Hismith Premium Sex Machine Function Expansion Set For Women, KlicLok System
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Hismith Premium Sex Machine Function Expansion Set For Women, KlicLok System

A fantastic adaptor kit with vagina owners in mind

In December I was sent a HiSmith Pro Traveler KlicLok Sex Machine to review and along with it I received two adaptor sets (this one and the Lovers kit).

This is a review of the Expansion Set For Women.

"This is a great little attachment set that has had a lot of thought put into it. Each of the five attachments is useful, it isn't a case of a couple and others thrown in to bulk the set out."


It is an expansion kit that contains lots of extra attachments so that you can mount some of your favourite sex toys on the business end of your fucking machine.

So let me tell you all about what you get in this expansion kit and what it will allow you to do.

Delivery and packaging

I received this expansion kit together with a fucking machine from HiSmith, and I am happy to report that it arrived under plain cover.

The box was delivered by courier, and it carried no indication as to what lay within.

The packaging for this kit is excellent, the branding looks lovely, and the hard box it comes in is perfect for keeping everything in a safe place. The lid is a perfect fit and takes some jiggling to remove it. Inside you find all of the attachments held securely inside plastic packaging.

You get the following attachments:

  • 1 x Black Vac-U-Lock
  • 1 x Suction Cup Adapter
  • 1 x G-spot Clamp
  • 1 x 30cm Extension Rod
  • 1 x Spring Connector

Image showing the contents of the kit in the box
The box that the kit comes in is fantastic and very high quality

HiSmith have produced three kits, each tailored to a set of genitals, so it is easy to identify the one that you require. Each kit has a set of common attachments with genital specific attachments being added to alter the sets to increase their functionality. So in essence you should only ever need one set depending on your particular needs.

Why do you need extra attachments?

With fucking machines, the more variety of attachment that you can fit onto the end of a thrust rod then the more play options you have. It is as simple as that, why wouldn't you want to increase the number of toys you can use or even use your favourite dildos or vibrators?

Image showing the five attachments in the boxThis is why attachment kits like this are so versatile. They are a great way to improve the performance and capability of your sex-machine.

Imagine being able to mount your favourite dildo or rabbit onto your fucking machine. That is what this kit allows you to do. It can totally change your experience with your fucking machine for the better.

All of the attachments in this kit use the KlicLock System which is a proprietary system used on HiSmith machines. It features a plug with an octagonal shape going into a quick air style quick-release mechanism. The beauty of this system is that unlike standard Quick Air systems, the KlicLok system prevents any rotation within the coupling, and this keeps dildos in the orientation that you decided upon when you attached them. It also means you can swap out attachments in seconds and with no hassle.

I love this system, and with this kit, I can use basically anything with a HiSmith fucking machine. I will now discuss each of the attachments in turn.

Black Vac-U-Lock Adaptor

Image showing the black vac-u-lock adaptorThis essential adaptor allows you the fit Vac-u-lock compatible dildos to the end of your fucking machines thrust rod.

With a vast selection of vac-u-lock compatible dildos on the market, it really does allow you to use lots of fabulous designs.

The Vac-u-lock system allows rapid dildo changes and the adaptor is pushed into the base of these dildo displacing air and forming a vacuum that holds the dildo in place.

With more and more body-safe silicone vac-u-lock compatible dildos now available on the market this is going to be a handy adaptor indeed.

Suction Cup Adapter

Image showing the rear of the suction cup adaptorFor lovers of suction cup dildos, HiSmith have you covered. This adaptor consists of a male KlicLock adaptor screwed to the back of a stainless steel plate with a raised edge.

This smooth plate allows you to stick suction cup dildos to it with ease. Then attach the plate to your machine, and you can enjoy your favourites.

The plate measures in at 8.9cm/3.5" in diameter.

When it comes to removing your dildo, break the seal with a fingertip, and it will drop off. I find that putting some water-based lube on a suction cup greatly improves suction as it helps to form a very effective seal.

Check out this video from HiSmith of the Suction Cup Adaptor


hismith fucking machine

Hismith Official

Hismith Official

hismith fucking machine at hismith.com

G-spot Clamp

Image showing the g-spot clampThis is another fantastic attachment that allows anything that you can't fit on the first two to be adapted to your fucking machine. Think rabbit vibes, g-spot vibes or anything without a vac-u-lock hole or a suction cup base.

I had lots of fun being fucked by one of my favourite rabbit, vibes. As it was thrust in and out of me, the sensation of the rabbit ears making contact and stimulating my clitoris was mind-blowing.

I enjoyed the fun of using a vibrating dildo with some intense clitoral stimulation alongside it, and I loved it. This is a well thought out and easy to use adjustable clamp.

This adaptor is made out of stainless steel and high strength ABS. The jaw faces have a non-slip material on them to aid grip. You unwind the clamp to make it accept your toy before clamping it in place.

30cm Extension Rod

Image showing the 30cm extension barSometimes an extension rod can be very convenient, it allows you to extend the length of your fucking machines thrust rod. That makes it much easier to use as you can be further away from the working parts of the machine.

This one measure in at 30cm and in my opinion is a must for short machines like the Traveller Pro. Just fit it to your machine and then fit another attachment to the end to increase your play possibilities.

Spring Connector

Image showing the Spring ConnectorThis is another fantastic little adaptor, it can be fitted between your machine and whatever is thrusting away inside you and it is perfect for all the squirmers out there.

It also makes lining up dildos with your holes an absolute doddle, in use it allows you to move more than you can with a regular thrust rod and that makes things more comfortable too.

If you own a HiSmith fucking machine that accepts the KlicLok attachment system then check out this amazing adaptor set. Click to Tweet

Key Features

Key features:

  • Five attachments using the KlicLok system
  • Good quality attachments
  • Three attachments for fitting a variety of sex toys
  • Two attachment designed to increase range and feel of the thrusting

I would recommend it to:

  • Anyone with a fucking machine that accepts KlicLok attachments
  • Anyone looking to use lots of different style of attachments
  • Anyone who needs some more length to their thrust rod

I wouldn't recommend it to:

  • Anyone without a fucking machine that accepts KlicLok attachments

Image showing the kit next to a Pro Traveler Fucking Machine
The kit next to a Pro Traveler Fucking Machine (sold seperately)

Final Thoughts

This is a great little attachment set that has had a lot of thought put into it. Each of the five attachments is useful, it isn't a case of a couple and others thrown in to bulk the set out.

The box they come in is fantastic, and as a set, it is pretty much perfect for increasing your play possibilities with any machine that accepts KlicLok attachments.

HiSmith created this set after analysing their sales of attachments over a number of years, and it includes their best sellers. Buying them in this set saves you a lot of money over buying them independently. While it is marketed as being for women it is suitable for anyone really.

I was sent this adaptor set by HiSmith and I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to review it for them.

Joanne's rating

9.4Overall9Design9Features10Functionality10Ease of use9Price

After reviewing the HiSmith Pro Traveler KlicLok Sex Machine, they have graciously given me a discount code to share with everyone here.

You can get 10% off that Sex Machine as well as its attachment kits, and that is fantastic.

Just use this discount code during checkout - Joanne

Valid Products:

Check out their range of sex machines and attachments as it is fantastic. Don't forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".


Where Can I Get One From?

Hismith produce some fantastic sex machines

Check out the amazing range of sex and fucking machines over at HiSmith. They carry a huge selection of very capable sex machines as well as kits like this one.

Grab one of these fantastic kits over at HiSmith for £144.

Check them out and don’t forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".


This review does not contain affiliate links, for more information about affiliate links check out my disclosure page.

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