Diablo's Finger Silcone Dildo From John Thomas Toys

Written by  Mar 22, 2021

The Devils finger will really press your buttons

As soon as I was set up in my new office, John Thomas Toys asked if they could send me some more dildos to review.

I am not going to say no to a chance at getting my hands on some new dildos to review.

"As I expected, I felt every single ridge and bump along my sensitive walls. If you get the angle and dildo size right, you can even rub the claw against your g-spot."


I am given the name but have no idea what they look like until they arrive. This is because they often come before John Thomas Toys have put them on their own website. Luckily It was easy to guess which was which when I did the unpacking video.

I was excited to try out my new studio for both videos and photos. It also helped to identify a few things that needed rethinking.

Delivery & Packaging

I received two boxes of dildos. This review is for Diablo's Finger.

The box was very discreet, with nothing to indicate what the contents are. It was also sealed very well, so no way of taking a sneaky peek inside. You can be assured of discreet packaging when you buy from John Thomas Toys.

On opening the box, I found the four sizes of Diablo's Finger, packaged inside between layers of paper. Two John Thomas Toys design vac-u-lock compatible suction cups and a storage bag for each dildo.

Each dildo is wrapped in a robust, clear heat sealed film. It also has a sticker to let you know the firmness rating, one to remind you to wash the dildo, plus the JTT brand holographic sticker.

Image showing all four sizes of Diablo's Finger and the suction cup adaptors and storage bags
I received all four sizes together with their storage bags and suction cup adaptors.

The storage bags were each inside a small John Thomas Toys branded carrier bag. These storage bags are made from thick black faux velvet with John Thomas Toys branding on one side. The bags are sturdy enough to hold the weight of each dildo securely, and because of the thickness of the fabric, they should last for a long time.

I really like the John Thomas Toys design of the vac-u-lock compatible suction cup. They are strong, no matter which size you use. The ridges are rounded to not damage the dildo. That makes them easier to pry off the dildo when you are ready. You could probably pull a dent out of a car's bodywork with one, although I have to admit that I have never tried that.

Image showing the excellent suction cup adaptors and quality storage bags
I love the suction cup adaptors from John Thomas Toys and the storage bags are great too.

Diablo's Finger dildo is fascinating, and I am looking forward to telling you more.

Check Out My Unboxing Video On Youtube

Check out my unboxing video on Youtube

Diablo's Finger has some fantastic features, from the claw, then on down the finger's shaft.

Materials and design

John Thomas Toys have used high-quality medical-grade silicone. This is a really great choice for any insertable toy. It is not only body-safe, but it's also non-porous, phthalate, latex and rubber free. Silicone is also more robust than other materials. As long as you look after it properly, it will last for years.

The details on Diablo's Finger are amazing, with lots of intricate texturesYou can enjoy temperature play with silicone; just chill or warm it before use. You can also clean it in the dishwasher or even boil it. Just do not let the kids (or mother in law) empty the dishwasher for you, LOL. Finding a large enough pot could be a challenge for the large and XL size if you want to boil it.

One important thing to remember with silicone sex toys is to use a good quality water-based lube. My personal favourites are Sliquid H2O or Secret Play Natural. If you are playing with a partner and oral sex is on the cards, I recommend a water-based flavoured lube like H2O Candy Shop.

John Thomas Toys are very proud to say that they use copper moulds to manufacture these dildos. While it is more expensive than other casting methods, it ensures that every dildo will have precisely the same features as the first. John Thomas Toys even offer a free John Thomas Toys® No quibble replacement Life Time Warranty with Diablo's Finger.

This dildo is great for those who have a fantasy fetish. However, even if you don't care what a dildo looks like as long as it delivers, this one demands consideration.

Image showing the textures on the back of the Diablo's Finger dildo
The textures on this dildo feel incredible as you use it.

Let me talk about the design from the tip of the claw down. As this is insertable, and no one wants you to get hurt, the tip is not sharp.

The tip features a claw with lots of detail and it does a good job of guiding the finger inside youThe silicone blend on the medium firmness I was sent is actually quite flexible at the tip. But having said that, I was looking forward to feeling the sensations it would create on my pussy walls (no, I am not talking about anything to do with a cat, lol).

Once past the claw, you have a hard ridge of the fingertip. Then as you move down the shaft, there is an abundance of deep ridges to enjoy. The entire dildo is covered in texture to add to your enjoyment. The surface of the dildo is covered in an array of stunning rune shapes that add to the texture on the surface but also look incredible.

I was actually getting very excited to try this dildo out as soon as I removed it from the packaging to take the photos.

A quote from John Thomas Toys website. "A truly stunning design created by Lily-Lu @anuskatzz which was apparently started off as being a T-Rex dino finger.

Stunning detailing from base to top of claw, Diablo's Finger is truly a piece of artwork just waiting to get rammed in your hell hole, which is where he feels most comfortable."

Image showing the ridges on the of the Diablo's Finger dildo
The ridges do feel very good as you trust with this dildo and rubbed on my g-spot nicely.

I have to admit that I can honestly agree with its being a work of art. It's not just the design of the dildo but also the colours used. Even though Diablo's Finger is available in several colour choices, they all look stunning. I love the effect the hand pouring technique called fusion makes. This technique also means that the colour finish of every dildo will be slightly different. This is due to the way the various colours mix whilst the colours are being poured.

Around the base is the John Thomas Toys branding, and then there is the vac-u-lock compatible hole. This means that you have much more play options to enjoy.

Image showing the vac-u-lock compatible hole in the Diablo's Finger dildo
Each dildo has a vac-u-lock compatible hole in the base which means it's also good for strap-on play and fucking machines too.

You can use the suction cup holder provided with every dildo. If you have a strap-on, you can use that. Although if you have purchased the XL size, you may also need some back support ;-). These also work well on vac-u-lock compatible fucking machines. However, you will need to take into account the weight and size of the dildo together with your machine's motor.

With four different sizes to choose from, it's not a case of one size fits all. More like there is a perfect size choice for most people.

Length: 7"/17.78cm 9"/22.86cm 12"/30.48cm 16"/40.64cm
Circumference (top of shaft): 5.1"/13.00cm 6.1"/15.50cm 8.2"/21.00cm 11.4"/29.00cm
Circumference (middle of shaft): 5.9"/15.00cm 7.4"/19.00cm 9.8"/25.00cm 13.8"/35.00cm
Circumference (bottom of shaft): 6.4"/16.50cm 8.6"/22.00cm 11.4"/29.00cm 15.7"/40.00cm
Circumference (base): 7.4"/19.00cm 9.8"/25.00cm 13"/33.00cm 17.5"/44.50cm
Max Insertable Length: 6.3"/16.00cm 8"/20.36cm 10.6"/26.929cm 14"/35.56cm
Weight: 0.28kg (*variable) 0.6kg (*variable) 1.45kg(*variable) 3.45kg (*variable)
Price: £69.99 £99.99 £169.99 £229.99


Oooohhh, now onto my favourite section. So how do you think it went? Ok, I will not leave you hanging to find out, no matter how tempting it may be (insert evil laugh here, lol).

It's easy for me to say that this dildo design for Diablo's Finger is absolutely amazing. It really does feel as good as it looks. I enjoyed exciting myself by rubbing the claw tip against my lubed up clit, before finally letting the finger take the plunge.

As every inch slips inside, it creates delicious sensations, and when I start to move it in and out, then adding a slight twist, and it is just WOW! Toe-curling orgasmic is the phrase that springs to mind. As I expected, I felt every single ridge and bump along my sensitive walls. If you get the angle and dildo size right, you can even rub the claw against your g-spot.

The choice of medium firmness is perfect for me. It is also available in a soft firmness option if you prefer it to be squishier than mine.

Image showing the XL Diablo's Finger dildo
I take my hat off to anyone who can handle the XL Diablo's Finger dildo.

I highly recommend checking the measurements on the website before you buy, so you are not disappointed or taken aback by the size you receive. Also, bear in mind that the shaft gets wider as you travel down.

Cleaning Diablo's Finger is a little bit of a challenge if you cannot use a dishwasher. As all those ridges and bumps can storge vag-goo or other bodily fluids. I find that soaking it in a sink full of very hot soapy water does the job, then just to be sure, I rinse it off in the shower. You could also use a cotton bud or a super soft toothbrush to ensure nothing is missed.

It is best to air dry silicone dildos. But only if you do not have any nosey people in the house that you would not want to find it. In that case, you could blow dry it. Only put it safely away in the faux velvet storage pouch once you are 100% sure it is dry.

Don't forget, you can also use temperature play with silicone. If you have never tried it before, do not use any extreme temperatures; it is not something you want to go to A & E for.

Image showing the runes on the shaft of the Diablo's Finger dildo
The rune textures on the Diablo's Finger dildo look amazing and feel sublime, they really make this dildo stand out from the crowd.


Diablo's Finger has now taken my favourite spot for John Thomas Toys dildos. It not only looks truly stunning, but it also feels just as devilish as you want it to. (I was going to say heavenly, but that is the wrong word to use for Diablo's Finger.)

Even if you do not have a fantasy fetish, you could still find Diablo's Finger thrilling to ride.

Check Out My Unboxing Video On Youtube

Check out my review video on Youtube

Check out Joanne's review of the Diablo's Finger silicone dildo from @JohnThomasToys and see why it really did scratch her "itch". Click to Tweet

Key Features

Key features:

  • 100% Medical grade silicone.
  • Lots of Ridges and bumps.
  • Looks stunning.
  • Four sizes to choose from.
  • Two firmness options.
  • Vac-u-lock compatible hole in the base.

I would recommend it to:

  • Anyone who enjoys fantasy toys.
  • Anyone who enjoys the feel of plenty of ridges and bumps.
  • Anyone who wants vac-u-lock compatible dildos

I wouldn't recommend it to:

  • Anyone who prefers realistic dildos.
  • Anyone who likes smooth shafts.

Image showing all four Diablo's Finger dildos
The rune textures on With four sizes of Diablo's Finger dildo to choose from there is something for eveyone but remember to check the sizing table.

Final thoughts

With four sizes to choose from, there really is a size for most peoples requirements. This dildo truly is a work of art from top to bottom, and the colours only add to its beauty.

If you want a dildo with lots to enjoy, why not check out Diablo's Finger. You could even display it, and no one would realise it is what it is. Why not be a little devil and treat yourself. As you can also boil wash silicone, you could get one for anal too.

Just remember to always check out the measurements on John Thomas Toys website before you buy.

I was sent Diablo's Finger by John Thomas Toys and I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to review it for them.

Joanne's rating

Ease of use

Where Can I Get One From?

John Thomas Toys

Grab one of these delightfully textured silicone dildos from John Thomas Toys with prices starting at just £69.99.

Check them out and don’t forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".

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