Estim Study Confirms Simple Nerve Stimulation May Improve Sexual Response in Women

Written by  Feb 12, 2020

It's good to see a study confirming that e-stim can have positive benefits for treating sexual dysfunction in women

I have been "having sex with electrons" for about four years, and it has changed my sex life for the better. I discovered it by accident but love how nuanced the sensations can be, and how many ways there are of playing.

I have long assumed, yes I know that can be dangerous, but bear with me on this one. I have thought that e-stim can have potential health benefits, as well as being a fantastic way of getting off hands-free.

I know that some doctors recommend electrical kegel trainers to tighten up and control pelvic floor muscles. Small electrical impulses cause these muscles to tighten and relax over time, training them and strengthening them. This is just one example of electricity being used for positive health benefits, but it is for a specific condition.

I was delighted to see an article that talked about a study that was carried out by the University of Michigan titled - Simple Nerve Stimulation May Improve Sexual Response in Women.

Obviously with a title like that it immediately got my attention for obvious reasons. I strongly suggest reading the full article, but in essence, it talks about a small study using nine women.

Female sexual dysfunction in notoriously hard to diagnose and even harder to treat. Drug options including the sildenafil pill (better known by the brand name Viagra), hormones and even flibanserin. This is a new drug designed to improve sexual response that is now available. The problems with these drugs are their side effects which often negate their effectiveness in some women.

The study, therefore, looked at how nerve stimulation could be used to treat sexual dysfunction and low libido.

"In this particular treatment, a patient receives nerve stimulation therapy once a week to improve neural signalling and function in the muscles that control the bladder."

Tim Bruns, Ph.D.

Each woman in the trail was given twelve half-hour sessions of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), and the results were studied.

The good news is that eight of the nine women reported some improvement in arousal, lubrication and orgasm, something I can heartily concur with.

"Across a variety of clinical studies, if you get a 50 per cent improvement in symptoms, you can consider that a successful response, we had four participants meet or exceed that threshold."

Tim Bruns, Ph.D.

The University is now seeking finance to be able to conduct a more extensive study. Their aim is to confirm their initial findings and to get more details of how e-stim can be used medically to treat sexual dysfunction as well as other conditions.

That is fantastic news, and I for one, would be happy to be involved, but as a lover of e-stim, I think I would be a bit biased.

If you are interested in how e-stim can be used sexually, you can check out my eBook - Joanne's Beginners Guide To E-Stim And Electrosex.

One participant in the study was interviewed and said this about her experience:

"It worked for me, I'm not 100 per cent back to the way I was, but I can have orgasms again, and they are pretty good ones."

Anonymous Study Participant

With that, I will leave you to read about the study or check out my e-stim resources.

Yes, study shows that e-stim can have positive medical benefits such as treating low libido and sexual dysfunction in women. Click to Tweet
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