Estim Inverse Proportionality Pain Rule

Nov 16, 2019

While generally not painful, e-stim can surprise you if you panic

Catchy title, eh? What the heck is the E-stim Inverse Proportionality Pain Rule? Well, it's a term that I just came up with to cover an often overlooked effect when playing with electrosex equipment.

It is quite simple. The sensations that you feel are inversely proportional to the surface area of the electrodes in contact with your body. So the smaller the contact surface, the more intense the stimulation. Or in other words, you will get a painful zap if you remove an electrode while the power is switched on.

Think of it like this; proportional pain is what we are all used to. Imagine dipping your toe into bathwater that is far too hot. It hurts, and so you immediately lift your toe out of the water to remove the source of the pain. That is proportional pain, if you continued dipping your other toes and then your foot into the water, the pain would increase.

The way that pain or unpleasant sensations work when playing with electrosex equipment is the opposite of that. It is inversely proportional, let me explain.

Imagine having a bipolar e-stim electrode inserted in your vagina or butt. You have good surface contact with your body for the signals to pass through. Now if you turn the power up too high and it becomes painful, the natural thing to do would be to try to whip the electrode out of you to remove the source of the pain. But that would actually make it worse.

I experienced that on my very first e-stim session. I had an insertable bipolar electrode in my vagina, and I turned the power up too fast. It hurt, and I pulled on the wires to get it out of my pussy. What happened, would have looked fun in slow motion. As I was yanking on the cable and pulling the electrode out, all I was doing was making an ever decreasing electrode surface area in contact with my flesh. This caused an exponential increase in pain until as I pulled it completely out, I thought I had fried my pussy. I could almost imagine a burning smell coming from it as it hurt so much.


That was me experiencing the Inverse Proportionality Pain Rule. What I should have done is either push more of the electrode into my pussy or just turned down the power controls on the e-stim control box. Pulling the active electrode out was a terrible idea as the E-Stim Inverse Proportionality Pain Rule kicked in ensuring I would immediately regret it.

Another example of this rule in action and this one had tears of laughter running down my face as I read an article from the incredible Girl On The Net - Fuck the pain away: The golden rule of electro sex.

In this article, she explained how she experienced this phenomenon while using one of the new amazing looking ElectraStim Komodo Dildo.

"The sudden, forceful zing of having just the tip of the dildo at the entrance to my cunt caused me to leap 6 feet into the air and yowl like a strangled cat."

Girl On The Net

Her article succinctly describes the E-stim Inverse Proportionality Pain Rule in a humorous way with her unique style of writing. If you haven't checked out her website, please do, it is fantastic, and I have had the honour of meeting her in person, she is a legend in her own right.

Check out her website and tell her Joanne says "Hi" -

So to sum up the E-Stim Inverse Proportionality Pain Rule

If it hurts, turn the power down or insert more of the electrode, don't whip it out. If you do, then you will experience the sort of painful zap that quickly teaches you a lesson. Trust me. I know as I learnt the hard way.


It isn't all doom and gloom though as e-stim is capable of delivering some incredible orgasms and we can actually use the rule to our advantage.

For instance, if you are using the self-adhesive style monopole pad electrodes and you are maxing out your control box, then you can trim the pads down. This results in a smaller surface area that, according to the inverse rule, will mean more sensations are perceived. It's an easy way to get a quick power boost.

I don't recommend trimming them down any further than around 0.75"/19mm though.

So with that information in mind, go forth and remember not to whip an electrode out with the power box switched on or you'll feel the wrath of the gods of inverse proportionality.

Happy stimming.

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Note: Only use safe e-stim equipment and make sure that you follow all safety rules.

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