E-stim Live Stream Update

Written by  May 12, 2024

We are doubling down on our commitment to our livestreams

Big things are happening in the very near future. As some of you may already know, we have started to do a Saturday e-stim livestream where we talk about all sorts of electrosex-related subjects.

Now, our internet is temperamental at the best of times, so we often lose connection during our live stream, and the feed drops. This, coupled with us running out of space here at Chez Joanne, has meant I am actively on the lookout for a new workshop closer to town.

Moving, while expensive, is going to give me better internet access and, more importantly, more space for my operation as I am getting busier and busier each month (which is a good thing).

So it's exciting times here, with lots of projects on the go and a roadmap to growth.

Now we have a small but dedicated number of watchers of our live streams (thank you all for your support) and we were brain storming to find a way to thank watchers.

When sub'r' came up with the idea of doing a weekly discount code for live stream watchers we all agreed it was a great idea. So, starting this coming Saturday a discount code will be displayed on screen at a random place for a short time. This code can be used on my e-stim site here and it will be valid for just 48 hours from the start of the livestream.

A new discount code will be provided each week so regular viewers can have something new to look forward to.

Prior to moving, we invested in some new equipment to hopefully keep the streams flowing. We have a bonded internet now, and that means that as well as using Starlink, our streams will be backed up through a phone connection and an internet dongle. So if Starlink goes down (it regularly drops out as it picks up a new satellite, which is enough to kill a stream), the other two connections should immediately take over to keep the stream alive. All you may notice is some buffering, but the important thing is that the stream shouldn't drop out.

We have also invested in a high-speed hard drive so live streams will be recorded as we do them, so even if the whole internet goes "tits up", as Stunt Cock says, the live stream will be saved so I can immediately upload it as a video to Youtube. Hopefully, these two measures will keep the streams going until we can move to a better location.

Maybe I should run a weekly sweepstake to see how far we get into a stream before it drops out, LOL.

We are also obtaining some equipment to be able to start a podcast show, too; this is something that could be a lot of fun for all.

In the meantime, you can support our work through our shop here or over at E-Stim Emporium. Your support is greatly appreciated and enables us all here to continue to do what we enjoy. I honestly belive that we have the best jobs in the world.

You can view all of our previous live streams on my YouTube Channel.

Hopefully, we'll see you on Saturday. Well, technically, you'll be seeing us, but you know what I mean.

Stay safe and have fun.

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