Hackers, My New Office & Coronavirus Woes

Written by  Mar 12, 2020

The last two weeks have been taxing to say the least

Well, it feels like I have been running flat out for the last two weeks, probably because I have been doing precisely that.

They always say that problems come in threes and this has been the case these last few weeks.

From the outset I decided on the following criteria:The first thing that has been a significant drain on my time and resources is my new office.

Now, that isn't exactly bad news as I love it, but setting it up has been bloody hard work and expensive too. But, I am more than happy with the results so far, it isn't quite finished, but I am using it already.

"But that is good news Joanne", I hear you cry, and yes it is, but just as I signed the contract, my site went down. I had been hacked! So, as well as setting up my new office, I had to deal with the fallout from that debacle.

So my valuable time was further drained with having to identify the attack vector so I could mitigate the problem and rebuild my site.

Luckily I am the backup queen, and that gave me time as every time the hackers messed with my site I just rolled everything back in a sort of hacking tug of war. They would piss me off, and I would roll everything back, hopefully pissing them off too while I gathered my thoughts and worked on my new site.

The result of many hours of working into the wee hours of the morning has seen my fibromyalgia flare-up leaving me in agony some days. But the work continued as I needed my site online. Over the last five years, it has become such an essential part of my life, having it messed with hurt me physically as well as mentally.

Rather than patch the problem with my site, I opted for a full redesign. While that may horrify other bloggers as I had so many backups, it was a simple case of moving to a new server. Then installing my content management systems and then extracting articles from a backup of my old database to create my articles again. This was followed by lots of time tweaking the design and making sure everything works (there are probably some buggy areas, but I will get to them when I find them).

Luckily Stunt Cock and sub'r' have been here to help out and they have both been godsends during this hectic period.

I hope you all like the new look site.

The forum is back, but on a separate server so if anything else happens to it my main site will be safe and sound. All of the old articles and user accounts have been saved and resurrected. I did lose some of the images though - sorry. My hope is that I can get the free STL files for my e-stim products available next week, but as you can imagine, I need to focus on the site itself first.

Then to top everything off, I was planning on attending ETO (Erotic Trade Only) a sex toy industry trade show in the Midlands, but it has been cancelled. The same thing has happened to Eroticon, which is a shame, but safety is paramount, and I can understand the organisers' decision.

But having forked out for a (non-refundable) hotel booking, I am left in the lurch as are a lot of people - bugger. So, I have decided to go and use the hotel anyway, if I've paid for it I am going to bloody well use it rather than cancel and have them take my money before renting the room out to someone else too.

So after two weeks of hell, I am going to take a few days rest. Hopefully, my body will appreciate the rest and the pain will get better, fingers crossed.

On the subject of Coronavirus, I hope all of you stay safe and get through the days ahead. It is horrible, and it saddens me to think of how many lives have been lost to it already. I hope something changes to lessen the problem, and I hope a vaccine is developed quickly. The sceptical side of me thinks big-pharma will sit on it so they can make more money from it though. I hope I am wrong on that one.

Well, that's it from me tonight. It's late, and I'm knackered, but I am proud of what I have achieved the last couple of weeks. Stay safe everyone, and have a fantastic weekend.

Jo xxx

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