E-Stim Electrode Instructions

E-Stim Electrode Instructions (1)

If you are thinking of buying one of my electrodes or you have done so then thank you for your insterest in my products. These articles cover each and act as instructions and care guides for them.

It will take me a time to write articles for them all so please ebar with me on that one. If you have any questions about them then just use my contact form to get in touch with me.

Happy Stimming

I hope you find my insulated cock loops a lot of fun

Thank you for purchasing one of my electrodes, the sale of these helps me devote the time and energy required with running this site and of course, creating more kinky electrodes.

These instructions are applicable to both the 4mm and 6mm Conductive Rubber Cock Loop Insulators.

Design Concept

I designed this electrode to allow penis owners a quick, easy and reliable way to insulate the top portion of a cock loop placed around their cock and balls.

It has been designed to be used in conjunction with a second regular cock loop or a self-adhesive monopole pad electrode. Place the second electrode on or just under the glans and connect them both to the same channel (cable) on your control box.

This set-up stimulates both the Dorsal and Perineal nerves, more information on this set-up and even some physiology can be found in my Electrosex Penis Play Guide For Hands-Free Orgasms.

Additional Info

  • Brief Synopsis Instructions for using my cock loop insulators

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