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Written by  Jun 15, 2020

I am working on some pretty neat designs and products

I have been designing and making 3D printable electrodes and more importantly, electrode insulators for over a year now.

Over that time, my skills and knowledge about not only designing these items but enabling the designs to be easily printed on hobby-level 3D printers have improved considerably.

I still release my designs to the community for free personal use as I am a big believer of giving back to the community.

I also sell ready-made insulators and the funds from these products helps me run my site and also upgrade my equipment so that I can create even better and more intricate kink and e-stim products.

I have upgraded my Ender 3 printer to a direct drive system, it is now controlled by a 32-bit processor making it better in almost every way.

One of my reasons for upgrading from the standard bowden drive system for the filament to a direct drive system is so I can use some really nice materials.

My aim is to be able to design and print flexible insulators and electrodes. My basic cock loop insulators have been incredibly well received by the community. It allows you to target both the Dorsal and Perineal nerve groups while stimming.

For more information about the logic for this check out my Electrosex Penis Play Guide For Hands Free Orgasms.

Image showing the basic cock loop insulator design

When I designed these cock loop insulators, I had to make a couple of design assumptions. First and most importantly was that I needed to decide what diameter I was going to use for the insulator itself. After a few hours googling "what are the average penis dimensions", I came up with an average of all the average figures I had seen on different sites and surveys.

I figured this would be a good starting point, and if I started to get feedback about it being generally too big or too small, I could change the design. Thankfully the dimensions that I came up with are decent, and no-one has asked for a bigger or smaller.

That's great, but it means for some guys out there it may be a little too snug, and for others, it may be too loose.

That brings me neatly to my proposed solution, which is to design a new cock loop insulator that is more suited to printing in flexible filaments. Now, imagine an insulator that will flex and form to your exact size. It will be snug and comfortable while still being an extremely effective way to stimulate the Dorsal and Perineal nerves.

I will be experimenting with NinjaFlex Cheetah, it's not the softest filament, but it has some excellent qualities (apart from its price). It's hard-wearing, tough, while still being flexible. More importantly, looking at its MSDS (Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet) it contains nothing nasty. That is important as it is, of course, going to be fitted around your tackle.

It has impact strength 84% greater than ABS, which means I can use it in designs for 3D printed control box covers. Think phone case but for your expensive e-stim control box. Its Shore Hardness rating is 95, which means it is much harder than most of my dildos but soft enough to absorb impacts and to be flexible.

This material will also allow me to design and print some clip-on impact-resistant covers for my e-stim controls boxes.

On more than one occasion, I have got my feet caught on an electrode cable when moving, causing my control box to be yanked. Luckily so far all of them have survived my accident-prone stimming sessions, but it's only a matter of time until I damage one by having it hit the floor.

So in the same manner as mobile phone cases, I intend to design some clip-on covers for my boxes so if they do get dropped, they have a much better chance of surviving.

Well that's you all brought up to date with some of the things that I'm working on. You also now know what's in the pipeline. Wish me luck.

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