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Sep 15, 2020

Rachel got a nice surprise after moving abroad - Part 2

After spending a week having erotic dreams of my first experience, I decided that I needed more. I had kept the phone numbers of the two studs that I had played with and decided to give them both a call.

I was very nervous about meeting them again. So I suggested we meet for drinks and a chat, after all, I did not want to either lead them on or put myself in a difficult situation.

We agreed to meet in a local hotel bar, that evening. Now, of course, the next challenge was what to wear. Going through the small selection of clothes I had brought with me, I selected my favourite black lace bra and g string set. I paired it with a gorgeous red silk dress; it was skin tight and was short enough to just about cover my butt cheeks. Then came the black lace top stockings and red heels. I wanted to impress and turn heads, and I think that this will do the trick.

Even though I had dressed to impress, I was still very nervous and ended up at the bar 20 minutes early. I did gain some confidence when I saw how many pairs of eyes followed me across the room, and the barman was waiting for my order as soon as I reached him. I was sat at the bar, enjoying my drink for just a few minutes before I saw the two men I was meeting enter the bar. I watched them look around the room for me, then their eyes lit up, and a very enticing smile graced both their faces.

As they approached, I decided that I was going to enjoy my evening, and gave them both a sultry kiss, while running my hands down their back to grip their bottoms. Clasping both their hands, I proceeded to lead them to an empty booth in the corner.

The doctor went to the bar to buy drinks for the three of us and soon returned with a broad smile. He said that the barman had asked how he was so lucky. We chatted and laughed, I found out the doctor's name was really Bruno, and the young stud was Antonio.

It was not long before they suggested taking our little party upstairs to a hotel room Bruno had booked for the night. We did not wait until we had reached the hotel room and started groping and kissing in the lift.

Bruno and Antonio stopped me before we entered the room, saying they had a surprise that they thought would be something I would enjoy.

Inside the large room was not only a huge bed but also what looked like an old fashioned frame with restraints attached. Bruno showed me that the restraints had a safety feature so that anytime I did not feel safe, I could undo them myself. The frame would mean that they had access to my entire body, and I would be helpless.

The idea excited but also scared me a little, but I decided that I would try it. I felt safe, after checking that I could remove the restraints unassisted. I also gave them a safe word.

I walked up to Bruno and started kissing him, then suddenly felt Antonio press his body against my back as he began to kiss and nip my neck. Bruno moved his hand to cup my mound and told Antonio how wet I was already.

They both quickly undressed me and restrained my ankles and wrists. The only things I was still wearing were my stockings and heels. They walked around me, fully dressed, occasionally running a hand across my skin or pinching my nipples.

It felt freeing to be able to give total control over to someone else, and I grew wetter at every touch I received. Then suddenly I felt a hard smack on my bottom, I promptly received another. I had never been smacked before, not even as a child, but I was shocked how turned on it made me.

Antonio went to the bed and retrieved a small case, but I couldn't see what was inside. I watched fascinated as Bruno pulled my nipples to allow Antonio to clamp them between what looked like two pieces of plastic with a black rubber covered in lube. To ensure they were nice and tight, he pulled the pieces, which drew my nipples right along with them.

Bruno then opened my bum cheeks to allow both he and Antonio to see my dark hole. I couldn't see what they were doing and jumped when I felt one of the men licking me there, pushing his tongue into my hole. I then felt a wet finger rubbing me before slowly pushing inside.

I had never done anal before but had read enough to know that I needed to relax, which I did. I felt every knuckle as it entered me, then he slowly fucked me with his finger.

After a minute or two, I was moaning in pleasure and was quite disappointed when the finger was removed. But I then saw Antonio retrieve a bright yellow object from the case with two black loops standing out from it. He smiled as he approached me with the strange-looking device. He put lube onto both of the loops, then inserted it into both my pussy and ass.

Bruno then sat down in front of me with a box and attached wires to the strange plastic devices they had connected to me. Bruno then went on to explain that he was holding an electrical stimulation box and the plastic parts on and in me were known as electrodes.

Now you can imagine, as someone who had never tried this before I started to panic. But I was put at ease as Bruno explained that it was perfectly safe, and was similar to using a tens machine, which a lot of pregnant women use. The main difference would be that they would use these gently to turn me on.

To show me what he meant, he turned on the electrode that was on my nipples. Bruno explained what he was doing every time he changed the settings and asked how it felt. I could soon feel a slight tingling sensation in my nipples, it almost felt as if someone was gently stimulating each one.

As he adjusted the settings, it soon felt as if someone was sucking my nipples. It felt so real I had to look down to check. I was amazed to see that it really was just the electrode, and was now looking forward to feeling how the other electrode would feel.

Bruno unplugged the cables from the nipple clamps and moved to plug them into the loops inserted in my pussy and ass.

While he did this, Antonio removed the clamps from my nipples, as he removed them, he pinched and pulled each nipple taught, before then taking each one in his mouth and sucking hard. This caused me to start moaning loudly as his teeth and tongue went to work on my erect nipples.

Antonio continued to suck and bit gently on my nipples as Bruno sat back and turned the box back on again, sending sensations through my pussy and ass. He found a setting that felt as if I was being double penetrated, it felt absolutely amazing. It was not long before I was squirting my orgasm on the floor. Bruno moved between my legs and started licking my clit, leaving the electrode to still feel as if I was being fucked. It felt as if I was being pleasured by four men, and it was fantastic.

Suddenly I felt the platform start to move, Antonio explained that they were laying me on my stomach so that I could suck his cock while Bruno could still play with my clit. I eagerly opened my mouth to take his large cock.

Bruno told me it was time for me to come again, and that he was going to turn the settings up. It very quickly felt as if I was being pounded hard by two men. The feeling was so intense that I was quickly coming again.

Antonio told me he was going to move me again. This time the platform moved, so I was facing the ceiling. Both Antonio and Bruno stood in front of my face offering me their cocks. They took turns sinking their hard cocks into my mouth, all the time the electrode was zapping my pussy and ass.

Bruno turned the electrode settings up higher until I was squirming in my restraints in ecstasy. Then suddenly, both men pulled back and shot their spunk all over my face. The feeling of being coated made me orgasm once more.

Bruno removed the electrode, and Antonio helped me out of the restraints. After I showered, we all sat down for another drink in the room.

Bruno told me that he would love to show me off at the sex theatre again. But this time he would like to try the violet wand that he has.

I told him I would think about it and let him know.

Before the men left, I gave them both a kiss and made sure to ask Bruno where I could buy the electrodes and the box that he used on me. It looked like I was destined to be his little electro-slut.

Joanne xx

Additional Info

  • Brief Synopsis: She gets a nice surprise when she moved to a new city abroad.
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