Explaining Stereostim Or Using Audio Files For Electrostimulation

Written by  Apr 09, 2020

Stereostim is a great way to enjoy stimming some fun

Recently Electrastim, a UK manufacturer of some brilliant E-Stim Control boxes such as their AXIS (read my review of it here) and the FLUX started to produce some excellent estim videos.

On social media, they asked if there was anything in particular people would like to see explained in these videos. Well being a gobby cow (in the most delightful way), I had to ask about a quick primer on stereo-stim or using audio files when stimming. It's often a subject that causes lots of confusion to people new to stimming.

Imagine my delight when they did produce an excellent video on this subject. They even gave me a shout out in it too, thank you Electrastim.

What is Stereo-Stim?

In essence, stereo-stim in the use of audio files to drive the output waveforms from e-stim control boxes. Rather than a program driving an output waveform, the sound files used are interpreted to create the output waveform that is then felt by the stimmer.

Think of it simply as being able to feel the sounds. Purists use sound files and recordings of different frequencies and intensities to get the most out of this form of stimming. These files often sound very weird though, basically because they are designed for the way that they feel rather than what they sound like.

Modern e-stim control boxes use digital processing to convert sound to stim signals. This is good for a number of reasons, the primary oen though is safety. This style of control box limits the output in line with regulations, making them a much safer option than a DIY project. The best bit though is that you can use normal music, background noise or even a voice to drive the output from a control box that features Audio capability.

Sound files are usually played on a computer, mp3 player or even a mobile phone. A cable can then be used to connect the player to the control box, and you then connect your electrodes as usual to yourself and to your control box.

The playing sound file will then be turned into an output waveform by the e-stim control box, and you control the intensity of the output as usual.

This is a very popular form of stimming for obvious reasons. It makes the variations in feel and performance almost limitless. Heck, I've even got off to Ed Sheeran songs once or twice in the past LOL.

Sterostim is something I have dabbled with but I generally just stim using the inbuilt modes on e-stim control boxes. I think though that I need to put some time in to shall we say "research" it some more. That's an excellent excuse to be able to enjoy you delicious e-stim orgasms of course.

Check out the reviews that I have done of Electrastim products.

Or, check out their products on their site, don't forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".

So, without further ado, here is the new video from Electrastim about Stereo Stim and how to set it up quickly and easily on the AXIS or FLUX (one day I hope to review a FLUX too).

Electrastim - Control your electro-stimulation with audio!

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Check them out and don’t forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".


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