Hismith Premium Sex Machine Function Expansion Set For Men & Women, KlicLok System

Written by  Feb 06, 2020

An adaptor kit with vagina and penis owners in mind

Hismith has been rocking the boat in the world of fucking machines. They have come up with some very lovely designs with great features and fantastic performance.

So, in December, when I received a package from them containing not just a fucking machine but also two attachment kits, you can understand my excitement.

"This is another fantastic attachment set, a lot of thought has gone into the selection of the adaptors. With it, you can pretty much mount anything to your machine."


I have already reviewed the Pro Traveler KlicLok Sex Machine and the Attachment Kit For Females. It's now time to share my opinion of the Expansion Set For Men & Women, or penis and vagina owners.

So, let me tell you what you get with this expansion set and why it is good value for money.

Delivery and packaging

When I received this expansion set together with the Pro Traveller Fucking Machine and the second expansion set, all of them arrived under very plain cover.

Delivery was via a courier, and the outer box had no indication as to what lay within. That is perfect as I often have packages left with my neighbour if I am out and I would prefer them not to know just how much I enjoy a good old machine rodgering.

As with the Expansion Kit For Women, the branding looks fantastic. The hard box makes it easy to store the attachments away, and they are held securely inside a sturdy plastic former.

The lid is a perfect fit on the box and makes opening it fun, it's almost airtight so you may have to jiggle it a bit to get the lid off.

Inside you get the following attachments:

  • 1 x Black Vac-U-Lock
  • 1 x Suction Cup Adapter
  • 1 x 30cm Extension Rod
  • 1 x Spring Connector
  • 1 x G-spot Clamp
  • 1 x Male Masturbator Bandage

Image showing all of the attachments in the well designed box
The well designed box holds everything securely

HiSmith have produced three kits, each tailored to a set of genitals, so it is easy to identify the one that you require. Each kit has a set of common attachments with genital specific attachments being added to alter the sets to increase their functionality. So in essence you should only ever need one set depending on your particular needs.

Why do you need extra attachments?

Fucking and sex machines are amazing, but you will want to fit as many of your favourite sex toys to it when you get one. Just using the one included with the machine can get old very quickly.

Attachment kits allow you to use a variety of sex toys to keep things fresh. Fitting your favourite sex toy to a fucking machine can allow you to enjoy it in a whole new way, and that is great.

One of the great things about sex machines is that they are relentless. So being able to lay back and enjoy your favourite toys for extended play sessions is one of the things I love about using them.

Anyway, if you buy a nice fucking machine, why wouldn't you want to use your favourite toys with it?

All of the attachments in this kit use the KlicLok System which is a proprietary system used on HiSmith machines.

The KlicLok system features a plug with an octagonal profile that goes into a quick air style quick-release mechanism.

The beauty of this system is that unlike standard Quick Air systems, the KlicLok system prevents any rotation within the coupling. This keeps dildos in the orientation that you decided upon when you attached them, so no more dildos that turn as you use them.

It also means you can swap out attachments in seconds with ease.

I love this system, and with this kit, I can basically attach anything to a HiSmith fucking machine that uses the KlicLok system. I will now discuss each of the attachments in turn.

Black Vac-U-Lock Adaptor

Image showing the black vac-u-lock adaptorThis adaptor is one of the best ones in the set. It allows you to fit Vac-u-lock compatible dildos to the end of your fucking machines thrust rod.

There is a massive variety of vac-u-lock compatible dildos available, so it allows you to use lots of fabulous designs.

The Vac-u-lock system allows quick dildo changes, the adaptor is pushed into the base of these dildo displacing air and forming a vacuum that holds the dildo in place.

With so many body-safe silicone vac-u-lock compatible dildos available on the market, this is going to be a handy adaptor indeed.

Suction Cup Adapter

Image showing the rear of the suction cup adaptorThis is an adaptor with one use in mind, and that is mounting suction cup base dildos. This adaptor has a male KlicLok adaptor screwed to a flat plate with a raised edge.

The stainless steel plate allows you to stick your suction cup dildo to it before attaching the adaptor to your fucking machine.

To remove your dildo, break the seal with a fingertip, and it will drop off. This means you can use this plate for quick swaps of suction cup dildos which is fantastic.

I have lots of suction cup dildos, and it is nice to be able to use them on a fucking machine.

G-spot Clamp

Image showing the g-spot clampThis is a very versatile adaptor that allows you to fit pretty much anything else to your fucking machine. Think rabbit vibes, g-spot vibes or any other insertable really.

It caters for the toys without a vac-u-lock hole or suction cup base. I really enjoyed fitting a rabbit vibe to my fucking machine. The sensation of the ears momentarily being in contact with my clitoris was fantastic and a huge tease as it fucked me.

This is a well thought out and easy to use adjustable clamp.

This adaptor is made out of stainless steel and high strength ABS. The jaw faces have a non-slip material on them to aid grip. You unwind the clamp to make it accept your toy before clamping it in place.

30cm Extension Rod

Image showing the 30cm extension barThis rod comes into its own when you need some distance between you and the fucking machine, and it's a handy addition to this set. It makes your machine more comfortable to use as you are positioned further away from the working parts.

This one measure in at 30cm and in my opinion is a must for short machines like the Traveller Pro. Just fit it to your machine and then install another attachment to the end to increase your play possibilities.

Spring Connector

Image showing the Spring ConnectorI really like this adaptor, it is so simple. It can be fitted between your machines thrust rod and whatever you have thrusting away inside you. It makes the thrust rod flexible, it also cushions it to an extent. It is perfect for the squirmers out there who can't stay still when getting pounded.

It also has the added bonus of making it easy to line up the thrust rod with your holes. Allowing you to move slightly in use makes getting fucked by a machine much more comfortable too.

Male Masturbator Bandage

Image showing the male masturbator adaptorThe adaptor allows you to strap any masturbator sleeve or fleshlight style toy to the end of your fucking machine.

It features a long velcro strap that wraps around the plastic mount. The mount itself has a spiral-shaped holding arm that you can stretch open before allowing it to close around your toy.

You then just tightly wrap the velcro around the outside to secure your toy onto the attachment. You then fit it to the end of your fucking machines thrust rod to enable the masturbator to stroke your penis when you insert it and switch the machine on.

This is an excellent adaptor if you enjoy fleshlight style toys and being able to enjoy the stroking action hands-free is a bonus of course.

If you own a HiSmith fucking machine that accepts the KlicLok attachment system then check out this amazing adaptor set. Click to Tweet

Key Features

Key features:

  • Six attachments using the KlicLok system
  • Good quality attachments
  • Four attachments for fitting a variety of sex toys
  • Two attachment designed to increase range and feel of the thrusting

I would recommend it to:

  • Anyone with a fucking machine that accepts KlicLok attachments
  • Anyone looking to use lots of different style of attachments
  • Anyone who needs some more length to their thrust rod
  • Anyone looking to mount a male masturbator to their fucking machine

I wouldn't recommend it to:

  • Anyone without a fucking machine that accepts KlicLok attachments

Image showing all of the attachments together with the Pro Traveler Fucking Machine
These attachments greatly improve the functionality of any fucking machine that accepts KlicLok attachments like the Pro Traveler (sold seperately)

Final Thoughts

This is another fantastic attachment set, a lot of thought has gone into the selection of the adaptors. With it, you can pretty much mount anything to your machine.

The box they come in is fantastic, and as a set, it's pretty much perfect for increasing your play possibilities with any machine that accepts KlicLok attachments.

Like the other sets, HiSmith created this one after analysing their sales of attachments over a long period of time to select the most popular accessories. Buying them in this set saves you a lot of money over buying them independently.

I was sent this fucking machine attachment set by Hismith and I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to review it for them.

Joanne's rating

Ease Of Use

After reviewing the HiSmith Pro Traveler KlicLok Sex Machine, they have graciously given me a discount code to share with everyone here.

You can get 10% off that Sex Machine as well as its attachment kits, and that is fantastic.

But it gets better, they have justed extended the offer to give you 10% off and a FREE Spring Adaptor as mentioned in my reviews with your order. This is fantastic news and more reason to shop at Hismith.vo.uk

Just use this discount code during checkout - Joanne

Valid Products:

Check out their range of sex machines and attachments as it is fantastic. Don't forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".


Where Can I Get One From?

Hismith produce some fantastic sex machines

Check out the amazing range of sex and fucking machines over at HiSmith. They carry a huge selection of very capable sex machines as well as kits like this one.

Grab one of these fantastic kits over at HiSmith for £188.

Check them out and don’t forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".


This review does not contain affiliate links, for more information about affiliate links check out my disclosure page.

Additional Info

  • Overall Rating: 9.4
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  • V91
    Comment Link V91 Tuesday, 11 February 2020 01:09

    As an owner of one of their higher end double sided double fucking machines, I am a fan of hismith products. In my opinion you get a long of bang for your proverbial buck with their products as compared to several others I looked at. My machine has more than enough power to DP two girls at the same time (and has done so on a few occasions) and it is surprisingly quiet for how much power it delivers. Highly recommend their machines.

    All that said, I have to personally knock this accessory kit as being overpriced and only moderately functional. The vac-u-lock is really the only good accessory in this kit, and I own 4 of them. The spring is the next best accessory in the kit as it allows for angle adjustment for DP with my machine and I own a pair of them, but even that accessory is far too stiff and girls have told me it chafed them because it pulled up too hard. The extension rod is fine, but I really not sure what the use case is for them as their machines are so adjustable that you should easily be able to maneuver it where needed without extension. For the velcro strap for holding a male sleeve and the suction mount, you pretty much have to also tape the toys in place because the attachment method intended is not nearly sufficient by itself. Finally, the g spot gripper also isn't the best as it only opens a little ways and it's not enough to get larger toys into without damaging them (if at all).

    Love their machines, but you are better off DIY'ing your own accessories for the most part, imo.

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Tuesday, 11 February 2020 07:25

    Hi V91, you bring up some interesting points.

    I saw that machine at a recent trade show and it looks amazing, it is good to hear some feedback from someone with one. I am currently reviewing one of their top end machines and it is fantastic.

    The Vac-u-lock adaptor is indeed a staple and great adaptor but I also use the suction cup mount as I have a lot of suction cup dildos, especially silicone ones that I enjoy using.

    The spring isn't a replacement for aligning the thrust rod correctly, but it does allow for some wriggle room when playing.

    The extension rod is essential is you are using a machine without an adjustable thrust rod like the Pro Traveler that accompanied this kit.

    The velcro strap does hold a fleshlight in place well and of course, you can use something like medical cohesive bandages as well if you want to be extra sure it won't slip, the thing is with that attachment you do have the option of using one whereas if you are not into DIY you can't.

    Regarding the G gripper, larger toys can be fitted into the Fleshlight adaptor and it works fine with some vibrators.

    Obviously you can't get an attachment that will work with every toy and DIY is a great option if you have the inkling, knowledge or time to come up with something yourself. If you have a use for all of the attachments then the kit makes sense, however if you were just interested in one part in particular then it would make sense just buying that one.

    Pricing is always an issue with fucking machines and attachments as it is a small niche marketplace with relatively low volume of sales and so manufacturing costs are high. DIY is always the best option but simply not for everyone.

    It's a kit that won't be for everyone, but it covers most bases well, that is of course if your machine uses the KlicLok attachment system. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.


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