Friday, March 29th, is Boobday!

Written by  Mar 29, 2019

Celebrate #BoobDay by whipping them out and admiring them

It's finally here BrexitDay and what a cluster that is, so let's think about a much better day to celebrate and enjoy - Boobday!

These pics aren't as grand as others posted on #BoobDay, but they do get a message over. We are all different, there are many body shapes and sizes, and everyone is normal.

Don't think there is something wrong with you if one boob is bigger than the other or if one nipple rests higher then the other. Diversity and these differences make every pair of breasts unique, and we should celebrate that. Imagine how boring things would be if breasts were all the same shape, size and density?

BoobDay is all about body confidence and celebrating the fact that we all different in many ways. Often we put ourselves down but we shouldn't. Be proud of your boobs, be proud of yourself.

So on this day, give your boobs a second glance and admire their beauty, they are unique, fun and above all part of you.

So, to celebrate BoobDay, here are three pictures of my boobs together with the delightful breasts of sub'r'.


Image showing Joanne and sub'r' holding each others breasts
We are all different and that is what makes us so unique

Image showing Joanne and sub'r' pressing each others breasts together
Breasts are just so much fun and we should celebrate that

Image showing the breasts of Joanne and sub'r'
Breasts are just so much fun to touch and squeeze, enjoy yours

Enjoy more #BoobDay pics by clicking on the image below:

Celebrate BoobDay

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