by that I mean screwing anything with a pulse. We need to remember to play safe.

That is more important than ever, but the lockdown will have done us a favour in the sex scene by helping to act as a natural firebreak to a lot of STI out there.

Always remember to play safe, live life with the intention of still being able to enjoy your kink right up to and into your old age.

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