Erofame 2019 - Day 2 Pounding The Boards And Making New Friends

Written by  Oct 10, 2019

Erofame is Europe's biggest adult trade show and we are bang in the middle of it

After a lovely evening and a good nights sleep, it was on to day 2 of Erofame over in Hannover in Germany.

Our first day saw us visiting companies that we love and have worked with in the past to catch up with new developments and product releases. We had decided that day two would see us introducing ourselves to new companies that had caught our eyes.

Condomerie Amsterdam

The first of these companies was Comdomerie Amsterdam. We were blown away by their fantastic display of fun novelty condoms. With all sorts of designs and sizes on offer, there was something for everyone.

After a quick chat, we ended up walking away with a few festive condoms to review. A sneak preview is shown below, but I am sure you will agree they look like so much fun.

Image showing some of the fun condoms from Condomerie Amsterdam


Next up was a French company called GangBangster and they specialise in anal sex toys of the large variety. All of their products are in black and look pretty damn exciting.

However, it was the special guest to their stand that caught our eye and the lovely sub'r' managed to get a pose with the serial pussy-grabber himself. She agrees with the sentiment of "Make Your Ass Great Again".

Image of sub'r with a special guest to the GangBangster stand

Ylva & Dite

We loved the Ylva & Dite stand, they are a Dutch manufacturer of silicone dildos, and their colour schemes are amazing.

Joanne recently reviewed one of their dildos - the Rhea and she loved it. They also sent us a dildo to give out in a competition. It was fantastic to meet them finally and to see the entire range.

Image of some of the fantastic offerings from Ylva & Dite

The Realm

It was lovely to see The Realm products on display at Erofame; we had a fantastic time reviewing the Draco and Drago.

The handle is so heavy and solid that it makes playing with it so much fun.

Image of The Realm Draco and Drago with the other dildos from the range

Jimmy Jane

We stopped by the Jimmy Jane stand as their new menstrual cups caught the eyes of sub'r'. She is a big supporter of this type of menstrual product.

They are great for the environment and also the pocket, having reviewed the Fun Factory Fun Cups she asked if they wanted theirs reviewing. She walked away with another bag and a product to review. Silicone menstrual cups are a fantastic option as they can save you loads of money, and they help to reduce landfill waste.

So watch out for her review coming soon.

Image of sub'r with the Jimmy Jane menstrual cups


It is no secret that we enjoy our BDSM play, and we have a few Rimba products in our toys bags. So we had to stop by for a chat with them to find out what is selling well, and what they were bringing out next.

We left after a friendly chat and enjoyed being shown their best selling baroque style BDSM equipment, the blindfold and strap-on harness look amazing.

Image of some of the Rimba range


We came across a fantastic fetish wear manufacturer called CATS, and they are ones to watch in the future. They produce some stunning dresses and outfits in sizes XS to 10XL.

What was so lovely about their stand was that their plus-size products were front and centre - outstanding.

We had a fantastic chat with them about the technology they use to create bigger sizes and the materials they use. Both of us were very impressed by them, and it was so lovely to see bigger sized products available at Erofame.

Image of one of the fantastic pieces availale from CATS


Satisfyer sponsor Erofame just as they did for ETO. That means we got two goody bags from them with a delightful icecream style vibe (review to follow).

We stopped by their stand to see what is new and were impressed with the number of new products released. Now, Satisfyer keeps sending reviewers sex toys to review; they seem to have a bottomless advertising pit filled with money. So, when pressed do we want to be put on the mailing list I had to tell them we already are otherwise the number of toys arriving for review would be crazy.

Their new packaging looks very nice, it is a significant improvement over their old boxes, and the new wand they are bringing out seems very interesting indeed.

Image of the new Satisfyer packaging

Other Stuff

One fantastic thing about Erofame is that they feed you at lunchtime and the food is amazing. You even get pudding, sub'r' loved the We-Vibe cupcakes and I opted for chocolate moose.

It is a buffet style food service and you are free to pig out if you want to.

Image showing todays food choices

During the day there are always product launches to see and go "Ooooooh" at. There are also loads of competitions, and unfortunately, sub'r won bugger all this year. The grand prize today was a new iPad, but last year she won an iPhone10. I am surprised they didn't ban her from entering the competition this year LOL.

So after a full day, we emerged back out into reality with sub'r' loaded down with goodies.

Image showing sub'r with all of her goodies

Let's see what Day 3 brings...

#Erofame, #Erofame2019


Disclaimer - This post contains affiliate links and if you purchase something when you follow one of these links I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. For more information check out my disclosure page.

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