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Written by  Apr 28, 2022

Sparking some lively debate

It's really good to see my electrode designs spark lively debate and discussions.

I have a lot of fun designing, testing, tweaking and then manufacturing my wares, and I believe that they offer value for money and, more importantly, performance.

What do I mean by performance? The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say, and I have enjoyed receiving feedback about my designs from people who actually use them and not just critiquing from afar.

Has the feedback been positive? Yes, it has, but as things can always be improved, I do enjoy receiving suggestions about tweaks to make them perform even better. These suggestions are often implemented into the designs straight away. I believe in constant improvement.

I am not perfect though. Heck, I have no background in anything techy at all. I was a secretary before having to give up work due to mounting health issues. I now work full time as a sex toy reviewer, and my electrode designs help to top up that income.

While not perfect, I love a good challenge and have self-taught myself how to use Fusion360 to create my designs. Be under no illusions that this was a very, very steep learning curve, and while I can type like a ninja, technical subjects were utterly new to me.

I bought my first 3D printer (a humble Creality Ender 3) about three years ago, and that was another steep learning curve. It printed pretty well straight out of the box, but I wanted to improve it, so the mods started.

Needless to say, I got there in the end. I now have six Ender 3's, one CR10-S, two Prusa Mk3S+, two Voron 0 and my pride and joy, Melly Belly, my Voron 2.4.

I can now reliably print ABS products as well as PLA.

Do I make money out of my electrodes? Yes, I do, but I keep my prices as low as possible, covering my overheads and equipment needs while making a profit. Could I charge more? Yes, I could, but I won't. When you look at mainstream electrode manufacturers, my wares are cheap due to my lower overheads.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my efforts over the years. You and your feedback keep me on track, and it keeps my mind in the gutter of course as I think about new ways to take e-stim in new directions.

Happy Stimming.


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