I Am Going To Build A StereoStim E-stim Control Box

Written by  Jan 20, 2018

I am hoping to build one without frying my pussy lips!

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog will know that I adore E-stim or Electrosex. I can quickly achieve some fantastic hands-free orgasms using the electrodes and control boxes that I have, and it has me wanting more regarding both power and features.

My all-time favourite e-stim control box is my 2B from E-Stim Systems, it ticks all of the boxes and is a fantastic machine. It's some of its advanced features such as the amazing audio function that has me curious to try new electrode combinations, as well as the illusive Tri-phase set up. This is an electrode and cable setup where the stimulations feel almost 3D and can move around inside your body. The thought of that has me gagging to give it a go.

You can create an account for free on SmartStim.com and benefit from immediate access to some amazing advice from some very serious e-stim players.I recently joined an amazing forum called SmartStim.com and it's a wealth of advice and knowledge of the whole estim scene. It was whilst reading a multitude of posts there about triphase that I learned of the freely available plans to make your own Stereostim system. It was like a lightbulb ighting up in my mind acccompanied by a 'Ding' noise when I read about it. I just have to try one and the only way to do that is to build one for myself.

Here is a draft design of the finished projects front panel

My concept of the front panel of my StereoStim Control Box

Now then, I'm certainly no electronic engineer (although I have dabbled in the world of arduino projects) but the plans are pretty straightforward, and it utilises a commercially available amplifier to do the complicated work. The rest is just wiring, switches and other necessary electronic components. I'm making it sound easy but I imagine it won't be and building one is a monumental task I am setting myself, but I am determined to give it a go in my quest for more orgasms.

I plan on blogging about the whole build process so that anyone else who follows in my footsteps can learn from my experiences and mistakes of course. My first plan is to do lots more reading on SmartStim.com and to start procuring all of the components. I will then build it in a modular form on the desk without worrying about a housing. That way I can construct something that works before breaking it down and putting it into its housing. I want to give the box a medical look as this machine will be great for medical roleplay scenes.

Here is a block diagram of the circuit

A block diagram of my StereoStim Control Box

This is going to be a hell of a ride, and I hope to come out of it without setting my pubes on fire or frying my fanny lips. Fingers crossed on that one anyway. So wish me luck, and I will keep you posted.

The first batch of parts have arrivedUPDATE 25/1/18: Parts are now arriving and I am getting excited now to start the build.

So far I have received a four way five pole switch, various plugs and sockets, the LED's and their metal holders, some connectors and the 12V media player that the system will run around.

UPDATE 28/1/18: I have been playing around with some bits and bobs and have managed to build an Arduino based VU meter that is working well. I'm not sure if it will make it into the final build but it gives me something to do whilst waiting for the rest of the components to arrive.


The Build

My build is now underway slowly, you can follow the build on my build diary.

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  • Sergey
    Comment Link Sergey Thursday, 11 April 2019 13:59

    Hi, Joanne.

    I recommend you to place boost module in your diagram before amplifier - it would be much more simpler to implement.
    One more thought - how do you plan to connect led indicators? Undoubtedly, there will be some caveats.

    So, if you interested in assistance in field of electronics - you can contact me by mail (I'm a PhD in ACS engineering, have a very good skills in electronics and interested in estim thematics).

    P.S. Sorry for my not very good English - I'm from Russia.

    Wish you luck,

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Thursday, 11 April 2019 16:52

    Hi Sergey,

    Thank you for your comment, your English is excellent. The stereostim I am building is to a well-respected design published on smartstim.com and the functional block diagram breaks down the circuit into its component modules. The amplifier is an off the shelf model and the output goes through a boost circuit for BDSM fun and games before hitting the transformer.

    The LED indicators are on each line and there are two LED in parallel in reverse polarity. They are there purely to indicate that the output is an alternating current as it is dangerous to stim with DC current due to electrolysis.

  • Sergey
    Comment Link Sergey Friday, 12 April 2019 08:44

    In such case you do not need LED's at all: in simple words, transformer output is always AC. And any combination (such as tri-phase configuration) of non-shifted (i.e. without DC offset) AC currents, is always AC. So, in your design there will never occur a DC current.

    About booster: I haven't seen those design from smartstim.com (BTW, may be you can provide URL?), but I think booster there is something like resistor-based attenuator with bypass switch. Am I right? If so, those resistors must have enough power rating and will spread significant amount of heat during work. That's not very good (but acceptable). Better is to place same construct (attenuator + bypass switch) before amplifier. In such case there will be less energy lost as heat.

    And because you suppose to use D-class amplifier, you can consider additional autonomous power source such as battery or accumulator, because it has good energy efficiency.

  • Jessica Wanager
    Comment Link Jessica Wanager Monday, 10 February 2020 08:23

    Hi Joanne,
    are you into electronics? That is awesome! Personally I didn't happen to get into it. But I like tech and since I love eStim I happen to learn the very basics about connections and polarities.
    So happy for you though cause the market today is against us women, unfortunately. e.g. the "livia" is a simple small estim device that's for menstrual pain and they sell it for over $400! The cost of it is less than $5 in the Chinese market (like Aliexpress). Unfortunately women today get impressed from the marketing schemes and pay those amounts.. Me on the other hand research a lot the web before buying anything. Now I own about four great eStim devices and lately (a year ago) I found an amazing digital handheld device called "StimTec" (for about $120 amazing price and its made for chiropractors) with 2ch which goes up to 100 (dial). I use only 15-20 max on power. I think its made here in Canada (Odd cause we don't make anything anymore here.. lol) but its really amazing!
    I love portable devices cause my professional one (full body treatments) has me "nailed" in one place and I want to be flexible. I read long time ago about simple sound amps that do the same work, so I bought a cheep Chinese mini-amp (12VDC) with 2 outputs and 1 sub output. I was using it on my tits and pussy/ anus (with two double electrode probes) by playing personal mp3s recorded by my girlfriends.. OMG! There are no words to describe the sensation.. but unfortunately it didn't last long time (I think). One time it was so low in power so I decided to stop using it. Since then I use my other devices (no sound triggered). The professional "eStim" (you know) electrosex device costs about $800 and everybody who bought it seems very satisfied with it. For me I think its still a big cost. We'll see, maybe in the near future I may get it. Well good luck with yours hope you enjoy it for long time. Kiss-kiss

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Tuesday, 11 February 2020 10:03

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks, there are so many boxes available but the stereostim and made for play boxes are so much better than TENS units. Remembering that a TENS unit is designed for pain relief, the outputs can deaden nerves as that is there job. Full stereostim play is fabulous and the expensive boxes are well worth the money if e-stim is for you.

    If you enjoy the machines you have then that is fantastic, we are all different and TENS units do have a place in e-stimming, especially for introducing people to the sensations without them having to pay out a lot of money on something that may not take to.

    It is nice to hear from another female stimmer, I hope you continue to thoroughly enjoy yourself. Happy Stimming.


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