Honour PVC Maid To Serve Dress & Cap

Written by  Apr 21, 2019

Another sexy little outfit from Honour.co.uk

I am delighted to be writing up another review for Honour. They stock the sexiest outfits and kinky attire, and it is always a pleasure to review something from their collection.

They asked us to review their PVC Maid To Serve Dress & Cap and of course I jumped at the chance to review another of their sexy outfits.

"She often gets asked where the dress came from and she loves saying Honour.co.uk as their reputation for kinky attire is second to none."


My submissive, the lovely sub'r' has a thing for maids outfits as she just loves to serve and she looks so sexy in them. This is one of those reviews that is an absolute pleasure to write.

So, let me tell you all about this sexy little PVC maids outfit and shy we like it so much. On with the review.


As with everything that has ever arrived here from Honour.co.uk this dress was packaged very discreetly. I am amazed that my postman has no idea how kinky I am.

I have no doubt though that by now with the number of packages I receive he probably has his suspicions.

Honour goes out of their way to use plain packaging, and so my postie is going to have to keep guessing as to what I keep getting delivered.

Materials and design

This maids dress is a micro dress which covers everything, but definitely entices curiosity as to what isn't entirely on show. The bottom of the dress is a full hipster skirt, and it is trimmed with white lace to give it a soft and sexy look.

Image showing the PVC maids dress and capThis dress looks amazing and the materials are very good indeed

This is an ideal dress to wear a frilly underskirt with to kick the sides out a bit, but it looks fabulous anyway without one.

The dress itself is made out of black PVC with a white pinnypanel on the front. The underwired bra cups and hemline are trimmed with white lace, and this gives this dress a stunning and sexy look.

The halter neck design is excellent as you can adjust the neck straps to suit your body shape making it comfortable for most bust sizes. You just tie the halter neck straps in a bow behind your neck once you are happy with the fit.

Image showing the satin neck straps tied in a bowThe satin neck straps look and feel lovely. Tying them in a bow allows you to adjust your cleavage

The top of the dress is finished with an elasticated trim to ensure a neat fit and look.

The white front panel has riveted metal rings either side and a satin tie running through it. This satin tie is not just decorative though as you can tighten it to adjust the fit of the maids dress.

Available in sizes 8 to 26, it is fantastic to see a kink site like Honour catering for people of larger build. Everyone has the right to be able to dress as sexy as they like and this outfit is definitely sexy.

The way that the lace trims on the bra cups highlight the curves of your breasts is fantastic. They form a focal feature, and your eyes are drawn towards the breast area of this dress.

Image showing lace trim on the bra cupsThe lace trim on the bra cups looks lovely and draws the eyes into your cleavage

The inner lining is comfortable on your skin, and it doesn't stick to you, the bra cups are cloth lined for comfort.

The stitching is very neat, and I couldn't find any floors in it at all. This really is a quality outfit that will see many years of use if you look after it.

This maids dress has a back zip for ease of entry, and it is very sturdy. I hate dresses with feeble zips that you know will fail at some point. The black zip on this dress is like something you would expect to find on an item of punk clothing. It is bulletproof and made to last.

The outfit comes with an elasticated maids lace headband that is easy to put on. It compliments the design of the dress, but it is very small.

Image showing sturdy zip fitted to this maids dressThe black zipper is sturdy and made to last

Care advice

This dress has hanging loops, and when not being worn you should hang it to prevent fold lines and creases. It is easy to wipe the PVC panels clean with a damp cloth, and it buffs up to a good shine very easily.

Like all PVC outfits don't store it hanging next to others in your wardrobe, or put it into one of those plastic sleeves to prevent it from resting against other PVC products.

Look and fit

We opted for a size 20 as sub'r' usually takes a 16-18 in club wear but her breasts are very full and firm, so we wanted to make sure she could get them all in.

The dress fits like a glove, the PVC is surprisingly stretchy and this gives the dress a figure-hugging form and going up a size was a good choice as her breasts fit perfectly in the bra cups giving her a very nice cleavage. The bra cups on this dress are a lovely design and very decorative, they certainly form a focal feature to this outfit.

The satin ribbon on the front panel can be used to adjust the fit slightly. The halter neck straps feel lovely and tie easily behind the neck.

Image showing the maids dress on a mannequinThis really is a lovely dress and when worn it looks so sexy

This outfit has been worn in a swingers club on several occasions now and sub'r' certainly turned heads when she was strutting her stuff while wearing a pair of patent leather go-go boots.

She often gets asked where the dress came from and she loves saying Honour.co.uk as their reputation for kinky attire is second to none.

Here are her thoughts on this sexy outfit:

This outfit looks great on a fuller figured womanI love this PVC maids outfit, when I put it on it just makes me feel so sexy and submissive. I wish to serve and the looks I get in it really turn me on. It is fun to wear and of course, bending over with straight legs and no panties on is always fun. This is a dress designed to induce a smile and a boner in anyone looking at you wearing it. I love it as it makes me feel so sexy and as it is from Honour, I know it will last for a very long time due to its quality materials.


I must admit that she does look incredibly sexy in this PVC Maids Dress and it does turn heads. I like the way it clings to her figure, but it doesn't restrict her movement in any way.

As it is a short dress, it is easy to flick the back of the dress up to gain access to her bottom for spanking play, something that she relishes with glee. She also likes to tease others while wearing it, giving the occasional flash of what lies beneath it.

When sub'r' wears this dress she becomes very submissive but also very confident, sexy and playful, I love the effect that it has on her.

I think I may have to make her wear this outfit more often as she looks so cute in it. Like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but I know better.

Image showing the inside material and neatness of the stitchingThe quality of this dress is evident in the materials and neatness of stitching

It turns her into sexy little minx who just wants to serve and please while wearing it.

It is a comfortable dress to wear for extended periods, and it's a design that really succeeds in its aim, to turn both you and anyone looking at you on when you are wearing it.

The Honour PVC Maid To Serve Dress & Cap is another fantastic piece of kinky attire from the legendary @HonourClothing and it is so sexy and alluring making it so easy to tease while wearing it. Click to Tweet

Key Features

Key features:

  • Stretchy and shiny PVC material
  • Sizes from 8-26 available
  • Halterneck design with micro skirt
  • Underwired bra cups
  • Sturdy zip and frilly lace trimmings
  • Excellent quality

I would recommend it to:

  • Anyone who loves to dress up in kinky attire
  • Anyone looking to explore some roleplay fun
  • Any submissive looking to please their dominant
  • Anyone looking to turn heads in clubs

I wouldn't recommend it to:

  • Anyone who doesn't like short dresses

Image showing the different fit between the smaller and plus sizesThis image from the Honour product page shows the differce in fit between the smaller and plus sizes

Final Thoughts

This is the second maids outfit that I have had the pleasure of seeing sub'r' wear, and she looks fantastic in it. I love the design, and the bra cups draw your eyes in becoming the focal point of this outfit.

The halter neck straps make it easy to create a very nice cleavage, and the materials and craftsmanship throughout the dress are first class.

I am not surprised by this though as Honour has a reputation for exceptional items of kinky clothing and this one is no exception. It is well designed and manufactured so it will give its wearer pleasure for a long time to come.

I have no hesitation in giving this PVC Maids Dress a strong recommendation, as I did for the PVC Discipline Dress that we reviewed for them.

I was sent these PVC Maid To Serve Dress & Cap by Honour.co.uk and I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to review it for them.

Joanne's rating

Ease Of Use

Where Can I Get One From?

You can grab one of these sexy outfits directly from honour.co.uk by using the link below.

Grab one of these fantastic PVC Maid To Serve Dress & Cap outfits direct from Honour.co.uk, at the time of publishing this review it is available on sale for only £43.99 which is a bargain as it usually retails for £54.99.

Check them out and don’t forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".


Disclaimer - I was sent the PVC Maid To Serve Dress & Cap to review free of charge and this has in no way affected the outcome of this review. This post contains affiliate links and if you purchase something when you follow one of these links I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. For more information check out my disclosure page.

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