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These articles aim to improve your e-stim session leading to hands free orgasms

E-Stim can be an incredible way to achieve hands-free orgasms, but it can be tricky getting it just right as we are al different. If you are having troubel getting off using electrosex equipment or the thought of doing so intruiges you then read on. I have written lots of help and advice articles to give you the nudge you need to achieve those amazing e-stim orgasms. Enjoy.

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I am looking to learn some new skills

So, I want to let you all in on a little secret. I am considering getting into the insertable electrode scene. By that, I mean body-safe silicone electrodes with metal electrode surfaces for excellent conductivity.

I am still in the planning phase, whether it is financially viable for me to get into producing low-volume but high-quality insertables. So far, I have made a name for myself due to my innovative 3D-printed electrode designs, and I am pretty good at what I do.

But here's the kicker: I've always wanted to make my insertables, but until recently, I had yet to decide what I wanted to make or how I could bring this dream to life.

Why would I want to make silicone insertable electrodes when the market already has lots to choose from?

Important information to consider if you modify your electrodes

I often use self-adhesive monopole pad electrodes when I stim; for me, it gives me a quick and easy way to wire myself up using external electrodes.

I know many penis owners also use them due to their flexibility and ability to be placed precisely where needed.

While self-adhesive monopole electrodes are available in many shapes and sizes, people often choose to trim the ones they have down to a smaller size to increase the perceived intensity levels.

It is a quick and easy way to get a perceived power increase from your control box.

While that is a simple, quick and easy option, it does come with some things that you need to be aware of, hence this wordy post that hopefully gets the message across.

There is nothing wrong with trimming down monopole pad-style electrodes as long as you are careful, and this is where I will highlight a couple of things.

But first, let me tell you about two incidents that I was made aware of from two experienced stimmers who were using pads and had some problems with their use.

Come and watch me implode live on the internet LOL

Well, it's time to grab the bull by the horns and get my live streams off the ground - finally.

I have been talking about it for ages and planning things while secretly being terrified of actually doing live streams, so please be gentle with me. Yes, I am usually a confident woman, but put me in front of a camera and watch me become a tongue-tied bundle of self-consciousness.

First E-Stim Livestream - Wed 24th May at 5pm (UK time) on my Youtube channel.

Joanne's Youtube Channle
A screenshot from my Youtube channel.

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A guest review of some serious penis play kit

I am delighted to bring you a guest review from RubberStimmer, a long time stimmer and rubber fetishist. I love hearing about new pieces of sex tech and the SPT, and V2K conversion kit has me experiencing a little bit of penis envy. I can only imagine how good they must feel.

This kit is designed to improve the performance of the Venus 200 and Tremblr male masturbators and I hope you enjoy this guest review as much as I did.

"If you like long edging sessions, this is an excellent addition to your toy bag. Unlike the SK system, a column milker is easier to use solo, and cleanup effort is just the receiver."


Guest Reviewer - RubberStimmer

The Serious Kit Electro STP or receiver was designed for their now iconic, milking system.

A piece of kit that I suspect plays a part in the fantasies of many, but more often than not it is out of reach.

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  • Overall Rating 9.0

So how does the ABox Mk2 stack up against the 2B for audio play?

I really enjoyed reviewing the ABox Mk2 for E-Stim Systems. It is a totally redesigned upgrade of their original Audio Stim box the ABox which came to the marketplace in 2006.

It is great to see that E-Stim Systems are continually improving their range of control boxes. Here is a link to my review of the ABox Mk2.

The ABox Mk2 is a single channel control box with two modes of operation, and these are line in and its internal microphone.

Almost immediately after publishing my review of the ABox Mk2, I started to receive messages and enquiries about how it compares to the E-Stim Systems 2B.

So that brings me to this article. I have spent the day playing with both boxes side by side, comparing both, it was tough to compare them.

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Taking the humble blowjob to a shockingly good new level of fun

So picture the scene, I have my Stunt Cock tied up, his cock has several of my e-stim electrodes strapped in place. I am teasing him with the controls on my 2B, and he tenses up saying "OMG it feels like someone is sucking on the end of my cock".

That got me thinking while working towards his happy sticky ending. Whilst that must have felt good (and I could tell it did due to his reactions), how good would a real blowjob feel when coupled with some e-stim play?

Would it be the best of both worlds or end up with me with a pair of zapped lips and a limp tongue Jar Jar Binks style?

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Hell yes it is, and in this article I'll tell you why

Recently, as a result of a conversation with a Dutch Fetlifer, I started to wonder how many penis owners who stim use additional stimulation during their sessions.

I often incorporate vibrator play in my sessions and naturally assumed that lots of penis owners do too. But having looked around popular places for discussing e-stim like SmartStim and SocialStim, it appears I may be mistaken in that assumption.

That got me thinking as to why that would be?

It also got me curious as to just how good combining e-stim play with vibrations would feel on a hard (or indeed soft) cock.

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Some quick pointers on stimming your prostate with insertables

Here is something for the prostate owners out there who love their e-stim play and want to target their prostate more effectively.

Now I know that most prostate owners use butt plug style electrodes to target their prostates, and that makes total sense.

I mean, by wiring up the head of a bipolar insertable electrode like the Moaner you can then attach the other end of your cable to something like a cock loop or monopole pad electrode.

This (in theory) will allow you to send the electrical pulses from your e-stim control box through your prostate and along your Dorsal nerves to stimulate both the glans of a penis and the prostate itself - perfect.

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If you want to introduce your partner to e-stim then read on

So, here's the premise, you love e-stim. Stimming is one of your favourite ways of getting off, the hands-free orgasms blow you away, and you want to share your excitement about this masturbatory practice with your partner.

But how do you broach the subject without scaring them off? That is the million-dollar question and one that I will be discussing in this article.

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