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Caz and Jennys Funky Face Masks

03-08-2020 107 Sexy Shoes And Clothing

Show your true colours with these funky face masks This is not my usual subject material for revi...

John Thomas SAMPSON Platinum Silicone SQ…

24-07-2020 142 Dildos

The Sampson is a dildo with a kinky twist Hi, sub 'r' here again with another review, this time I...

3D Printer Enclosure

16-07-2020 238 Blog

I want to make some things out of ABS and so I need to up my game a bit I am a sucker for a proje...

New Bipolar Cock Loop And Glans Estim El…

13-07-2020 311 Blog

If estim cock play is your thing then I have designed something you may enjoy Well, I have done i...

Njoy Stainless Steel Fun Wand Review

11-07-2020 291 Dildos

This stainless steel toy blew me away Hi, it's sub 'r' here again, and today I am going to be tel...

Bestvibe G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Review

10-07-2020 296 Vibrators

Who doesn't like a good fingering? I love it and this is a very interesting vibe design I must sa...

Sinful Sunday Week 482

05-07-2020 333 Sinful Sunday

Week 482 and this week's pic is a little bit kinky It's all about the picture of course and this ...

Erotic Kinky Book Review - Kinky Writer …

03-07-2020 279 Other Reviews

Three fantastic BDSM themed erotic fiction books from KinkyWriter I was approached by Kinkywriter...

DG Labs Coyote Estim Control Box Guest R…

30-06-2020 606 E-Stim

A new control box with some very good potential I am delighted to be able to publish this guest r...

Electrosex And E-stim Electrode Position…

17-07-2017 156451 Articles

Some Inspirational E-stim Masturbation Techniques First of all, this article is a little bit naug...

Electrosex Penis Play Guide For Hands Fr…

06-02-2019 136961 E-Stim Advice

Or, Joanne's guide to zapping your cock First of all this article is a little bit naughtier than ...

Beginners Guide To Sex Machines

04-08-2015 111721 Articles

Thinking About Buying A Sex Or Fucking Machine? As with anything else, it always pays to do your ...

Tremblr Male Milking Machine

21-11-2016 103806 Sex & Fucking Machines

The Tremblr Will Leave You Totally Dry You can imagine my delight when I was approached by Ian from...

Venus For Men Masturbator

25-02-2016 53694 Sex & Fucking Machines

The Venus Litterally Sucks You Dry I love SexTech and I am delighted that I have managed to get m...

Dildo Review: Nova The Breeder from Bad …

12-01-2016 50508 Dildos

Nova The Breeder - Creampie Dildo Fun I received a Bad Dragon Nova the Breeder dildo for Christmas ...

Shockspot 12 Inch Fucking Machine

25-09-2015 47030 Sex & Fucking Machines

The Shockspot Is The Rolls Royce Of Fucking Machines When you ask someone to name their dream car y...

Sybian Sex Machine Review With Medium At…

11-02-2015 39059 Sex & Fucking Machines

Renting a Sybian Sex Machine I have to state that I don’t yet own a Sybian (but it is high on my ...

The Sybian Riders Guide

11-11-2017 36297 Articles

Getting the most bang for your buck with a Sybian The Sybian is a legend in its own right, for 30 y...

Njoy Stainless Steel Fun Wand Review

11-07-2020 291 Dildos

This stainless steel toy blew me away Hi, it's sub 'r' here again, and today I am going to be tel...

Lady MEO - Ring of O BDSM Collar - Gold

23-04-2018 9164 BDSM Kit Reviews

A collar that screams submission and demands attention I was so excited when I laid eyes on this ...

Obey Red Nubuck Leather Ball Gag From Bo…

20-06-2018 5961 BDSM Kit Reviews

A ball gag that will have you literally drooling with delight I have an old and slightly tatty ba...

Using Affiliate Links On Your Blog

19-11-2017 10117 Sex Blogger Advice

Do you want to make some money from your blog? So you have a blog and you've been working hard in...

Silicone Cock Skull Dildo Black

25-10-2017 12843 Dildos

Today I'm redifining the term - getting Skull Fucked I have long been an admirer of the wares carri...

The Decimator - The Worlds Largest E-Sti…

14-09-2019 2083 Blog

This is a serious butt plug electrode for serious players E-stim electrodes come in all shapes an...

Estim Cock Loop Insulators And Hands Fre…

16-03-2020 1013 Blog

Hands-free orgasms are why I make my electrodes I have been blown away by the positive feedback I...

Fun Factory Stronic G From Crimson Princ…

18-11-2018 3986 Vibrators

This amazing little toy has been the cause of so many bedsheet changes I was delighted when I was...

Sinful Sunday Week 454

22-12-2019 893 Sinful Sunday

Week 454 and this week's pic features my lovely festive submissive It's all about the picture, an...

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DG Labs Coyote Estim Control Box Guest R…

30-06-2020 606 E-Stim

A new control box with some very good potential I am delighted to be able to publish this guest r...

Guest Review - Electrastim Habanero Sili…

08-06-2020 619 E-Stim

Another great review from across the pond from Lawman Hello kinksters! It's Lawman again with yet...

Zeus Electrosex Lightning Hood E-Stim Pe…

02-06-2020 578 E-Stim

A glans electrode with mixed results Hello again, Lawman here with another review of an estim toy...

How To Introduce Your Partner To E-Stim

30-05-2020 673 E-Stim Advice

If you want to introduce your partner to e-stim then read on So, here's the premise, you love e-s...

Electrastim Komodo Silicone Fusion Bi-po…

26-05-2020 584 E-Stim

A dildo that is shockingly good fun to use I have just published a guest review from Lawman of th...

E-Stim Urethral Sounding Safety Guide

20-05-2020 836 E-Stim Advice

Yes we are talking inserting objects down your pee hole and electrifying them For those not aware...

Guest Review - Electrastim Viper Silicon…

11-05-2020 983 E-Stim

A review from across the pond from Lawman I consider myself blessed that Lawman offered to write ...

E-WMCBP 2.0 E-Stim Systems Mr S Leather …

06-05-2020 866 E-Stim

A butt plug to delight and stimulate, so let the sparks fly. I am such a lucky reviewer, picture ...

E-Bead 2.0 E-Stim Systems And Mr S Leath…

04-05-2020 1190 E-Stim

Another cracking bi-polar e-stim electrode to stim the blues away Life in a lockdown can be depre...

August 2019

Ride the Cowgirl for some intense orgasms

Now it is no secret that I am addicted to sex machines. I love them for their sheer power, stamina and ability to deliver incredibly hard orgasms time and time again.

I have reviewed the Sybian, Motorbunny and Tremor but so far the Cowgirl had eluded me. That is until I got a very kind offer from Nat who used to blog over on coolerthanaglassdildo.com. She has now retired from reviewing and was moving house.

"I had to be helped off it as my legs were like jelly and the sight of the Cowgirl covered in squirt and pussy juice was something else."


Downsizing is always a hard thing to do. She had no space for her Cowgirl so she asked me if I wanted it and I was blown away by her generous offer - Thank you, Nat.

So with the fourth and last piece to the ride-on sex machine puzzle in my hands, it was time to get to know it and see how it performed. So read on to see what I think of it.

Published in Sex & Fucking Machines

The Beowulf is a silicone dildo of beastly proportions

I have long been a fan of Hankeys Toys, their silicone delights are a sight to behold. With a reputation for larger than life dildos, they are a size queens dream.

I was therefore delighted when they got in touch with me asking if I would like to review the Beowulf for them as well as two of their new XS range of dildos.

"It just gets better and better as you slide more inside with each inch of this dildo opening you up wider and wider until you feel you can't take any more."


As you can well imagine, it didn't take me long to decide on how to reply, the chance to enjoy some Hankeys Silicone is not to be missed.

So after a short wait, the doorbell rang, and I went to receive a box of dicks from the courier. Many bottles of lube later, I am ready to tell you all about the Beowulf and what I think of it. So read on to how I got on with it.

Published in Dildos
Monday, 26 August 2019 12:28

Mister-B Datex Cocksucker Hood Review

A hood designed for sucking cock and pussy eating pleasure

I love playing with BDSM kit, and kink is fantastic as far as I am concerned. So, when Latex, Leather & Lace asked if I would be interested in reviewing the Mister B's Datex Cocksucker Hood who was I to say no?

Masks and hoods are so much fun for lots of reasons, and I loved the idea of trying this one out.

"I really enjoyed wearing it for oral sex, and I have been told by a very reliable source (Stunt Cock) that bright red lipstick really goes well with this black mask."


The mask is made from Datex, which is super stretchy and shiny, all the more reason to love it.

So let me tell you why I enjoyed reviewing this mask and why masks are so much fun.

Published in BDSM Kit Reviews
Thursday, 22 August 2019 10:25

XBiz Europa Awards

It's time to vote for your favourite companies and products again

XBiz AwardsEvery year the XBiz awards come around, and they are an opportunity for everyone to vote for their favourite products and brands.

Why am I making this post? Well, it is nice to be able to have an input on who wins this year's awards. You can too by creating an account at XBiz and placing your vote for your favourites.

Published in Blog

The Electro Speculum takes kinky medical play to the next level

Some things in life make you ponder; they make you sit there, thinking for quite some time. The Electro Speculum from E-Stim Systems is one of those things.

Ever since I laid eyes on one for the first time, it both worried, frightened and intrigued me in equal proportions.

"The large surface areas of the electrode surfaces mean smooth sensations, it felt like pins and needles deep inside me in a pleasant way. I didn't get the ghost fucking sensation, but that was probably because of being held rigidly open by cold hard steel."


I have never met another woman who doesn't say that they hate internal exams. I guess some (like me) put on a persona of hating them though. Secretly, I get a bit of a kick out of having someone see inside me — having them look, touch and tease my most intimate areas.

So, after lots of deliberation, I decided to buy myself one of these medical/e-stim cross over devices from E-Stim Systems to satisfy my kinky curiosity.

Published in E-Stim
Thursday, 15 August 2019 09:23

Hot Octopuss DiGiT Finger Vibrator Review

The DiGiT from Hot Octopuss is a superb little finger vibrator

I am delighted to be able to tell you all about the latest creation from Hot Octopuss, the DiGiT. I love their advertising slogan "Show bad sex the finger!"

I could hardly contain myself when Hot Octopuss got in touch, asking if I would be interested in reviewing their latest creation. I certainly didn't have to think long and hard about my reply, it was a YES PLEASE!

"When I do allow myself to cum this way it is earthmoving, and I love long slow sessions with the DiGiT for this very reason. Throw in a dildo or a butt plug, and you have the makings of a trip to orgasmville on the clitoral express train."


The DiGiT is a bullet vibe with a difference, this is one that secures to your finger, allowing for effortless play possibilities.

I really enjoyed getting to know the DiGiT so let me show you why fingers are not just for dipping and rubbing.

Published in Vibrators
Thursday, 15 August 2019 08:47

Joanne's Kinky Forum

A place where you can get and give advice to others and to converse with me

So, I have done a thing. I created a forum on my site to enable me to better converse with my readers and friends on here.

To say that setting it up was taxing would be an understatement but I am happy with where it is at now and feel I can let others play in this new sandbox on my site.

What do I hope to achieve from having a forum here? Well, I hope that it grows into an excellent repository of help and advice for others. It will also enable you to interact with me directly. I love hearing from my visitors and readers, and it will be a place where we can all exchange ideas and advice.

Please feel free to join in the conversations there, your voice is important, and you can actively help others through your own experiences there.

So without further ado, here is Joanne's Kinky Forum.

A place where you will be welcome.

Published in Blog
Tuesday, 13 August 2019 18:31

Svakom Siren Silicone Vibrator Review

A delightful clitoral vibe that also gives some great g-spot play too

To say I was delighted when the doorbell rang and my rather tired-looking postman handed me yet another package was an understatement. I was waiting for the Svakom Siren Silicone Vibrator, and so I knew what was in the box.

Giving the postman a cheeky smile, I closed the door and opened up the packaging. I hastily cut the tape on the box to get a glimpse at what was inside. I love testing vibrators, and Svakom had sent me their Siren, a two tongued vibe to put through its paces.

"Placing the tongues over my clitoral hood and sliding it up and down feels incredible. The vibrating tongues are complimented with the inner texture to really have me gripping the sheets. I can easily orgasm using the Siren in this way."


Svakom produces some fantastic sex toys, including the oh so kinky Siime Eye Camera Vibe and the delightfull Keri.

I quickly did the product photos (I always do them before getting a toy coated in vag-goo). Then I slipped out of my panties for some "me time" with the Siren.

So, let me tell you how I got on and what I think of this rather lovely looking silicone vibrator.

Published in Vibrators
Thursday, 08 August 2019 07:05

Satisfyer Vibes Master Vibrator Review

A guest review by Harley Fire of the Satisfyer Master Vibe

I am delighted to be able to bring you another great review by Harley Fire of the Satisfyer Vibes Master. A vibrator that is both girthy and rumbly.

As Satisfyer seem to be throwing virbators at reviewers these days I ended up with more than one of these vibes and so I asked Harley if she wanted to review one. I am delighted that she has done so as she has real talent for reviewing sex toys. Harley Fire is a queer amateur porn creator and lifestyle findomme from the UK.

"The Master felt very nice on my clitoris, both with vibrations and without, and once inside it was clear to see why they named it as they did. The girth alone is enough for a great feeling of fullness, and its length allows for a versatility in hitting whatever spot you want."

Harley Fire

Her take on the Master is almost identical to mine, it's a fantastic vibrator that both fills and delights in equal proportions.

So without further ado, here are Harley's thoughts on this amazing vibrator from Satisfyer.

Published in Vibrators

I can't wait to get my pussy on these two pieces of e-stim equipment

I have just ordered myself some more kinky e-stim equipment from E-Stim Systems.

I am going to be enjoying some kinky electro-medical play and also some delightful electro skin play too.

I have an Electro Speculum on its way to me. This is a medical examination instrument crossed with an e-stim electrode, it is used to spread open a vagina so a doctor can look inside and conduct tests. This one has been modified to become a bipolar e-stim electrode though. I have just told sub'r' about it, and she loves the idea of being opened and stimmed at the same time. So do I, and so as we have a dungeon booked for next weekend with a medical room I guess the gynae chair will be getting some good use.

I also have an Electrowhisker coming, and this is a monopole brush electrode that can be drawn across the skin to deliver some delightful or devilish sensations.

So next weekend it is going to be an electro weekend for us all so watch out for the reviews of both coming soon after I have been cumming soon.

Update: 19/8/19

Electro SpeculumMy review of the Electro Speculum is now live, so if you have ever wondered what it is like then.

Check out my review of the Electro Speculum.

Update: 6/10/19

ElectroWhiskerMy review of the ElectroWhisker is now live, and I had so much fun with it.

Check out my review of the ElectroWhisker.

Published in Blog

I can't wait to play with the XS Dragon, XS BFG and Beowulf dildos

I am squealing with anticipation as Mr Hankey is sending me three new dildos to review. I absolutely adore his creations, and my pussy has already had the pleasure of these fantastic dildos:

Mr Hankeys Toys specialise in stunningly detailed body-safe silicone dildos in sizes that will tax any size queen out there. His dildos look amazing but are a real challenge filling you to the brin like no others.

I am excited to be reviewing two dildos from his XS range. Now XS (extra small) from any other dildo manufacturer would be tiny, but Mr Hankeys XS dildos are still big and filling.

Published in Blog

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