Guest Review - Electrastim Habanero Silicone Fusion Prostate Massager Electrode

Written by  Jun 08, 2020

Another great review from across the pond from Lawman

Hello kinksters! It's Lawman again with yet another review of a "hot" estim product. The big news though first; I have hit the big time with respect to reviewing sex toys and more specifically estim toys.

Electrastim sent me another product from the Silicone Fusion line to review, but this time I did not have to pay for it! Thank you.

I think however I had help from a "little birdie" (birdie, get it. See I can be British). This is so much fun, but it does take some time and work as Joanne as eluded to on more than one occasion.

"Let me tell you, it feels really nice buzzing your arse (lol) from entrance all the way to prostate. I cranked the box up to full power. I normally would not do that, but I think due to the amount of contact surface available it didn't seem like that much current."


Since Electrastim was so kind to send me this at no cost I feel I really need to spend extra time on this one and provide a really thorough review so grab another cup of coffee, relax and read on.

Today, straight from a hidden field somewhere in Latin America, I will review for your reading pleasure, the Habanero. However, before I begin, I need to correct an incorrect statement I made in the Electrastim Viper Review. I incorrectly stated that I did not previously own any Electrastim products.

Image showing Habanero Electrodes in their natural environment
Some Secluded Spot in Latin America

This has turned out to be not true. I was looking for something else recently and found a Noir Sirius. I will mention that a bit during this review. This review is not about the Noir Sirius though, so without further ado let me introduce to you The Habanero!

The Habanero is a prostate massager with electro stimulation capability. These are two of my favorite things (well almost). I really am an electro slut, and I normally use some sort of estim anally whenever I have a session.

Although I am not gay, I really enjoy anal play, so many nerve endings back there and it really, I mean REALLY feels nice to stimulate those. I had to say that about not being gay because a lot of people think that guys who enjoy anal play are gay.

This is not so, and they are missing out on some really intense sensations. Sorry for the rant but I just hate to see people miss out some amazing fun by falling victim to misinformation. OK, rant over, Here we go….


Image showing packaging of the Habanero ElectrodesAs usual, the Habanero shipped to me from a U.S. distributor in a plain white shipper. It was completely incognito and gave no indication of its contents. Inside this inconspicuous package was the Habanero.

I wonder if they run packages through a heat scanner at the good ole USPS. I would bet not because if they did this would have been opened and inspected.

The Habanero box (like other Electrastim products) has a very classy design and very clearly states what is inside. Once opened, I found the Habanero inside a form-fitted Styrofoam protector along with Electrastim's signature black storage bag.

These were wrapped tightly and sealed in a clear wrapper. Also contained was an instruction sheet with instructions on care, cleaning and usage. There was also a bit more info about this product than is present on the Web site.

I know this product is for the guys and this goes against the Man Rule book but, please read through the instruction sheet, it is a quick read I promise and some useful info is contained there.

I do want to apologize for the pics. My wife has a nice camera somewhere. I know this because I bought it for her but not only do I not know where it is I am not sure I know how to use it and I really suck at taking pics with a phone. Moving on….


This product is a true work of art and appropriately named. I can almost see these hanging from plants in that undisclosed field somewhere in Latin America. I don't know who named this line of products but hats off!

The Viper resembles the neck of a cobra as it is getting ready to strike and the conductive surface of the Komodo looks like scales (even though the Komodo doesn't really have scales, use your imagination here, OK?), but when you add dragon to that, yeah I can see it.

According to Joanne's review of the Komodo, it can breathe fire as well! But back to the Habanero. Just look at this, it looks hot. The red color is gorgeous and very different than most kinky toys.

All of the Silicone Fusion line of products are made of medical-grade platinum cured phthalate-free silicone. We like this material for our toys because it is body-safe and cleans with soap (mild) and water. Closer inspection under the ole 30x magnifying reveals a product that has been manufactured to high standards.

I saw no imperfections, no joint lines that need to be trimmed, no pits and as you run your finger across it. You feel no difference in elevations between the black conductive surfaces and the red silicone. The completely smooth surface is essential since you are going to put this inside you.

You should inspect any type of toy that you are going to put inside any orifice of your body and insure it is smooth. A small imperfection can cause irritation and negate any of the fun you had using it. It may also require professional medical care. You most definitely do not want to tear your colon even the slightest!

I stated above that I have an Electrastim Noir Sirius. This is a quad pole electrode which is why I purchased it. You know, the old adage if two are good then four is better?

I didn't really care for the stim on the perineum though (AKA taint), but that's just me.

Disclaimer here: When reviewing a sex toy, a lot of it is subjective in nature. There are objective observations like providing a description, but then the "function test" is mostly subjective. This is especially true of estim devices. Everyone's body, body chemistry and their personal preferences are different.

Back to the task at hand. The Habanero is molded after the Noir Sirius but it larger which is OK with me. I like that "stuffed" feeling and do not mind the larger size at all. See pic below.

Image showing Habanero Electrodes next to the Noir Sirius
The Silicone Noir Sirius next to the Silicone Fusion Habanero

Like the Komodo, the Habanero has the "stealth" connection system. This is a very nice feature. The Noir Sirius does not have this, and I think that limits its usage.

You can sit on this (more discussion later) and not worry about destroying your cables. We could all use a bit more cable management in our lives. The connections on the Habanero are standard ole 2mm pin connections.

I would not recommend adapters here especially if you want to sit on it or use a harness as they may protrude past the bottom. The debris is something used in the manufacturing process. I had not yet cleaned it when I took the pics.

It goes without saying that you should ALWAYS thoroughly clean new toys. It actually rinsed off with just water as I was cleaning it.

Image showing the Stealth Cable and Connection System
The stealth cable and connection system is fantastic

Image showing a freshly picked Habanero cabled up and ready to go
A freshly picked Habanero cabled up and ready to go

Doesn't that thing look awesome? One last feature. Like the Noir Sirius, you can bend the base up and down to get it positioned just right, and it will stay in that position until you move it.

Don't put it back in the box though because you will have to bend it back to original to get it in the Styrofoam. Besides, that's what the little black bag is for. Sure, it looks so cool or, err hot, but how did it feel you ask? Well, read on my friends.


I am going to start this off by explaining a bit about "ghost fuck." I see this all the time in various forums; "how do I get ghost fuck" or "what do I need to get to feel ghost fuck" and so on.

My first estim purchase a long time ago was a PES power box, a bipolar penile flex ring, a corona stimulator and an acrylic butt plug. I achieved ghost fuck the very first time (as well as an HFO, I was hooked forever).

Joanne wrote an article about this that pertained to "vagina owners" mainly, but the concept is the same.

With anal, I think what people are looking for when they ask this is the movement of the electrode in and out. This is caused by using electrical current to cause the sphincter muscle (yep the arse hole is a muscle, see British again) to contract.

Chiropractors use estim to ease sore muscles and muscle pain. Depending on how it's adjusted and the contact area the muscles with contract and relax (spasm).

The old Relaxacizors from the late 50's and early 60's did the same thing. They were outlawed because they were advertised as weight-loss devices. Yep, just strap these electrodes around your gut, sit down with a beer or three and you will have a six-pack in no time (pun intended). Right.

Weight loss isn't that easy, but I digress. To achieve ghost fuck with respect to feeling the electrode move in and out, you need to stimulate the outside of the opening and either the inside of the anus just after the sphincter or the inside of the opening.

An estim butt plug is what one needs for this. Within the Electrastim line of products, I would guess (since I don't own them and based on experience with similar) that the Classic and Extreme lines would provide that.

Perhaps the Rockers would as well but I am not familiar with those or any similar product. One also needs the right power box to make that happen. I have tried with a tens unit and have not been successful. Besides, my tens is used for my lower back. I can achieve ghost fuck with any of the boxes I have that are designed specifically for estim.

I said all that to say this. Do not expect the Habanero to provide a ghost fuck; it simply isn't designed for that. It is a prostate massager. Stick with me here. There are no conductive surfaces that contact the front side of the sphincter. BUTT (lol), there is more to anal play for a male than just letting Casper have his way with you.

Remember, we have something that females do not have, and that is the prostate. It can be almost as elusive to locate as the female clit, but it is there.

So here we go. I have my Habanero wired, lubed and ready to go. It isn't really THAT big, and I am not new to anal play so I put just a bit of lube on the tip and it slid right in. Please use as much lube as you need. The point here is that it is not difficult to insert. Right from the first, I could feel the excitement in my prostate as the Habanero reached its target.

I really like the way it feels. The instruction sheet (remember fellas' I told you to read it) states that you can sit on it which I did. This works just fine without firing up the voltage. It felt really, really good just to sit on it and rock a bit. But it's an estim device so now it's time to apply the juice. However; now we have a problem, it will not stay in.

Image showing an example of a generic prostate massagerI had the same problem with the Noir Sirius. I have no issues with other prostate massagers like the Aneros products or butt plugs (unless they are too small lol). This is a pic of a generic standard type of prostate massager. I think why these will not stay in has to do with the size of the base. Notice how small the base is on the one below. This allows the sphincter to almost close when inserted and the bulbous part will be behind the sphincter preventing the massager from coming out on its' own.

The Noir Sirius and the Habanero do not have a small base or the bulbous part behind it. Actually the way the taper faces the anus just makes it easier to slide out. Not easily discouraged and to continue with the evaluation I reached around and held it in. I used my trusty ole PES box to power it up.

Let me tell you, it feels really nice buzzing your arse (lol) from entrance all the way to prostate. I cranked the box up to full power. I normally would not do that, but I think due to the amount of contact surface available it didn't seem like that much current.

This was also more of a buzzing type of sensation and very smooth not tingles (best word I know to describe). It felt more like a vibrator than it did estim.

Sometimes with certain combinations, estim can have a bit of sharp and bitey (I think I just made up a new word) sensations but not with the Habanero.

But now get this, when I pushed it all the way in nice and tight, I could feel some contraction of the muscles. I could feel the Habanero move ever so slightly, not really what I call a ghost fuck but it moved enough I could feel it rub the prostate. How can you tell you ask?

A guy just knows because it feels really really, really nice! Not to waste an opportunity, and due to the pressure on the prostate, little Willy was quite ready for some fun of his own. I put the Viper on and connected the other side of the PES.

This combination seemed to take away some the sensations going on in the stern, but I let it finish to conclusion anyway.

The PES is really a single channel box anyway so this was to be expected, less contact surface with the Viper, so the sensations were more intense there. This gave me enough info to plan my next test.

Image showing a Habanero with its base bent in different directions
The base of the Habanero can be adjusted for a better fit

For this test, I put on a harness to hold the Habanero fully in. This is very difficult to do with the Noir Sirius due to the way the power cable connects on the bottom. There are four connections and even using cables with 90-degree pins on the connection they still protrude, and it just doesn't work out so well, and I think you can see why.

The stealth connection system on the Habanero made this very easy and very effective. I also decided to use two power boxes. I used the PES to power the Habanero and then my MK-312BT to power the Viper on the lower end, and on the other end, I used Joanne's Bi-polar glans electrode (not in tri-phase).

This was very effective, and I mean VERY effective. Lots going on in the penis as well as the sensations in the rear with that small bit of prostate massage from the nominal movement of the Habanero. The ensuing orgasm was really quite glorious!

Check out the amazing Guest Review of the @Electrastim Silicone Fusion Habanero Prostate Massager Electrode over on @JoannesReviews site by Lawman, a US stimmer. Click to Tweet

Key Features

Key features:

  • Made from medical grade platinum cured phthalate-free silicone
  • Estim prostate stimulator
  • Takes 2mm plugs
  • Stealth cable connection allows the user to sit on it if desired
  • Adjustable base will keep its position when removed

I would recommend it to:

  • Any guys looking to experience a bi-polar prostate massager electrode
  • Any guys that enjoy anal play

I wouldn't recommend it to:

  • First-timers to anal play due to its size

Final Thoughts

I was disappointed that the Habanero would not stay in on its own, but from examining the design, I could really tell beforehand that this would probably be the case.

However, once I understood that and used a harness (there might be other ways, and I would love to hear about them), then it was all good from that point on.

It provided some different and unique sensations which I am always "up" for. This is a very well manufactured toy, and the price of $99 just isn't bad for anything estim. I love the texture and that color! I also like the size; bigger is better….normally. Anal play is lots of fun and most pleasurable when done properly.

Since this carries the moniker of being a prostate stimulator, I spoke mainly to prostate owners during this review. I do not see why the ladies couldn't have fun with this as well. It should provide that nice smooth, pleasant buzzing feeling in the rear canal. I suppose it could be used vaginally but perhaps a bit large to insert fully. BUT, if you could hold it against the "G" spot, well that might be interesting.

Joanne again - The Habanero is one of a range of four new electrodes from Electrastim that form the Silicone Fusion Range. They include a cock ring - The Viper, a dildo electrode - The Komodo and a Skin Play Pinwheel - The Infinity Elctro Pinwheel.

I would like to thank Electrastim for the opportunity to test and review the Habanero. It was very enjoyable. I encourage you to continue to come up with innovative and new ideas for estim enthusiasts.

As a closing note, I would love to see someone include a quality vibrator in an estim prostate massager (or dildo). I modified one to do just that, but the motor stopped after only a few uses. It was very time consuming and difficult with the tools I have to make, so I just have not tried again. Just throwing this out there. I did enjoy the short time we had together.

Lawman's rating

Ease of use
I only gave it an 8.5 for ease of use as I needed a harness to enjoy its full capabilities - Lawman.

Where Can I Get One From?


Grab one of these fantastic prostate play bi-polar electrodes direct from Electrastim for only £79 if you live in the UK, or if you are in the USA then check out their US site where you can grab a Habanero Electrode for $99 USD.

Check them out and don’t forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".

If you fancy supporting my blog when ordering an Electrastim Habanero by using an affiliate link you can get one from


Disclaimer - This post contains affiliate links and if you purchase something when you follow one of these links I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. For more information check out my disclosure page.

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